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Filipinos Elect Late Dictator's Son As President, Outgoing President's Daughter Elected Deputy

Filipinos Elect Late Dictator's Son As President, Outgoing President's Daughter Elected Deputy

Ferdinand Marcos Jr was on Thursday sworn in as the Philippine president in a ceremony in Manila.

Marcos Jr (64) takes over from outgoing leader Rodrigo Duterte whose daughter, Sara Duterte, is being sworn in as vice-president.

Marcos Jr took his oath of office at midday local time in a colourful ceremony at the National Museum.

His inauguration marks a stunning comeback for the Marcos political dynasty, which was ousted after a popular revolt in 1986.

Marcos Jr’s father, Ferdinand Marcos Sr, ruled the Philippines for two decades with an iron fist.

He placed the country under martial law and took control of the country’s courts, businesses and media.

The army and police arrested and tortured thousands of dissidents and political opponents were murdered.

Marcos Sr’s rule ended in 1986 when a mass uprising saw millions of people take to the streets and the Marcos family including Marcos Jr, who was 28 at the time, fled the country for Hawaii.

Marcos Sr died at St. Francis Medical Center in Honolulu on September 28, 1989, of kidney, heart, and lung ailments, 17 days after his 72nd birthday.

Marcos Jr returned to the Philippines in 1991 and has since sought to paint his father’s presidency as a “golden period” of growth and prosperity.

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jj 1 month ago

one day chatunga will say im back in swazy tone

Bright 1 month ago

Uku vanoziva zvekuita uku a mwana weaimbove president ave vice president yaa

Anonymous 1 month ago

It means nhamo iyi haisi yedu tega, in fact there is no democracy in the whole world pangori nekuri nani bedzi

The Goat 🐐 1 month ago

havazive kuti mwana wenyoka inyoka🐍

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I remember Fedinand Marcos sr ruling with a fisted hand. If Fedinand Marcos jr was voted for by the Philippines, let him rule.




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