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Finance Minister Says Govt Suppliers Selling A 2kg Pack Of Chicken At US$30

Finance Minister Says Govt Suppliers Selling A 2kg Pack Of Chicken At US$30

Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has said some government suppliers have been inflating prices of their commodities due to the use of parallel market rates with some selling a 2kg pack of chicken at US$30.

He said the government was proceeding with screening and blacklisting such companies but was facing resistance from some government officials and suppliers, reported newZWire. He is quoted as saying:

We have seen supply contracts clearly determined by forward parallel exchange rates, some as high as 2000 to the Zimdollar.

A 2kg pack of chicken was claimed to be worth US$30 when market prices is a maximum US$6 for the same. We have seen a bag of cement being priced at an equivalent of USD18 per bag on some construction projects.

As expected there’s been resistance from various quarters, including accounting officers and suppliers

Ncube says the government has not stopped all payments to contractors, only suspending inflated contracts. Over the past six weeks, the government has paid out a total of Z$184 billion to contractors.

Finance Treasury, George Guvamatanga, says some suppliers that had already charged at inflated prices, using what they had predicted to be the future exchange rate, have since offered “credit notes” to the government to make up for the difference. 

This is happening when a US$9 000/Laptop tender that was awarded to Blinart Investments in August torched a storm on social media over the weekend. Ncube says that was just one of several payments that his office has had to reject under measures he announced in August. 

Some suppliers have been invoicing the government using higher exchange rates because they expect the Zimbabwe dollar to continue weakening. This has seen the government overpaying in Zimdollars for goods and services. 

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Tintin 4 months ago

ndimi makavachenjedza...pedzeranai.

Mike😲 4 months ago


Jonathanoyo 4 months ago

Maenzi chaiwo murikugara nyika ipi yamunotengeserwa huku ye30us mozvozviona nhsi kti huku inoita 6us majaira. Kushandirwa nxaa


You black list them and they will just form another brief company same board different name and it goes on and on.

Skalazi International 4 months ago

These fly by night shelf companies belong to your relatives. You actually asked them to go for these tenders and even advised them to inflate the prices. A cursory look at the companies will obviously reveal a Pandora's box. You know Auxillia and ED are the main culprits. Now that they have milked the gvt u pretending as if you trying to stop them. Shenanigans. Zanu tricks as we approach the election.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 4 months ago

Huku imwe here vaNcube kana na kuti 6 nekuti mari iyo yaataura inotenga gotora chairo

kk 4 months ago

kkkkk zvosekesa izvi saka Mari painosainirwa kt Hulu ikuita 30us munenge musiri kuverenga here and doing some research aah mutikwanire imi

Gwedu 4 months ago

Whilst byou are watching.....usada kutinzwa iwe huhu


bored citizen 4 months ago

what about July moyo, nguwaya Pomona deal

huku 4 months ago

murikuda kuti 20 kg pack here

Maparamuro 4 months ago

Noone steals from this gvt more than the gvt itself. Noone drives the regime change agenda more than the gvt itself. Noone loots public coffers more than the gvt itself.
Gvt has been paying these inflated prices all along resulting in contractors having loads of cash they never worked which they then offload on the black market at the highest rate possible.
On the road construction gvt and party officials are contracted to provide transport for various materials, a contractor delivers one load of quarry and claims payment for 10 loads or even more. This person is being paid for nothing and will not think about the rate at which they offload the Zim dollar on the black market because they are getting free money, no sweat at all. This cannot be done by someone outside gvt and zanupf

Davie 4 months ago

laptop kana ichitengwa ne Govement inoita $9000 US but kana ichi advetiswer pa SABC TV ichiita R4999.

Sir African 4 months ago

kujeri varidya mavegetables,ku hospital kuri kudyiwa mavegetables
saka huku dzacho dzinodyiwa nani

Moyo 4 months ago

dzodyiya kumisangano yezanu pf magandanga haadyi derere

Lebe 4 months ago

ungu**** lawe nxa ungathenga i2kg ye chicken nge $30 wena ukwazi ukuthi yi $6.
ungathunywa uyafaka eyakho imali . maGolo enu

. 4 months ago

uuummm idzi imbavha huku kuita $30 ivo vobhadhara. Uku varwere vachidonherwa ne ceiling mu hospital. Mwari pindirai

nyika yematsotsi 4 months ago

if you are really serious on stopping this rot let's name and shame the owners of these so called companies. I know this will never happen bcoz you protect your own

Pumpkin 4 months ago

Ko Biti aripi mazuva ano angonyarara

Tozivepiko 4 months ago

"Zanu maiona imi vapambi pfumi yakarwa Hondo yechimurenga." Saka mupambi pfumi ndiani between the Smith regime and ED regime? Huku kuita US $30.00 per 2kg chokwadi here iwe Mthuli minister we mbavha dze the cursed second Republic?

. 4 months ago

Yindaba lilamanga so nxaaaa

cde chipopi 4 months ago

rtgs haisi mari asi mhapepa aya.

May 4 months ago

Hatizi mapenz huku idzo ndedzekuprazi ramnangagwa nxaa

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