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Former ZESA CEO Speaks On The Causes Of The Electricity Crisis

Former ZESA CEO Speaks On The Causes Of The Electricity Crisis

Former Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) chief executive officer, Engineer Joshua Chifamba has blamed unfavourable tariffs for sinking the nation into the current electricity crisis.

He speaks when Zimbabwe is experiencing a huge power deficit that has seen both households and industry enduring 18 or more hours-long power cuts which authorities have attributed to declining water levels at Kariba Dam. cites him as saying:

Kariba would thus change its operating regime & the wholesale price of electricity would be reduced, as imported peaking power was coming in at USc45/kWh, against a retail tariff of USc9/kWh.

This change was never supposed to be a threat to water in Kariba that it has become.

Thus, Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Limited, with the same capacity as ZESA at Kariba; but unlike ZESA having leverage to operate according to the new operating regime; after having built new power stations; has kept within its water allocation. It’s that simple!

So, the addition of generators at Kariba is not, in and of itself, the cause of the water problem at Kariba.

Issues in the sector have been left unresolved for far too long! The main Achilles heel have been sub economic tariffs and a challenging economic environment.

Chifamba said outside peak time, output at Kariba was supposed to reduce, to allow for increased output at peak.

Economists have since warned that should the electricity crisis continue unresolved, efforts made to revive the ailing economy will soon be reversed due to erratic productivity.

The government has however made some interventions which include revamping ZESA’s institutional sustainability and tabling plans for further expansion of the power generation capacity among others.

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1 month ago

Tirikuda magetsi imi

😂 1 month ago

zesa forED

ed 1 month ago


patriot 1 month ago

zvagara power chinhu chinodhura saka gvt must subsidies bcoz the actual tarrifs to many they can't afford that except for the mines,established farmers and big companies etc

pavanhu vose varikutaura 1 month ago

hapana ati ataura solution

Solarize 1 month ago

tengai masolar

1 month ago

What is this engineer saying? Increasing electricity tariffs would make Kariba full? How, where and why. Is he an engineer for real?. For the why, can't understand him.

1 month ago

He is trying to blame mismanagement on bad decisions by management and government.

t gotdop 1 month ago

i think he meant expensive electricity means less pressure since people will be consuming less and Kariba wouldn't have lost so much water in the reservoir to generate electricity.

1 month ago

Basa raEngineer raangadai aita pama questions ekuti sei tiine dambudziko nderekutiudza his technical side of things not iyi explanation yake isiri kunzwisisika kuti ari kueconomics side here or technical side.

Magetsi 1 month ago

Its not an issue of low tariffs, but poor management by Zesa which failed to collect 14billion dollars. Zesa should put measures to recover the money they are owed. They should stop burdening consumers with continuous tariff hike.


whiskocracy 1 month ago

Nonsense. Tariffs have nothing to do with water levels in Kariba.

facts 1 month ago

my father in heaven sent rainfall yet you still blame him
Mazanu hamutendi
muridzidÍmbwa dzevanhu

Customer 1 month ago

Byo was once called ko ntutu ziyathuqha, mainly because of the Byo station along railway avenue.
it's been decades the cooling towers have stopped smoking, if they could have been running full time the impact of zesa crises wouldn't have been felt this much.

Doug 1 month ago

This is because the tariff was set basing on politics than on economics. Now the economics principles are revealing all.

1 month ago

The pricing regime is not the problem. But some groups of people are not paying a kobo to ZESA. These are heavy consumers. Here are some of them:
ZESA employees, high-ranking officials (both at home, factories, on farms) and individuals and corporate who illegally connect themselves.

Then, companies pay a small share than does households. The true cost of electricity is reflected on metered customers which mostly are households and a few SMEs. Companies are exempted from using meters yet are the heavy consumers of power. In a way companies are literally paying 'nothing'.

So, the pricing is OK. Let us address the problems. Let everybody pay. Why free lunch?

#handirodambudziko 1 month ago

hazvibatsiri kuramba tichiongorora chikonzero chaita kutii musoro uteme asi hatigadzirisei zvaita musana ubande ...hatinganetswi nevanhu vatakaisira X

#chii chamisa magetsi🤫

ngaapinde hake mkomana

321 1 month ago

that's the reason why we can't go forward, we're always looking at what caused the problem n blaming this n that. Let's work on a solution that is tangible n we move

Zelensky 1 month ago

Even if they are given the money it's either you steal or give each other unreasonably hefty salaries

eco 1 month ago

uyu engineer i**** zvairi kutaura ndezvizvi magetsi ngaad**** kuitira kuti vanhu vatadze kubhadhara gagetsi over avashoma zimbabwe yo generator 500kv for the few

skundie 1 month ago

pakuti former apa..iye angaaripo b4 anga asingaite basa vachidya mari chete..kuva engineer kubva wakudriver gd6 zvako zvatobhadhara tsvee kuita basa..mosemesa mese kuzesa period..2022 nyika haina magetsi useless chaiyo..corruption greed and theft stinks in that department ....

josh 1 month ago

I'm in Gweru right now atoenda magetsi

Tkt 1 month ago

personally I think there's no crisis at all but rather a demonstration of power by the ZESA after the disbandment and merging efforts of the Gvt, of some units or subsidiaries thereof!

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