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"Forex Trade Is Complex," Mthuli Advises Youths To Learn Stock Trading Instead

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mthuli Ncube, says young people should abandon illegal forex trading and instead learn about stock trading.

Speaking during a recent interview with The Sunday News, Ncube said the foreign currency trading market is too complex and youth may lose heavily. He said:

Young people need to understand that forex trading is not cut and dried as they think it is.

I believe they should focus their efforts on learning about stock trading instead.

They will encounter big losses in forex trade because of the complexity of the currency exchange market.

Arguably hundreds of young people in Zimbabwe engage in illegal forex trade due to high levels of unemployment as well as the desire for easy riches.

The government accuses illegal forex dealers of sabotaging the economy by driving exchange rate volatility resulting in runaway inflation and the erosion of workers’ earnings.

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bhuru 3 weeks ago

atanga muturi uye

Mawire 3 weeks ago

aaaaa vanhu vanofunga kupfuma nyore nyore

VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

The only forex ine loss I zim dhora cde mtuli ncube

Sage 3 weeks ago

Stock trading 💹 is complex more so than forex trading.
When it comes to finance Street people are better than you.

Zelensky 3 weeks ago

Well said @sage, forex trading is complex for Mthuli zvisingaite zvekuti the ordinary street man is way smarter economic wise than the whole finance ministry in Zimbabwe.

mdara lolipop 3 weeks ago

aiwa ma youth haana problem but ur policies Mr minister sir. Stop printing Zim dollar to search for forex in the street and other avenues. Just come up with a sound fiscal and monetary policy

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

With all due respect @mdara lollipop, Mthuli and his team DO NOT HAVE ANY POLICIES. All they have so far are failed experiments in policy punctuated by instant reversals.


dispenser 3 weeks ago

Hapana zvaari kutaura in a stable economy yu don't see illegal money changers. Can't he learn from e period of Tsvangirai in gvt .all illegal tradings just vanish ,not bz ey were chased away no .chitsotsi chinowanda patina accountability . other wise Muthuli as a learned somebody I believe is there to destroy Zanu and it's mother****en drunkards .

Doug 3 weeks ago

The modern youth is different to the youth the elders grew up seeing. They are versatile and can do anything for survival. They are into Forex because they know that it is what can make them survive in this period of time, they are not there permanently, and they know it is better than betting or gambling. Most of these youth are very educated and when the right policies open up the economy they will start companies or go to jobs. That is why they are blamed for not being active in politics or voting, they know what they are doing.

Gwedu 3 weeks ago

You dnt tell us what to do, evil minded . Maromo anenge Howa hwakashapa. Uri imbwa hako

___ 3 weeks ago

he meant
Online Forex trading

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

Yaa Doug uri right ipapo. Munhu manya nezvinokuraramisa nguva iyoyo pane kumirira kuti zvinhu zvichanaka. ko zvikazonaka iwe wafa kana kuti wachembera.

mushurugwi 3 weeks ago

high rate

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

illegal forex trading survives as a replacement of legal forex trading. If the banks were executing their duties effectively we were not going to talk about illegal forex trading. Tikutongoitawo basa rikutadza kuitwa nemabhanga. Vanhu varikutemba isusu because they knew kuti ndikatengesa US rangu ndinowana rtgs rinoenderana ne USD rangu. They also knew kut if i go back ndichida USD ndinonoriwana. You cant do that wth banks. Vanotora USD kuzokupa havachadi kana uine rtgs kwakutoda vane link ku forex auction kana uchida 5 or 10 hazvibudi kunoda mbinga chete.

Tintin 3 weeks ago

he is talking about online forex trading.

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