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Former VP Joshua Nkomo's Driver Sues Govt For Gukurahundi Injuries

Former VP Joshua Nkomo's Driver Sues Govt For Gukurahundi Injuries

Ninety four-year-old Yonah Ncube, who served as a personal driver to the late nationalist, Vice President Joshua Nkomo, is suing the state and seeking reparations after he was shot by a Fifth brigade soldier in 2983.

Ncube who was shot while at Nkomo’s home in Pelandaba Suburb told CITE in an interview at his sister in law’s house in Nketa suburb on Saturday that the matter has also been taken to the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) for attention. He added:

It was on 5 March 1983 when a soldier shot me point blank on the right side of my chest. I remember losing a lot of blood. I want them to pay me for my blood. They can estimate the amount of blood I lost and calculate its cost.

I need closure, as I have been traumatised all my life since that day. I was 55 then and ever since I was unable to work.

On March 5, 1983, we heard a helicopter flying above announcing that Bulawayo was surrounded and everyone was commanded to stay home. I and other workers were at Nkomo’s house in Pelandaba in the afternoon when soldiers arrived with the support unit and searched the whole house. Many more surrounded the house and we wondered what they wanted. That afternoon I sent my son to a neighbour’s house because I had an uneasy unfeeling.

Ncube said that evening one soldier returned back and found him by himself. The soldier questioned him in Shona demanding to know where Nkomo was.

He responded saying he did not know but the soldier did not believe him. The soldier then commanded that the houses be searched. During the search, the soldier shot Ncube on the right side of his chest and he collapsed.

The soldier then left. Ncube was recovered later by the police support unit which came with one soldier and drove to Mpilo where he was admitted for two months under police guard.

The day after Ncube’s shooting, a state newspaper reported that Nkomo’s driver who was armed with a gun had been shot and killed, reports he denies.

After he was discharged, Ncube was taken straight to jail at West Commonage Police Station where he spent almost two months but no docket was opened, neither was a statement or his fingerprints taken.

Ncube says it is difficult to heed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for reconciliation adding he wants to know “why that soldier shot me.”

Ncube demands to be paid US$2.9 million as reparations but his lawyers, Webb, Low and Barry, however, have revised the figure down to US$30 000 broken down as follows: US$10 000 for loss of employment, US$20 000 for pain and suffering.

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zimboy 2 months ago

kokuchingochembera zvakanaka nhy sekuru...avaa votongwa zvavo namusiki

Teeter 2 months ago

Go to wikipedia and search about this war in 1983 called the entumbane uprising.Fellow zimbabweans plotting a failed coup de tat,using a tribal card always have serious consequences.Zimbabweans should be united for a fact of being citizens not for a fact of being a tribe.Never think your tribe is purer calling others amaswina and at the end of the day you think you will be given a warm welcome.Its our past full of mishaps both sides bury it and move on.Never open a can of rotten fish ,its so smelly.We shonas lost our brothers and sisters to marauding ndebele militias who were 'getting rid of junk' shonas from matebeleland.still today in parts of your matebeleland that behaviour of tribalism still persist.Fellow Zimbabweans united and move on,history will destroy us.

Hkd 2 months ago

I think zvimwe zvinhu zvakuda mwari isu tiri vanhu hatingagoni world war 3 is getting closer please stay safe

Shadows 2 months ago

Politics is a dirty game. Thats how dirty it is. Kana ukadyiwa pagame haisi Nyaya. Go back to the 1890 or b4. Ndebeles will come and raid shonas, take cattle goats everything nevakadzi vakanaka. They wil kill all men. Ndovakatanga game racho. Bt Mugabe na Nkomo vakataurirana vakaregererana on our behalf. Ska zvauya sei. Tinokuzivai you are up for regime change. Manj manyangira benyu. Go to hell

N 2 months ago

Vanhu vakatourayiwa ma dissidents because they were bad people. It's over. Forget it if you think anyone will pay you for playing the victim

Bright 2 months ago

Kuregererana iye mugabe akaurayisa vanhu iwe ka wakazvarwa rinhi iwe usadaro iwe even any anopinda pahu president nyaya iyoyi anenge anayo iwe wakti vakataurirana

S 2 months ago

Mhondi dzevanhu. Then you ask me to vote for you. Nxaaa. You have plenty of blood in your hands. You know it.


Live 2 months ago

@some comments
l wonder why some dubious system servive , some shallow minded people keep on thinking when the wrong move happens the reasons behind can normalize the acts,eg inodya payakasungirirwa kind of language,to which company entertaints that ko dai yaiva yako company iyoyo how would you deal with that now you're here commenting nonsense of the issue of some families in lifetime suffering trauma caused by so called government of the nation hey mhani!!! it's a great shame !!!!The on going hide n seek of government n gukurahundi issue is well supported with some fellow Zimbos in not knowing of what they say from their empty fleshly covered heads.
Thats why law of Zim failed to bring to justice the shooting to kill of innocent people in 2018 .keep on supporting Zanu pf but the day Zanu pf including Mugabe is found in his box for his final judgement dnt be surprised when he mentions you as his supporter to testifies in fovour of his on what you didn't even know , inga tsumo dzenyu dzinoti ukadziya Moto wembavha watovewo mbavha

Cde Mabhaudhi 2 months ago

Unoti pamberi nemsangano upi? Kana uchitaura zveZanu pf usadaro 2008 kwaiva ne short sleeve,1983 Gukurahundi soon after independence...ini ndinoti pasi nemsangano

PRIDE N 2 months ago

Maoko mukuru eviolence asvika👆👆👆

Cde Mabhaudhi 2 months ago

Khuhambe njani,zvnorwadza guys kulu ngavapihwe maUSD faster faster ndini ndadaro anoramba ngasimudze maoko

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

1983...why now ????? before I was even born , why is it that Ndebele's always want to play victims all the time, didn't they also committed attrocities? ndakakura nchingozwa kuti kwaive "nemaDissidents#" ...I'm not saying what happened in that era was okay , but both sides committed crimes against Humanity... reparations should be both sides

People Of Various Opinions 2 months ago

Since you were not yet born why don't you do some research...simple research on the internet...ask questions like who were the so called "dissidents", wat caused their dissent, how many were killed or arrested, was the state response proportional.....20 000 (estimated) Africans killed by an Africanan leader soon after 'independence', even l as Shona does not understand this now, there has to be closure so it doesn't happen again

Fidelis 2 months ago

This is so funny. Nyaya iyi yakapera kare. I don't know how many times I have to say this. My father was affected big time. He was a Shona working for ZISCO during that period. Ndebele people would just come and kill all Shona people they knew. My older brother who I don't even know now was killed by Ndebele Dissidents point blank headshot. He died on the spot. My father has lived a very difficult life ever since. Do you see us blaming the Ndebele for what happened? I also want compensation for the death of my brother. Which court do I go to? He was killed by Ndebele dissidents. I want $1.2 million US!

》》》 2 months ago

It's really puzzling that you shona guys keep on insisting that "nyaya iyi yakapera kare" then go on to say "we were also affected" in the same breath. This reveals serious dishonesty in your part. Indaba leyi ayiphelanga and it should be resolved with the seriousness it deserves. I'm shona but the way some people, especially shona people, try to write off the Gukurahundi issue as if it's a trivial matter really pisses me off.

CHIMOKO NYAMA 2 months ago

@Mboko, ndawona kunge ukutsvaka basa paneimwe article yemaVacancies nhasi pano paPindula. Asi hausandi ?

CHIMOKO NYAMA 2 months ago

Kkkkkk, No wonder why he spends most of his time on Pindula - typing valgur words. Eish Mboko, Mboko, guys ummmmmmm

Skhumba 2 months ago

Kkkk I saw that as well kkkk can someone pls give Mboko a job

Nkust 2 months ago

Iyi nyaya iyi ka, tikatumira ma photos ana baba vedu apa motihwira tsitsi regai tinyarare asi mdara Nare usanyepedzera kunamata uchi faker vanhu ve somabula vanoku bigger nema donation ekuvaka church but pa truth and reconciliation panyaya yegukurahundi ummm haudi kutaura chokwadi

Chief 2 months ago

@shadows you will feel the heat.. one day is one day. Zanu pf is about to die and you will suffer young 2030 kure

September Rain 2 months ago

Volume ye news yakudzikira...some may say"we'll it's a free site" but c'mon... fewer international news, fewer sports..all politics... ****!!
PS: whenever something is free, you are the product.

2 months ago

Mᴀʀᴀᴠᴀᴢᴀ 2 months ago

Zᴀɴᴜ ᴘғ ᴍᴜsᴛ ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴇɴsᴀᴛᴇ Gᴜɢᴜʀᴀʜᴜɴᴅɪ ᴠɪᴄᴛɪᴍs, ʜᴀᴛsʜɪ ᴜᴋᴜᴠᴀʟᴀ ᴀʙᴀɴᴛᴜ ᴀᴍᴇʜʟᴏ.

gwanda lose 2 months ago


Gukurahundi 2 months ago

fck all Zanu pf supporters

Bright 2 months ago

Newewo fti

Vax 2 months ago

Vamwe vanhu Havana msoro.unonzwa munhu achiti pamberi neZANU asi mkadzi wake haanna kana bhurukwa chairo nekuda kweZANU

Munya 2 months ago

Mdra akakupfura nkaakuone kaa usanetsa iwe wakura bo wani

Bounty Hunter 2 months ago

The day after Ncube’s shooting, a state newspaper reported that Nkomo’s driver who was armed with a gun had been shot and killed, reports he denies.


🥸 2 months ago


Dhemutiyasi 2 months ago

Hahahahahaha 2983 Pindula bakhiti ,hahaha

Dhuterere 2 months ago

The Nation needs closure on this past mishap if need be victims be compensated so that we move forward as a Nation gvt of the day has to be sincere enough in addressing these past wrongs... We will never be a country at peace when certain societies hold past grudges of an issue which shld have bn addressed...

Sekuru Gudo 2 months ago


Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

There were dissidents that killed innocent civilians at first and gvt response was as If you are bitten by one ant you don't kill that one ant but kill all which was a very wrong policy taken by gvt. But both parties were at fault

》》》 2 months ago

@vybz Kartel, please explaine how unarmed civilians were at fault.

This is a sincere request and for once, PLEASE don't use vulgar language, insults or tribalist remarks.

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Both sides were at fault that needs to be addressed it takes two to tango

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Wish you the best cde

Sponono 2 months ago

@94 tinotenda mwari akuchengetai sekuru.

Let's all be one and wait for court judgment

Thrust 2 months ago

Bho here mudhara???? Dzimwe hondo siyanai nadzo

Pala 2 months ago

Pamberi nemusangano✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Tboz 2 months ago

@Pala 🐶

Ini zvangu 2 months ago

Humwe hunhu so, mweya we tsvina nehumhondi chete.

JC Form IV 2 months ago

Zvimwe zvinhu zvinoda compassion and empathy. It's disgusting and inhuman to say 'pamberi nemusangano' to a victim of Gukurahundi.

One vote less for musangano wacho

🤣🤣🤣🤣 2 months ago


Mboko 2 months ago

Pasi nemanduuuuu

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