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Five People Die, 3 Seriously Injured In Bulawayo - Beitbridge Road Accident

Five People Die, 3 Seriously Injured In Bulawayo - Beitbridge Road Accident

Five people died while three others were seriously injured in a road accident that occurred along the Bulawayo – Beitbridge Road, near Sezhube, on Sunday evening.

A police statement seen by Pindula News states that there was a head-on collision between a Mazda Axela and a Toyota Corolla. Reads the report:

The ZRP reports a fatal road traffic accident where five people died whilst three others were seriously injured on 18/09/22 at around 1830 hours at the 85 km peg along Bulawayo-Beitbridge Road.

A Toyota Corolla vehicle with five passengers on board was involved in a head-on collision with a Mazda Axela vehicle with one passenger on board.

As a result of the accident, four people died on the spot while the driver of Toyota Corolla vehicle died upon admission at Esigodini District Hospital. Investigations are underway.

The report comes as more accidents have been reported since last week.

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MuPfungwe Chaiye 4 months ago

Hezvo kuti ndini ndikutadza kuverenga here? 5 people died hanty. 4 vafira paspot then 1 afira kuchipatara.. Ko 3 vari seriously injured varikubvepi futi? Nematambudziko

Chief inspector 4 months ago

What happens ku police is that the people in a car are classified as driver and/ or passengers. Which means the Corolla had 1 driver and 5 passengers. The Axela had 1 driver and 1 passenger.
Thats 8 people all in all.

Thats how the police take their reports. Its also for insurance purposes. Uyo anga aine 5 passengers in a 4 passenger car if he had not died yaiita nyaya.
This classification is also why zvichinzi zvosungisa kuonekwa uri pa driver's seat but usiri a licensed one.

Tichaona Kwezera 4 months ago

Sad news very sorry for that

Ngozi Mine Manager 4 months ago

I think the journalist forgot to rephrase

mubhabhatidzi 4 months ago

but this doesn't add up guys

a Toyota Corolla 🚗 with 5 pipo and a Mazda axela with single person on board

5 pipo dead and 3 injured

pindula tiitirei mushe imwe musada kutijairira

anywhere;May their souls rest in peace.

Moyo 4 months ago

Ukatarisa pakanzi @Chief inspector ndipo pane mhinduro hombe. It's not a mistake by pindula

gora 4 months ago



Maduror 4 months ago

There is nothing amiss with police reporting , 2 people inside a Corolla , 6 people in an axela , drivers inclusive .

K 4 months ago

Umwe newe kusgodini

Zeng 4 months ago

So sad the driver of the Corolla was my workmate at Blanket Mine here in Gwanda coming from Bulawayo where he had gone to spend the weekend with his family 😭😭😭😭😭. His Sister did perish too on the spot.

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