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Footballers In Kenyan Topflight League Clubs Refuse To Play Over FIFA Ban

Footballers In Kenyan Topflight League Clubs Refuse To Play Over FIFA Ban

Football players in the Kenyan topflight league clubs have refused to play football until the deadlock between the country’s government and FIFA has been resolved.

Like Zimbabwe, Kenya was banned by FIFA over government interference in the administration of the game.

The two nations are banned from taking part in any FIFA-sanctioned event and were booted out of continental competitions for both the national teams and the clubs.

Kenyan football teams have taken a stand to stop playing in the topflight league, hoping to force their government to mend its relations with FIFA.

According to the Nation, Gor Mahia chief executive Raymond Oruo read a joint statement from the 18 topflight clubs, saying the teams would only honour fixtures when the current standoff between FIFA and the Kenyan government is resolved.

The clubs on Wednesday said they would not take part in the 2022/23 season. Oruo said:

We will not take part in any competition that is not recognised or sanctioned by world governing body because it is really a waste of investment and time and very little return coming through.

He said the failure of Kenyan club Tusker to participate in the Caf Champions League was one of the issues which informed their decision.

In Zimbabwe, football players have been taking to social media to express their frustrations at the ban on Zimbabwe by FIFA, also hoping to influence the local authorities to act to get the ban lifted.

Recently, the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) said getting the ban lifted was not one of its priorities, but would rather press on with its ZIFA restructuring exercise which could culminate in elections next year.

FIFA previously indicated that it will endorse the outcome of the ZIFA elections stressing that the ban can only be lifted if ZIFA board members Felton Kamambo, Philemon Machana and Bryton Malandule are reinstated.

They were fired last year when SRC dissolved the board last year over alleged maladministration.

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. 6 days ago

broke soccer sponsors in Zim should take a leaf

Mhofu - Unotungwaa 6 days ago

Its a pity that players are sacrificed at the end by such impasse and noone stands up for them (players).Professional players unions and their sponsors must be fully consulted for advise before such a decision is taken by government flexes its muscles on sports bodies.

Live 6 days ago

In Zimbabwe people can agree to do one thing at a time but comes to fulfill the agreement 30% will not avail , 30% come against the agreement , 20% not yet sure how good is the idea , 15 % need to know how much they gain afterwards then 5% found standing for the agreement .
Endgame deal flops 😭😭 then 75% of 95% group come again criticizing the stand still and brave 5 % group .
That's how we're still suffering UpTo now.
That's how our elections will never be free and fair.
That's how we're tired of many churches among us but sin conquers more .
That's how we hire an expensive foreign couches but failed to pay enough our local player .
That's how less than one of 900 000 soilders shoot to kill six of more than 15,000,000 citizens n life continues ,
That's how a president in waiting treat a mother of his children more than like a slave but if promises good we ululate and cheer him .
That's how list is endless

@live 6 days ago

murababa asi chawataura hapana.


While citizens may praise Kenyan players, they must not forget that players are paid a monthly salary for playing soccer.

If they have boycotted playing soccer, where will the soccer administrations yet their salaries. In addition, they are paid for playing soccer. If they have stopped playing soccer, then they have terminated their salaries themselves.

The Zimbabwe scenario is reasonable where clubs are playing PSL football, thereby raising their salaries in the process.



Yours truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

@Bush lawyer 4 days ago

As much as I appreciate your comments apa matadza analysis.vakagona ma Kenyan players this will somehow force the the gvt to reconsider it's decision

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