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Former Pope Benedict XVI Has Died

Former Pope Benedict XVI Has Died

Former Pope Benedict XVI has died at his Vatican residence, aged 95, almost a decade after he stood down because of ailing health, according to the Vatican. The Vatican said in a statement:

With sorrow, I inform you that the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, passed away today at 9:34 in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery in the Vatican.

Further information will be provided as soon as possible.

His death on Saturday came days after his successor Pope Francis had asked for prayers for his predecessor, saying he was “very sick”.

He died in his residence at the Mater Ecclesiae monastery which he had chosen as his residence after resigning in 2013, Al Jazeera reported citing the Holy See Press Office.

He led the Catholic Church for less than eight years until, in 2013, he became the first Pope to resign since Gregory XII in 1415.

Benedict spent his final years at the Mater Ecclesiae monastery within the walls of the Vatican.

His successor Pope Francis said he had visited him there frequently.

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Catholic 1 month ago


Gwedu 4 weeks ago


Ashie we AFM 1 month ago

rest in peace sorry to the Catholics out there

4 weeks ago

111112²and 3322

1 month ago

95 year old haa nguva yanga yakwana. Asi Aida kusvika 100? Kana wedu Bhobho asina kuisvitsa hapana anoisvitsa

ragga 1 month ago


Forex Broker 1 month ago

RIP and my condolences to all the Catholic Church devotees all around the globe.

Tintin 1 month ago

interesting times ahead... the liberal Pope Francis no longer has opposition from the conservative Benedict...muchanakidza muRhoma muya

jonso 1 month ago

so there is factionalism there?

allan rayman 1 month ago

@ Tintin pope francis won't get away with his liberal agenda like the anglican church they will rise someone else as strong-headed as the deceased benedict they will rather split.

Tintin 1 month ago

@ a.r that's why I said muchanakidza@jonso you can check out the factionalism piece in the atlantic magazine just Google it's well laid out in that magazine and others eg politico magazine.


Leak3 1 month ago

I'm so disappointed!! My uncle died at 98 and nobody said a ****i abt it but now it's Pope at 95 all over the media. Pasi naye Benedict solution!!!!!

Nostro vostro 1 month ago

Vaigozivikanwa Seiko makuruwani vako iwe usingazivikanwi mweya we**** wakakugara iwoyo kuti utaure zvisina Basa izvozvo ndoomudzimu wacho saka taakutovaziva

The Bush Advisor 👨‍🔬 1 month ago

Uncle vako vaiita nezvei zviya. A person is honored for what they do or did not just because a clocka 98. Some even reach 100 n something. Some die In their 20's n we honor them for the name they created for themselves.

Nostro vostro 1 month ago

Ana tin tin kuitwa mazita embwa mobva mafunga kunge imbwa dzacho, opposition yeyi yawakanzwa mu church usati kana wakabuda Catholic uchienda kumaporogodo woti waakuziva tibvire apo musoro damba

leo 1 month ago

google the issue it's in american magazines especially the atlantic usangomhanye kutuka vamwe.

nostro vostro 1 month ago

ndiregererewo ndingoriwo rombe risina charinoziva

leo 1 month ago

ndizvo chete zvinhu zvine musoro zvawataura

Tintin 1 month ago

@ n.v I agree with you 100%

Tintin 1 month ago

@ n.v you are just a hater 2 make it worse a full one.

gora 1 month ago

May your soul rest in eternal peace

Johanna Chibadura wekwamarange 1 month ago

My friend rest in piece of in down. I'm thanks of i born know you help other me our sister brother mother i remember you tomorrow other tomorrow be a son of our God but okay if after not in or out of under us

kurai 1 month ago


the new pope can 1 month ago

now implement his reforms peacefully

allan rayman 1 month ago

reforms are way overdue

Tintin 1 month ago

b4 April...I see Francis giving us one shocker😂😂😂

allan rayman 1 month ago


ok 1 month ago

pane angasendawo here ma-reforms acho ari-pending

Tintin 1 month ago

allowing priests to marry🤣🤣🤣

allan rayman 1 month ago

@ ok to simplify they want an anglicized catholic church eg women priests

comment critic 1 month ago

enlightening discussion.uyo anonzi nostro vostro ndadzokere kuchikoro.its good to take a break from national politics and focus on ecclesiastical politics

vatican 1 month ago

@ nostro vostro wadii wadrawer draft and live grown-ups to do grown up stuff.

ok 1 month ago

yah ma-reforms acho ma1

. 1 month ago

My uncle died @*98,he was the one who supplied zvidhoma, zvikambo, mibobobo, ngwena, mheni but you never said any thing pavakafa nxaaa nhasi Ben waenda mavakutaura ndezvake asi vazjinji mari yamunayo makawana kubva kuna kule vangu

allan rayman 1 month ago

the jesuits will force him out,another resignation pending.

Tintin 1 month ago

don't forget he is a jesuit pope...they won't humiliate their order brother...vangatomuuraya😂😂😂

allan rayman 1 month ago

the order is greater than the individual.they won't let him humiliate the order.but anyway good discussion

Tintin 1 month ago


leo 1 month ago

@ Tintin if he recognizes gay marriages and gay priests anopafa chete 😂😂😂

sadness 1 month ago

pa gay marriage angatenderwa kurarama nokuti ndiyo agenda yacho

father new year🤣🤣🤣 1 month ago

nostro vostro pliz grow up

? mark nga 1 month ago

is it a church that catholic church?

Tintin 1 month ago

very controversial traditions but a church.the doctrines are biblical to my non theological eyes.

iwe Tintin hapana 1 month ago

charinoziva Catholic Church ndiyo Babylon yemuRevelation.ndapedza newe.

Tintin 1 month ago

don't drink and drive 4 others don't drink and read the bible

father new year 1 month ago


mai 🐝 1 month ago

satanic temple of Baal and Belzebulb

g 1 month ago

@tintin is right. the vatican is a soveign state and there is politics at play behind those walls. Benedict s resignation was forced. plenty of powerful people around the world influence what goes on in the vatican ie jesuits. the jesuits also control most powerful gvts including usa.

g 1 month ago

sorry i meant leo

allan rayman 1 month ago

@ g you need to polish up on your history the American government is anti catholic to the core the CIA even assassinated the catholic president john f kennedy the American government is pro britain which is also vehemently opposed to anything catholic.

g 4 weeks ago

@a.r j.f kennedy was murdered by the jesuits who are intertwined with the catholics. just google jesuit you will get all the info you need. all the presidents in the us who didnt finish their terms were removed by the jesuits through death/ assasination/ impeachment. some were killed by slow poison disguised as heart attacks

Dubs 1 month ago

Holy See!So does it mean the pope is holy?

Mlilo Hlengani 4 weeks ago

The great man of faith............ RIP FORMER POPE BENEDICT

4 weeks ago

We must praise God for the interesting time we are enjoying be obedient to him kana ivava vanozviti vakarurama panopanyika vachifa n those who blasphemy against the holy ghost haana humambo zvekudenga its a lose to him

Comrade Gabarinocheka 4 weeks ago

@tin tin
@ g
thanx a mil 4 an interesting perspective.
pardon the average joe for his ignorance
he doesn't know about church history ,the Jesuits ,their subterfuge & clock and dagger manouvres.
They are naive sycophants covered in sheep's wool.
let them be, ignorance is indeed bliss.
Well research article on Rome in the Politico.

Tintin 4 weeks ago

@c.g thanx get the one in the Atlantic magazine very long but very revealing esp if you love history.

g 4 weeks ago

at least there are people who understand history. @tin tin we are vindicated

Comrade Gabarinocheka 4 weeks ago

props to Tintin.
m a sucker for conspiracy theories!
Pontifus Maximus and his Vatican Empire, Jesuits, Bilderbergs, CFR, NWO, David Icke et al

Guka 4 weeks ago

I don’t think they know David icke
Pa YouTube they will be busy watching Fire 🔥 emoji nana JT volts

Guka 4 weeks ago

)I’m not crying Queen 👸 na Papa some some!!!

pete 4 weeks ago


D.Z 3 days ago


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