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Form 4 Student Commits Suicide After Being Accused Of Stealing A Cellphone

Form 4 Student Commits Suicide After Being Accused Of Stealing A Cellphone

A 21-year-old Form Four learner at Ruhwerimwe Secondary School in Makoni District took his own life on 17 November after being accused of stealing a cellphone.

Police said Andrew Mawone of Mupambawahle Village denied the allegations but could not handle the pressure of being accused of committing the offence.

Teachers at Ruhwerimwe Secondary School, fellow pupils, and his own parents were all convinced that he had stolen the cellphone.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Manicaland Province, Inspector Norbert Muzondo, confirmed the incident. He said:

On November 17, Andrew was at home with his father when he was approached by a Form One student and her uncle. The student accused Mawone of stealing her phone at school during examination time.

Mawone denied the allegations, but his father insisted that he should return the phone as he had been seen with a similar cellphone.

Mawone highlighted that the cellphone he had been seen holding was his friend’s, adding that he had returned it.

However, Mawone’s father advised the aggrieved party to make a police report.

After the other student and her uncle left, Mawone left home and did not return that day.

Mawone’s body was found by his brother the following morning hanging from a guava tree. | The Manica Post

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e .d Mnangagwa 2 months ago

kuguta okhooo vamwe vachingohukura@

Johanna Chibadura wekwamarange 2 months ago

My friend roping you not good. Chibadura not roping i. Im thanks i not deaded. My brother sisters and father mother wants here is on floor so not dont do this crazi

FBI 2 months ago

modirei ko kuita semusina kukwana???

Grant wemuCeiling 2 months ago

takamboti uya wa Olive was a nuisance
but uyu is just worse

brethren 2 months ago

the devil is a liar and the accuser of brethren

roxy matamba 2 months ago

mαkσrσkσtσ ѕurє

DUB POET 2 months ago

Sorry for the young man and the bereaved family, but Chibadura's comment is a disaster

Jongwe 2 months ago

Chibadura ma1 ,kkkkk l think ndewe Ccc


Jah🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Mpfana anemweya...

truth 2 months ago

21 years form 4

nitho 2 months ago

eish abantwana bethu abasakhuzwa

ma fair pa fair 2 months ago

Eish ma1 form 4 aine 21 years, so sad though

Tintin 2 months ago

I think it's because of covid-19.

2 months ago

@Johana ukwane iwe hindava uchiita kunge mwana wemusanganiswa

perfecto 2 months ago

what is the need yekuzviuraya kana usina kuba foni yacho

@ chibadura 2 months ago

@ chibadura haisi mhosva yako mwedzi mutete nhasi izuva remapenzi

tree 2 months ago


thrasher 2 months ago

some Zimbabwean parents are horrible

thrasher 2 months ago

some Zimbabwean parents are horrible

thrasher 2 months ago

some parents are horrible

Ndini ndareva 2 months ago

Chibadura uyo ibenzi redu rakatotiza kuno anyone anenge aamuwana piri report to the nearest police station and approach him with caution...

Civilian 2 months ago

Baba va Andrew Mawone ndivo vakauraisa Mwana, instead of supporting his son sezvinoita vamwe vabereki kuti wangu mwana haadaro then vomirira kusvika nyaya yavhetewa zvotauriranwa simple. If u mention nyaya ye police Children panic and end up like this chero asina mhosva yaaita, Jeri rinovhundukwa nemunhu wese

Sympathy 2 months ago

Apa vele if only the parents had believed the boy ngabe he didn't commit suicide, sometimes it's all about trust

Haka Boy 2 months ago

Mweya ye**** chaiyo

....... 2 months ago


dott 2 months ago

mweya ye**** iyo

dott 2 months ago

mweya ye**** iyo

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