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First Omicron Cases In Botswana Were Four Foreign Diplomats Who Were Visiting

First Omicron Cases In Botswana Were Four Foreign Diplomats Who Were Visiting

Botswana has said the first people to test positive for Omicron, a new COVID-19 variant, are four foreign nationals who were visiting that country on a diplomatic mission. Pindula News presents the statement by Botswana’s Ministry of Health:

The Ministry of Health and Wellness wishes to inform members of the public that it is currently investigating certain mutations of the SARS COV-2 virus that was widely reported on social media, including international media, in the last two days. Four cases of the new variant were reported by our local scientists as part of the country’s routine genomic surveillance of SARS-COV-2. This variant is called B.1.1.529.¬†

This new virus was detected on four foreign nationals who had entered Botswana on the 7th of November 2021, on a diplomatic mission. The quartet tested positive for COVID-19 on the 11th November 2021 as they were preparing to return. Further genomic sequencing that was conducted on the samples confirmed the virus as B. 1. 1. 529 on 24 November 2021. ….. Immediate results of the ongoing investigations show that the new virus has many mutations, some of which have previously been characterised. The ministry is conducting further investigations and sample analysis to gain more knowledge and understanding about the properties and behaviour of this virus. Contrary to speculations and in some cases insinuations by some that the variant was only detected in Botswana, the truth is that the variant has so far been detected in other countries in Africa and beyond.

Although all the four cases have since left the country, contact tracing is ongoing. All contacts who have so far been identified in the country, have no COVID-19 symptoms and have tested negative for COVID-19. As already indicated, more intimate and complex analysis of new COVID-19 positive cases are being conducted to search any trace of this new virus. Since this is a new development, information on the virus is still evolving and no major conclusions can be drawn as yet.

Therefore, the ministry calls upon members of the public not to panic, but remain vigilant and continue adhering to all COVID-19 protocols.

Any further developments regarding this issue will be shared with the public.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Dr Christopher Nyanga

For Permanent Secretary

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Zwide Scandal 5 months ago

These whites want to wipe out all Africans thru biological warfare so that they can take over our land and minerals

KWES√Č 5¬†months ago

So why cause so much alarm over such a small matter,those who were found with the varient are no longer there & hakuna anayo ku botswana kwacho,come on mhani nxaaa

buju 5 months ago

virus iri kureva chokwadi rinouraya maWhites not isu anamusviba mimba kkkk takatsengerwa pfundo tichikura andivhunduke any variant ichauya

Chatunga 5 months ago

Zvinoita kunga vakatopinda muBotswana macho vachitoziva kuti vane new variant yavari kuda kusiya vazora vanhu. Ndosaka nezuro umwe akamboti regai kufari zvimabhuku zvaPinocchio zvabva Italy nekuti muchazorerwa zvirwere imomo. Tinoita semadununu dzimwe nguva. Ko kungotaura kuti vakabva kunyika yakati zvinei?
Ende ndofunga varungu vakatopinda this variant kare but vainyarara havo. The reason they are angry with us. Tsveeee kuita mbiri yekuti tava nemushonga unokwapaidza Covid. Chatoda kunzi tisu tatanga kuvana chimwe chirwere. Even vaccine making plant, ours is to have faith kuti tikubaiwa right thing.

Nkosey Mpofu 5 months ago

While the international community acting as if the variant originated in Southern Africa while its theirs

Gogodera 5 months ago

Then they are protecting origins of those diplomats. Africans we are stupid sometimes. Now the westen countries are punishing us. Yet the virus originated somewhere far away from southern africa

Pala 5 months ago

Then here they are cancelling flights from Southern Africa icho chiri chavo

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