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Former Ziscosteel Workers May Receive Less Than US$10 Pensions

Former Ziscosteel Workers May Receive Less Than US$10 Pensions

Some former Ziscosteel workers might get less than US$10 in pensions if their gratuities are paid at a US$1: ZW$1 rate as the Government indicated earlier.

In his submissions in Parliament, Mbizo MP, Settlement Chikwinya (CCC), requested Industry and Commerce Minister Sekai Nzenza to come before parliament and state the roadmap for the revival of Ziscosteel.

Speaking in a recent interview with, Chikwinya urged the Government to consider the welfare of Ziscosteel pensioners who are suffering following the closure of the company several years ago. Said Chikwinya:

Parliament, government, Ziscosteel’s former workers and more importantly, the Kwekwe community want to understand and know when this national institution, in our economic recovery programme, is going to begin production.

They want to know when are the outstanding pensions of former Ziscosteel employees going to be paid off.

There is currently a standoff between the ex-Ziscosteel workers, who the government wants to pay in RTGS at a rate of US$1: ZW$1 for their pensions, which they accrued in US dollars.

It is very unfair, it is very cruel and it is very inhumane for someone who had US$30 000 in 2017 now to get paid ZW$30 000, which is less than US$10 in today’s value.

So we want the Minister to come to parliament and tell us how they expect Ziscosteel pensioners to survive and why the government wants to pay them in RTGS.

The Government recently approved Ziscosteel’s takeover by the Kuvimba Mining House company, a company linked to Kuda Tagwirei, a controversial businessman linked to ZANU PF.

Redcliff MP, Lloyd Mukapiko (MDC Alliance), said that Ziscosteel’s former employees should have been paid their gratuities in 2016. He said:

The issue of the Ziscosteel pension payout is a disturbing story. Ziscosteel workers were retrenched in 2016 according to the Pensions and Providence Funds Act.

Ziscosteel employees should then have been given their pensions within three months or 90 days of retrenchment.

They should have been paid their pensions in December 2016, but up to now, they have not been settled.

We received information through the FML Board of trustees indicating that the government, through the ministry of finance, had deposited $39 million in the FML account to disburse to beneficiaries in December 2021.

Considering that over 3 000 workers are supposed to have benefited, it means that each worker would have been given US$70 in pensions, which is quite sad.

There was an uproar and the money was not disbursed.


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🤦 1 month ago

$10usd so they will receive bag of mealie meal and 2Litre cooking oil 🤷🤷🤷😂😂😂

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

That is reason for me wanting change coz i lost my pension in this government...

Dzedzi 1 month ago

this is one of the reasons why people prefere CCC than the old people's home party.

gweta 1 month ago

Zanu Pathetic Future imbavha dzevanhu


Two Boy 1 month ago

There are companies that will not see the light of day. Let Cold Storage Company (CSC) and Ziscosteel rest in eternal peace. 99,99% machinery have rusted. It is cheaper to build new plants. The cost of bringing back to life former government companies will cost the nation a leg and arm.

The flesh is no more, coffin has long turned into dust. Those who are still talking about former gvt companies are far removed from reality.

We cannot fix simple things: taps are dry, transport is expensive & unavailable, money changers and all the stuff.

Asalif 1 month ago

latest news in Masvingo a former teacher committed suicide yesterday because of stress he received $27000 RTGS pension after serving more than 25 years as a secondary school teacher

anonymous 1 month ago

Zisco steel haivhurwe, this is a campaign kkkkk pa shabanie mine apo ma lights akatombobaka tikati yakuvhurwa kkkk, zanu zanu zanu kkkkkk hamuigone

Maveable 1 month ago

Game reMan u razopera sei,

tha_data_ninja 1 month ago

yava kumakisa

asalif 1 month ago

yarohwa 4-0 Man u

reporter 1 month ago

Uuummm Man. U inenge yadyiwa as usual

Bright 1 month ago

Ummm yaa ndopaunonzwa Ed vachiti hee 2030 ivo vachipa vanhu ma 19 Mari kudai apa ikambani yehurumende ka iyi

Bright 1 month ago

*ma 10 Mari

1234 1 month ago

mukangoona maita Presented akadaiii zvakaoma hazvo

hhhhh 1 month ago

khonapho umuntu uthi ilizwe liyakhiwa ngabanikazi esenza ubunja obungaka

,,,, 1 month ago


.... 1 month ago

its not fair. uyathengani ngemali e less than 10US$

Violet 1 month ago


Mdhara 1 month ago

Musi weMonday takaenda

Freda 1 month ago

Ndoo mindset iri kuti zanu pf irambe iri mupower.keep those kind of thots to yourself zvinoti batsira.

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Mudhara muda kti vanhu vafe her imi endai mega nevana venyu

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