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Former Warriors And Kaizer Chiefs Captain Katsande "Traumatised" After Another Hijacking Incident

Former Warriors And Kaizer Chiefs Captain Katsande

Former Warriors and Kaizer Chiefs captain, Willard Katsande has said he is traumatised after he was involved in another hijacking incident in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Katsande tells KickOff:

I’m traumatised right now because of my previous road rage experience.

I have been left with bruises because the three guys who hijacked me in the parking lot at Southgate Mall dragged me on the ground.

The car has been recovered in Eldorado Park but is badly damaged inside and ransacked of my belongings inside the vehicle.

This is a huge inconvenience considering that there was business property inside the car which will now affect the business.

A year ago, Katsande was left with injuries and his German-manufactured SUV vehicle damaged after being assaulted during a road rage incident on the West Rand on the day he made his debut for Sekhukhune United.

The latest incident happened at Southgate Mall on Tuesday.

Katsande’s vehicle was later recovered in Eldorado Park by a tracking company, however with extensive damage.

A case has been filed by Katsande with the police.

Katsande confirmed the incident to KickOff adding that he lost both business and personal property worth thousands of rands including a cellphone plus money which was in the car at the time of the incident.

The Zimbabwean had just returned from a visit to his homeland.

The 36-year-old has been hard at work building his business profile which includes construction and his popular clothing line Boss Ya Mboka Kitoko Makasi.

Katsande has made 18 appearances for Sekhukhune this past season where he is set to continue for the next campaign following his departure from Kaizer Chiefs after a 10-year stay.

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ttt 1 week ago

mamhepo aro uya utambire nyika

Putin 🇷🇺 2 weeks ago

ane big head chero Ari mu fit vanobata chete

Putin 🇷🇺 2 weeks ago

mukadzi wake we south amu chenjere

*home* 2 weeks ago




Zim 2 weeks ago

Come back to Canaan. ekhaya

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Its the media you like that sells you, Do your things quiet. also people close to you can put you in trouble coz everyone wants money...


Tentin 2 weeks ago

Musatenga Motor dzino shamisira. Honda Fit won't reveal your true status

katsande brother 2 weeks ago

its not abt a top of the range car its all abt being a public figure even if u use an ordinary car they will mark it and trail you till they catch you
sA is full of robbers imajine if they rob jus a mere citizen took the roamed phone what more a motorist

Bright 2 weeks ago

Ummm next time munofa vakatsande I hop ma bhizimisi awo mukuitira muno mu zim

SAnyika Yavaroyi 2 weeks ago

Next time they may kill you. You really need to be careful.

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