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Former Mwonzora Ally Says MDC's Era Has Ended

Former Mwonzora Ally Says MDC's Era Has Ended

Losing MDC-T/MDC Alliance Epworth candidate in the 26 March by-elections Zivai Mhetu has abandoned the Douglas Mwonzora-led opposition party and joined CCC led by Nelson Chamisa.

Mhetu came third after CCC’s Earthrage Kureva and ZANU PF’s winning candidate Zalera Makari.

Addressing hundreds of his followers in Epworth on Saturday, Mhetu blamed Mwonzora for the party’s poor showing in the by-elections, saying the MDC’s era has come to an end.

He said he was joining CCC as it is currently the only alternative political party to the ruling ZANU PF. Said Mhetu:

In the name of nationalism, I have decided to join the CCC and stand with the people.

Zimbabwe’s political reality is that there are two political parties.

While ZANU PF seeks to maintain the status quo, CCC seeks to effect political change.

Mhetu was denied entry into Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, the MDC-T headquarters soon after the by-elections, after speaking against Mwonzora’s alleged misuse of funds and abuse of office.

He called upon Zimbabwe’s opposition to form a united front saying this is the only way to defeat ZANU PF at the polls. Mhetu said:

The results of the March 26 by-elections revealed that the MDC’s era has come to an end and that the people no longer support and believe in it as a people’s movement.

Since its formation in 1999, the MDC has never failed to win a seat prior to the March 26 by-elections.

The unmistakable truth is that the CCC is now the people’s party, and I have always advocated for people-centred principles and values.

My crushing defeat in the March 26 by-elections was a rude awakening to the fact that the Epworth constituency had been lost to Zanu PF due to a divided opposition.

ZANU PF would have been defeated if Ethrage Kureva and I had combined our numbers.

Only a CCC-led people’s representation, not ZANU PF’s politicking, will bring title deeds to Epworth residents.

The state of Epworth’s roads reflects ZANU PF’s failure to develop the satellite town, and there is a need for an opposition MP who can represent the interests and values of his or her constituency.

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David 1 month ago

politicians are all the same,
they don't care about the people. they care about their stomachs, families and girlfriends

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I want to congratulate Zivai Mhetu for defecting to CCC Political Party from MDC T/ALLIANCE. Advocate Douglas Mwonzora's political career is no more. Those citizens who still want space in politics must do like what Zivai Mhetu has done. Leave MDC ALLIANCE and join the people's political party which is CCC Political Party. You are welcome Mhetu. You made a wise decision.



Snake 1 month ago

Well done son wakura mu politics

Bones 1 month ago

Kubvuma kwakanaka kwete kuita nharo uchidzingirira mumvuriwemhepo yausirikuona kutiikuendepi.

bigsam 1 month ago

Good decision ....leave Diugie there alone

Zim 1 1 month ago

ko matittle deeds akazouya here ne Zanu PF

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