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FIU Targets Four Businesses Suspected Of Money Laundering

FIU Targets Four Businesses Suspected Of Money Laundering

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has directed financial institutions to immediately report any attempted withdrawals or transfers of funds by four business entities unless with the specific approval of the FIU.

The four firms have been identified as Geribrian T/A Transervet, Powerspeed Investments PVT LTD T/A Electrosales, Halsted Brothers PVT LTD and Enbee Store.

In a memorandum to all banks, FIU Director-General, Tichafa Chigaba, said they have noted unusual activity by the named business entities. Added Chigaba:

As we carry out further investigations on possible money laundering relating to the funds, you are directed to freeze the account with immediate effect and you shall not process any withdrawals or transfers from the accounts, unless with the specific approval of the Unit. You should, however, allow deposits or other flows into the account.

You shall immediately report to the Unit any deposit or other inflow into the account as well as any attempted withdrawal or transfer from the account.

Please acknowledge receipt of this directive in writing, confirming that you have frozen the account and confirming the account balance as at the date of freezing.

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Sir Che Guevara ­čç┐­čç╝ 3┬ámonths ago

"If Bond fails, I will resign" RBZ governor bragging about bond notes. Market forces don't lie, tighten monetary policy only, you don't fight with the market, look how Zambian kwacha has improved so far. I believe our Dr Panonetsa Mangudya and professor Mthuli have requisite knowledge on effects of increased money supply

Ini 3 months ago

Kukawurisa ani, they will just close shop.

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

What about ­čĺ░ in e babk a/cs?

Tang. Ku 3 months ago

Mangudya vamama vaimboti zimdollar rikasashanda ndinosiya basa siya tione

Ccc 2023 3 months ago

Kkkkk Eye akataura mfana uyu ngasiye tione

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