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Form Five Learner Drowns At Birthday Party

Form Five Learner Drowns At Birthday Party

An 18-year-old Form Five pupil at First Class Academy drowned in a private swimming pool in Fairbridge Park last weekend.

Parson Kupakwashe Msekiwa (18) of Chikanga Two drowned around 4 PM on Saturday at a private party they were having with his friends in Fairbridge Park.

The teenager was pronounced dead on admission at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the death. He said:

The deceased and his friends were swimming when he dived into the deep end of the swimming pool.

He failed to swim and when his friends noticed it, they pulled him out of the pool.

After being rescued from the pool, he started having difficulties breathing as he lay beside the pool.

He started vomiting water and was rushed to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital. Msekiwa died upon admission at the hospital.

The matter was reported at Mutare Central Police Station.

Asst Insp Chinyoka said a post-mortem revealed that Msekiwa died due to drowning and that there was no foul play suspected. He added:

We are urging the public to always have someone experienced at their swimming pools so that they will be readily available to rescue and offer the necessary help to those who will be swimming and might need help.

| The Manica Post

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Nkust 1 month ago

Aaah, asi panga pasina chevecheve rekumurova naro pachifuva here kuti arutse mvura shame ingadaivo painevo akakurira kumusha aizviziva kty munhu akanyura anorohwa pachifuva nechevecheve

Lo 1 month ago

May his soul rest in peace

farai 1 month ago

So sad,mhsrip

king 1 month ago

i suspect the kid was drunk. i once nearly passed out swimming while drunk and i spent about an hour lying down having difficulties in breathing but it never happened to me when i was sober

Tintin 1 month ago

if you didn't grow up around a swimming pool... stay away from water won't end well... unnecessary pain to loved ones this festive season...shame☹️☹️☹️

question 1 month ago

what is that chevecheve you are bragging about..chinoita nezvei

Dira wekwaJecha 1 month ago

Tshevetshveve is a ndebele word which means sand /jecha

. 1 month ago

thank you Dira

1 month ago

Satanic operations


River sand 1 month ago

chevecheve is river sand

1 month ago

Ummm pazofiwa rwendo runo paxul apo

Vandem 1 month ago

Was drunk,njengu nekutambira mumvura hazvifambirani

The Champion Of Truth 1 month ago

Never ever try swimming when you're drunk you'll drown ,the young man must have been drunk .

бサ◊ㄅɬ 1 month ago

Щサ◊ ɬ◊レ∂ ㄚ◊ㄩ レ Щ∆ㄅ ∂Яㄩик ...????

¶^`~ 1 month ago


Timothy 1 month ago

Shame kakhulu

!!!!! 1 month ago

Don't jump into conclusion especially if you have no idea of what happened

dzvene itai rishoma 1 month ago


gora 1 month ago

r.i.p rest in eternal peace zororai murugare zvinoitika Hama

Progressive Citizen 1 month ago

Ndoopaunoona kut instead of teaching C. A. L. A yekunhonga zvipepa zvema Lolipop dai vana vachidzidziswa ma life skills neFirst Aid

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