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Former SA President Zuma Backs Putin In Ukraine Conflict {Full Statement}

Former SA President Zuma Backs Putin In Ukraine Conflict {Full Statement}

Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma has expressed support for President Vladimir Putin in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine while denouncing western powers.

Zuma described Putin as a man of peace, saying he has been very patient with the western forces. A statement released on 6 March 2022 by the Jacob Zuma Foundation reads:

Jacob G Zuma Foundation Statement on Russia and Ukraine impasse.

As one of the elders in the movement who has devoted his whole life to the liberation of the people of South Africa and a committed member of the African National Congress (ANC). H.E President Zuma felt it would be remiss of him not to exercise his constitutionally enshrined freedom of expression and share his thoughts on the developments in Russia and Ukraine conflict.

Our Patron says that the current impasse between Russia and Ukraine must be seen within the context of, in the main, dynamics in the balance of forces on a global scale.

This impasse has by default also exposed the hypocrisy of what has become the conventional wisdom which always favours the western forces including their bullying tendencies and their insatiable appetite to dominate others whilst clandestinely furthering their own agendas and interests.

Countries like Russia and China, thanks to their strong political and economic independence, have managed to defend their territories from these western bullies and must be applauded.

His Excellency President Vladimir Putin has been very patient with the western forces. He has been crystal clear about his opposition to the eastern expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) into Ukraine, among other areas, and is on record about the military threat posed to Russia by the presence of these forces; if allowed to be on his door-step.

Surely in terms of efforts to achieve world peace, the sovereignty of Ukraine and all the democratic dictates cannot mean allowing NATO to establish a presence on its real estate; thus, establishing an untenable security risk to Russia.

Ukraine and Russia are separated only by a line on the map and not by the Baltic Sea – Why is this complicated to understand?

If forces, globally known to be hostile to the United States of America (USA), were known to be establishing the presence of any sort in any of the adjacent territories within the USA, the USA would certainly act in a manner that it believes would neutralise such a perceived threat.

In reality, the USA has not only acted to the counties around its borders, but it has moved around the whole world, to deal with what it has considered as threats to its national security.

There are clear examples of such invasions by NATO forces in the Middle East as well as in Africa.

With the above in mind, it looks justifiable that Russia felt provoked. It is however quite fortunate that His Excellency President Vladimir Putin, unlike other small countries, has the capacity (in Russia) to respond to security threats in line with the prescripts that are applicable to his country.

His actions, whereas justifiable, are still a far cry as compared with what other big powers have done when faced with such a situation.

Some western powers, who are today playing holier than thou, have invaded a number of small countries in the world e.g., Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya to name but a few. These glaring examples of interference have left those countries in ruins.

The western countries, and their acolytes’ support of Ukraine (under the guise of defending the sovereignty and democracy in Ukraine) is a selfish act to further their own interests at the expense of innocent lives and property in Ukraine.

Recently, there was a disguised attack on some member countries of BRICS.

In Brazil, a progressive government, under Her Excellency Former President Dilma Rousseff, was brought down under nefarious accusations of corruption.

Her comrade, His Excellency Former President Lula da Silva was accused of corruption. He was arrested and convicted. Later he was released after it was discovered that the charges were all concocted. In whose interest was this done?

In South Africa, His Excellency President Zuma was removed from office, before he finished his term, by the western forces using their forces that they are in control of within some structures of our government; and some that they control in the ruling party.

He was subsequently unlawfully arrested (as confirmed by no less than two constitutional court justices) on 07 July 2021; incarcerated without a trial by the constitutional court; denied a right to appeal both the judgment and the sentence.

To date, there is currently no case number/docket and thus the rights of His Excellency President Zuma were grossly violated. In whose interest was this done?

In India, the Indian National Congress Party, which has widespread roots in the country, “lost” elections.

China was attacked by the credit rating agencies but fortunately, China’s economic power is too big and successful, that the rating agencies failed to dent the Chinese economy and its standing globally – China continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Russia, a BRICS member country is now in the crosshairs of the bullies. Ukraine is being used basically as a front, so that Russia can be brought to its knees through unjustifiable sanctions.

These facts as articulated above are important to be taken into consideration when the current impasse between Russia and Ukraine is being discussed and analysed. It is clear that without the insistence of western powers behind

Ukraine, the impasse between Russia and Ukraine could be resolved quickly and amicably.

We all need peace in this world; therefore, we would like to urge those involved to bring peace as swiftly as possible so that lives can be saved.

We call on President Zelensky to put the interests of the Ukrainians first, instead of pandering to his western allies at the expense of innocent lives.

H.E President Zuma is hopeful that the initiatives to have peace talks between the two countries will succeed.

“I am certain that His Excellency President Vladimir Putin will reciprocate and will bring all in his power to make peace a reality, as I know him to be a man of peace who has worked hard to ensure peace and stability in the globe,” said H.E President Zuma.

Let there be peace between Russia and Ukraine Пусть будет мир между России и Украина

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Pinkpigs_Lilliputian. 5 months ago

Zuma was trained (military/intelligence) in Russia so it is the proper thing for him to do. ANC also has strong ties with Russia so that is brotherly of him.

Terminator 😎 5 months ago

Mbavha iyo ngaiende mujere kunyepera kurwara nechi **** kuunganidza vakadzi **** misguided psychologically deranged woodlice who needs urgent imprisonment Zumaoses 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃run for yo life

Terminator 😎 5 months ago

Malema was right about you msoro unenge we juru kuhwinya it's zvebonde tokuziva ndozvako u were trained by kgb to molest and fondle disadvantaged woman like Jonathan Moyo.

Vybz kartel 5 months ago

if zuma thinks like putin,he should have invaded zimbabwe and seperated mthwakazi from mashonaland and then annex mthwakazi into southafrica

Tkt 5 months ago

Don't be stupid wena

Nelson Chamisa Mbooro 5 months ago

What would be the reason to invade?
Do you think Putin invaded for no reason?

Nelson Chamisa Mbooro 5 months ago

Why is it that People don't like this side of the story?! Y'all Pro West..kukanganwa kuti the West zvayaita Middle East, Lybia...vanhu mofunga kuti Putin is "barbaric" for no reason. Brainwashed by western media! Ma American anongo attacker nyika yavada hapana anotaura.
I like countries like China which stand for defiance and antibullying. Putin dai anatso rakasha Ukraine treaty a violaterwa awandisa

Tinmike 5 months ago

like you said my brother they've been brainwashed by Western media, quite sad

Worzell Gummidge 5 months ago

Jacob Gedgeihlekisa Zuma. The Kangaman. The Polygamist. The rapist who took a shower after raping an HIV positive young woman, thinking thay a shower prevents HIV infection. The corrupt Zulu who build his palace in Nkandhla with stolen taxpayer's money. The Xenophobic Zulu who protected Mugabe & Zanu Pf when they lost elections to Tsvangirai. Zuma, a Kleptocrat supporting another Kleptocrat. Zupta of the Guptagate. Zuma must fall.

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 5 months ago

How is Zuma xenophobic if he protected foreigners ?!


Senior Citizen 5 months ago

To hell with Zuma let him rot in jail,To hell with the madman Putin ,I stand with the people of Ukraine may their hands filled with the blood of the foreign invaders

Machiavelli 5 months ago

Pardon him
He suffers from Zuptalitis

Nkust 5 months ago

But Zuma is saying Zelesnky should act in the best interest of the people of Ukraine but the Ukrainians seems to like to fight Russia, so who is serving the interest of one another

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