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Former MP Demands Explanation From Council Over ZANU PF Fake Rallies

Former MP Demands Explanation From Council Over ZANU PF Fake Rallies

Former Member of Parliament for Masvingo Central, Jeffreyson Chitando (MDC), has requested Masvingo City Council to furnish him with receipts to prove that ZANU PF had booked its two grounds for its scheduled rallies that never took place.

Chitando wrote to the Masvingo town clerk and the mayor and gave the duo five days to provide proof that ZANU PF had indeed paid for the use of Mucheke and Mamutse stadiums.

This comes after the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) was denied use of the stadiums on the basis that ZANU PF had already booked them for its rallies. Wrote Chitando:

I understand that the procedure for applying for a rally is that a political party first seeks clearance from your office if the proposed venue is free for use.

The police in their letter of disproving CCC application was that Masvingo City Council stadiums were booked by ZANU PF.

In this regard as a citizen, resident and ratepayer of Masvingo City Council I am demanding full proof of payment of both stadiums by the mentioned political party.

… Town Clerk, if the above subject is not solved in an amicable manner we will take legal action, until council act positively.

This issue has to be acted by council in less than five working days, meaning on 31 March we will issue a statement to Masvingo residents and ratepayers.

Chitando also said that if the council wasn’t paid for the facilities, the revenue lost should be paid by whoever blocked CCC from booking the venues.

ZANU PF didn’t hold the rallies at Mamutse and Mucheke on Sunday 20 March and the grounds were instead used for hosting football matches.

ZANU PF Masvingo Provincial spokesperson, Ophias Murambiwa said they couldn’t hold the rallies because they had to sort out some issues first.

He said the rallies were going to be held this week after the chairman and provincial leadership had met and deliberated on the issue.

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mafia 1 month ago

iyo yenyika iyo haibhadhare mastadium into ndezvayo kungoti tirikuuyako yotopinda

never 1 month ago

Munofanira kubostwa kuti bhu bhu buu

Aikaka 1 month ago

ma receipts eyiko proof yeiko musatambe imi ma systems eku states haazi enyu.medzai firiji zkupisa kuzhinji.zviriko zviitiko zvenyika hamungazvikwanise Inga wani Zambia yakabvisa Kaunda vakati zvapera nhasi vari pamuzerere merry go round chaiyo na Hakilime hapana hapana

learn 1 month ago

ndovanhu vatoda muzimba vakadaiii

rambai muchisvinudza mose evazhi

Anonymous 1 month ago

zanu pf doesnt book for venues, councils vanoto donater from their finances ma rally eZanu kkkkkkkk ma Citizens sooo
system yeZanu inobva here iyi
isu tichangoisawo X tinenge tarwisa

Tanu Mark Finnity 1 month ago

Yes whr is the proof of payment because if there is no proof Zanu must be charged double the amount without fail


jj 1 month ago

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... 1 month ago

Usanyepere vanhu ka iwewe

citizen 1 month ago

thank you pindula for making free app amana inini kutenga data retwitter kwairwadza,kuzot refacebook zvaro God buresi Pindura,God buresi Pumura

... 1 month ago

Plus KU Twitter amhuite yamunoda ka seyepano iyi haa vanokubatai

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

Pindula makaita basa kwatiri isu varombo. Vapfumi varikushandisa Twitter n insta. Thanm you very much.

Chapwititi Kestombela 1 month ago

Good move, they must show proof or else pay for the lost revenue!!! We can't have liers and supporters crew at the expense of rate payers. No more fake bookings 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

uhuru 1 month ago

good move, wall inoisirwa Trent Alexander Arnold kana achida kurova free kick not Keppa!

Bress Pumura 1 month ago

@ Uhuru panyoooo pako nhaika zvapinda papi izvozvo

.. 1 month ago

Yapinda papi nyaya iyi dakungozivawo

uhuru 1 month ago

good move, wall inoisirwa Trent Alexander Arnold kana achida kurova free kick not Keppa!

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