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Former Warriors Coach Says Nakamba Needs Good Counselling And Motivation

Former Warriors Coach Says Nakamba Needs Good Counselling And Motivation

Former Warriors coach Joey Antipas says Aston Villa midfielder Marvelous Nakamba needs counselling and motivation to overcome the career setback he is currently facing at English Premiership club.

Nakamba, who turned 29 years old last week, was recently told he is surplus to requirement and to find a new club by Aston Villa coach Unai Emery.

Antipas told The Herald that Nakamba still has more years of football ahead of him. Said Antipas:

It happens in a football career that at one point you are up and the next you are down.

I think this is what is happening to Nakamba. But these are just phases that come and go.

More than anything, I would think he needs counselling and good motivation. Marvelous is a professional, he still has more years of football ahead of him.

Nakamba is one of the top players in the country. If the Warriors were to play a game today, he is obviously one player that the national team coaches would like to have on their team.

So, it’s quite a difficult time for him. It can be such a heartbreak for any player.

Just imagine, suddenly you cannot make the match day squad and you are told to leave.

The last time we were reading that he was doing well and suddenly this. To be honest, I can’t blame Marvelous, and neither do I blame the coach.

The truth is we all don’t know what really happened with Nakamba ever since he came back from that injury.

He should hold his head up and look for new challenges elsewhere, if possible.

He needed to get his confidence back. At 29, he can still play to his best and probably be at the peak of his career.

A good footballer at that level always finds ways to get out of those kinds of situations and I am just hoping for the best for Marvelous.

Nakamba signed for Aston Villa from Belgian side Club Brugge for €12 million in August 2019.

The midfielder has made 58 EPL appearances since joining the club, 29 coming in his maiden season in the 2019/20 season.

He made 13 appearances during the 2020/21 season but also suffered a series of injuries and loss of form.

Last season, he made 16 appearances but was yet to play a minute of English Premiership football this season.

Nakamba is one of the three players that have been put on the transfer list by Aston Villa, along with Frenchman Morgan Sanson and Swedish Ludwig Augustinsson.

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cid 2 weeks ago

even vana Mercy vakatobva ku Barcelona kwavakakurira ,tsvaga zvimwe mfana,,, hope u invested here back home wanga usingangotengi ma Lamborghini chete coz kuno ndekwe ma Honda Fit

marve 2 weeks ago

I invested in SA

Big Dhara Munhu Mukuru 2 weeks ago

It might be a blessing indisguise... he will be taken by a good club that isn't anywhere close to relegation. Remember Newcastle and Crystal Palace wanted to buy him but Aston villa refused a season or two ago... that was selfish. I hope the clubs revive their interest in him.

Bright 2 weeks ago

Manje ma coach aimuda ahasisiko

Big Dhara Munhu Mukuru 2 weeks ago

Remember he is a lucky guy, muchazoona atorwa ne a good club, maybe outside Epl kunana Netherlands hehehe

samanyika 2 weeks ago

ngatsvake imwe inotove nane mufana uyu

NHUBU 2 weeks ago

ngauye kwedu kuKEPEKEPE BHORA ndokune huchi nemari yakareba🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nakamba 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the motivation ,I'm now thinking of going to Chelsea

I love my Country 2 weeks ago

🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

2 weeks ago

I'm tired of people hyping this guy up. He doesn't score goals. He has never won anything in his life. Bro should just come back and play for chicken inn or something.

And also, when pindula gives him attention every time he gets 2 mins game time, I get second hand humiliation.

NHUBU 2 weeks ago

hapana zvaakaita even paakatambira ma warriors but chine RAKI remari chikomana ichi MARVELOUS

Big Dhara Munhu Mukuru 2 weeks ago

Nakamba isn't a Striker dude. He plays midfield or center back and he usually builds play from the back. Scoring isnt his job, plus if he wasnt a good player then way did Aston Villa buy him from a Belgian club hhaahahha

Dispenser 2 weeks ago

@Big Dhara thank nokuonesa mapofu. The likes of Canavaro, was a defender who won e world Cup with Italy. He was captain, he never scored any single goal with his club Juventus. But he was named world footballer that year.

Big Dhara Munhu Mukuru 2 weeks ago

@Dispenser Oh yes Canavaro I recall 2006 WC, he played his heart out. Italy had a tight defense. People have to see that soccer haisi yemaStriker chete. Not long ago bro was Van Dyke in running for the Ballon d'or, a defender for that matter

2 weeks ago

Imagine going through life believing that only strikers score goals. I know goalkeepers with more goals than this guy

Nakamba 2 weeks ago

Handigone but ndikudya Mari

NHUBU 2 weeks ago

hahahahahahaha vapedza masports


fan 2 weeks ago

vanhu vamaipa mari dzechigayo pamakambouya kumusha paye havasi bho ,kuno Zim havapihwe cash unongoti hatisati tatambira vanoshinhwa vanhu vacho bvunza mbungwe kuti pavakaimba kuti vedzinza varikukanda bute pasi kuti ndishaye basa vakange vaonei

2 weeks ago


Fan 2 weeks ago

one thing for show he's come back will be something that every couch would admire

Peter 2 weeks ago

uyu ndiye mpfana aimbono tambirwa naGinimbi ku Airport zviya ? ooh shame ahh mpfana hapana zvamaita mese here kana kuitiswa coz mazuva aye wakamboitawo mashereni ako

PVC 2 weeks ago

zvinawanikwa plus aka investor kare. printing company in south Africa. good houses in his hood. And the 5.6 hacters of land offered to him by Bulawayo council for his academy.

mavel 2 weeks ago

musazobata bata

Biden 2 weeks ago

Everybody is feeling sorry for this guy when he has got a running contract with villa the dollars will keep coming in as long as he is still there, I just hope he is investing the cash wisely

Sabhuku 2 weeks ago

takamuudza kuti stop affiliating with Zanu pf akaita nharo, ngaadzoke kumusha arime mupfarinya

CCC 2 weeks ago

y wld I play 4 a **** country like Zim 4 nothing

King 2 weeks ago

another year until he becomes a free agent. Lem them pay you for nothing. kkkkk

2 weeks ago

Juju bhora rinenguva yekupenya

chinondidya chii 2 weeks ago

yes we all know what happened after he visited ED it went downhill,everything ED touches turns to dust

Rooh 2 weeks ago

You can find another club bro

2 weeks ago

Its not like he is the first guy to be offloaded by a club. Anongotsvaka imwe sevamwe

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