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Financial Intelligence Unit To Recruit Financial Crime Experts

Financial Intelligence Unit To Recruit Financial Crime Experts

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is set to recruit more than 20 financial crimes experts to augment its staff complement of 27 permanent workers.

The FIU, which falls under the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), plans to recruit 19 experts in forensic auditing and accounting as well as other specialists.

In recent years, the FIU has been fighting to curb financial crimes such as illegal foreign currency trading and abuse of the foreign currency auction system.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail, FIU director-general Oliver Chiperesa said non-bank financial institutions are yet to reach the required level of compliance.

Non-banking organisations include law firms, accounting firms estate agents, casinos and precious stone dealers, among others. Said Chiperesa:

Unlike banks, which have in place stronger controls, most of these other sectors have not yet reached the level of compliance that we want them to be at.

They submit far fewer suspicious transaction reports than they should.

So with increased FIU capacity, we will see more and more transactions being reported by other sectors instead of the current status where it is mostly banks that report.

Chiperesa added that strengthening the FIUÔÇÖs capacity to fight crime should be accompanied by enhancing the capacity of other law enforcement agencies.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Nhlanhla 1 month ago


shaya dzembongoro 1 month ago

*1)LUKE Malaba is staying in south africa and flying to Zimbabwe everyday for work.*
*2) Mangudya Reserve Bank Governor is staying in Dubai with his family and only flies back to zimbabwe for meetings.*
*3) Mthuli Ncube is staying in Switzerland with his family and flies back in the country for meetings and provided with the best hotel apartments during his stay at the expense of taxpayers money.*
*4)Nick MAngwana's family is staying in UK full time and he is regularly there.*

*The list is endless and yet these guys are preaching wrong message to the people. Zimbabwe is their business where they come and loot and hide in their comfort zones. Ngatiregei kuitiswa nevanhu ava*.



Internet... 1 month ago

Recruit them quickly and they should start with the top brass

Internet... 1 month ago

Top politicians are making decisions which are detrimental to the very electorate which they purport to represent. Then they send watch dogs to bark at little nobodies who are commiting very trivial offenses, yet the get away with massive chunks

Chen 1 month ago

You are creating more Subsidiary of the non functioning RBZ just to waste tax payers money. Hapana chisinga peri zvichapera zvazvo. You time will come. Ana Gono, Chihuri vakaenda ingawani. Iwe ndiwe unodakurambirapo kuti zvadiii. Mangudya and team your days are numbered.

Figo 1 month ago

Corruption is inevitable even in developed countries..but the goal is to get rid of an animal..not to find another.

Executive Zvimbazi 1 month ago

Imhuka ipiko ine corruption

#no miyenzaniso isina basa.


Machiavelli 1 month ago

This country is over-regulated, over-policed and suffers under the tyranny of innumerable laws that turn a law abiding citizen into a criminal. The simplest thing to do I'd to create an enabling environment where business thrives, workers earn decent wages. Government has no business in doing business.

In the USA citizens are proud of paying their taxes because government is transparent and encourages business.

In Germany people using public transport are not policed, and only rarely are there inspectors to check on tickets. Anyone cheating on this is heavily frowned upon.

Please Zimbabwean government leave the business of business to business. Concentrate on working on a pro-business environment and you won't need to police business.

Phidza 1 month ago

I think foreigners might do a better job on this one coz tikatorana vemuno mumwe anoswera apfumbatiswa futi.

eil 1 month ago

FIU & Zacc u are toothkess liones in its own wilderness they are going for small fish money changers why not go to pracyice your expertisim on Tagwirei & his proxies

eil 1 month ago

FIU & Zacc u are toothkess liones in its own wilderness they are going for small fish money changers why not go to pracyice your expertisim on Tagwirei & his proxies

stallion 1 month ago

kkkkkk coverage ye press chete iyi how can an employee arrest his employer mbavha ndivo vakuru Ndeyipi ministry yehurumende isina kumbotaurwa zvecorruption yemhando yepamusorosoro dzimwe dzinotosvodesa kutaura dzimwe eish chinoziva ivhu kuti mwana wembeva anorwara

Jah­čç┐­čç╝Tsvarie-07 1┬ámonth ago

I think it was best to recruit those people from outside our country jus bring down the level of corruption we have in this country, no permanent job for them @ least on a two year contract...

Zim 1 1 month ago

Vamatsvaka havasi vanhu here , havadiwo mari here kana mashaya zvekuita endai munorara Zanu PF is full of corruption,

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