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First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa Challenged To Intervene In Marry's Case

First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa Challenged To Intervene In Marry's Case

The First Lady of Zimbabwe, Auxilia Mnangagwa, has been challenged to intervene and help Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife get medical assistance.

Described as critically ill by her doctors, Mary Mubaiwa says she needs to go abroad for treatment.

The former model is battling lymphedema and has been blocked by the courts from seeking medication abroad as she awaits trial on several criminal trials including money laundering, attempted murder and fraud.

Recently, doctors treating her recommended amputation of her right forearm.

UK-based Restoration of Human Rights Organisation (ROHR), through its secretary, Vongayi Mufara, appealed to the First Lady urging her to assist Mubaiwa. Said Mufara:

Amai, why are you silent when Marry is being dragged through the courts despite being very ill, and all this is before the public’s and your eyes?

The mission of your foundation is to provide access to healthcare. Why are you not advocating for Marry to have access to medical treatment, either in Zimbabwe or outside the country?

As mother of the nation, you are often referred to as the angel of hope, mercy and peace. This is why we are appealing to you to intervene in this situation.

Amai, where are you and why have you not tried to mediate and (help) resolve this issue?

Your silence empowers perpetrators like Vice President Constantino Chiwenga to continue abusing women and children. Your silence divides us and leaves us vulnerable as your children as we fear the political elite.

Is it not that you visibly care for women and children because you care for their wellbeing? How do you say you advocate for vulnerable women and children when you have Marry Chiwenga’s situation unresolved?

Mubaiwa who was recently convicted of illegally attempting to upgrade her customary marriage to Chiwenga claimed that the former military boss was boasting that even the first family cannot do anything to him as he is the one who “determines where the wind blows.

The first family recently told Marry to stop dragging the president and his family in her dispute with Chiwenga.


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MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 weeks ago

Heyi maZimbo vamuri kuti mai venyika ndevapi tifambidzane zvakanakisa. Bcoz avo vamuri kuti mai avo hazvina kana kumbovafita

Tio 3 weeks ago

Zim is at a crisis. Where is the ministry of womens affairs?, where is Pamusasa,where is girl child network?, where are the women advocacy groups?, no where to be seen. We expected Makandiwa kuti audze mukuru to forgive the ex -wife but alas he heaped praises

auxillia 3 weeks ago

bamdiki murikumazowe here kumakomboni

ndirikudawo munditsvagirewo gomba regold ririkuburitsa mari

toda kuritora mozoita shift manager wedu

scot aripo anokubatsirai kumhanyamhanya kutsvaga parikubuda mari pacho

Phil 3 weeks ago

muchi**** zvowanika aichinja varume kunge butsu ngaashinge ndogap ramamonya raakada

Moyo 3 weeks ago

Politics is always a dirty game


putin 3 weeks ago

foundation kkkkkkkkkkkkk thievery

💩💩💩 3 weeks ago

The First Family don't want Mary to be flown out of Zimbabwe for treatment because they know that once in a foriegn nation Mary will reveal to the whole world that she was hired by them to assassinate Genarari.

Marujata 3 weeks ago

Grace waive nani, aitomboti "STOP IT". Zvino ava inongova foundation, kubata mawoko nekuchinjanisa uniform dzemagungano emadzimayi.

Dr Hercules 3 weeks ago


Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Prisca Mupfumira stole USD95million from NSSA meant for pensioners who are suffering right now and the same judiciary system said she was not fit to stand trial yet she is still performing gvt duties. Mary who is critically ill is dragged to court on a hospital bed.

This is what happens when you offend the devil himself

mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

If it wasn't for Ruka, they wouldn't be in office. So they have their priorities right

Live 3 weeks ago

First family failed to use presidentential power to save Mubaiwa Marry but managed to use presidentential power to extend Luke Malaba's term in office !

Marry Mubaiwa a Zimbabwean like me's life is worthless compared to Malaba's term in office .

Deranged leadership!

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