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'Fifth COVID-19 Wave Could Be Imminent'

'Fifth COVID-19 Wave Could Be Imminent'

Local health experts have warned that the fifth wave of COVID-19 could be imminent following a surge in new coronavirus infections in schools since the resumption of classes on 7 February 2022.

The latest statistics released by the Ministry of Health and Child Care indicate that on Friday, 18 February 2022, 432 new cases were recorded countrywide, of which 66 are from outbreaks detected from schools, with Masvingo Province leading with 41 cases.

Mpilo Central Hospital acting chief executive officer Professor Solwayo Ngwenya warned that the fifth wave could be more disastrous than the previous waves. Said Ngwenya:

Schools are always super-spreaders of the pandemic. The Omicron variant was said to be mild, but highly transmissible.

Unfortunately, Omicron has evolved to have three more variants which are BA1 and BA2 and yesterday they found another mutation of the BA2 variant.

The BA2 is the one that has taken hold throughout the country. The variant is highly transmissible. Its mutation has a high mortality.

So we are now going to face the fifth wave and the fifth wave has just started. The moment the authorities announced that the fourth wave had subsided, the fifth wave started brewing.

Official data is showing that schools are under siege. The fifth wave will probably be more catastrophic than the fourth wave.

There would be widespread infections in a very short time not only in Zimbabwe but throughout the globe.

But the situation is being faced by a very complacent population, which is very disastrous.

Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe president Johannes Marisa said:

It is only that there was a limited testing capacity which has now improved. When we have more testing facilities then we have more cases.

However, due to the continued mutation of the variants, we can’t rule out the possibility of the fifth wave of the pandemic very soon.

Late last month, the Government further relaxed COVID-19 restrictions but the wearing of face masks remains mandatory in public places.

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 7 months ago

The problem here in Zimbabwe some politicize the pandemic, I mean when schools are closed to slow the pandemic others cry for their opening, when government open them its those same people who start blaming the government for opening schools.
As Zimbabweans we need to put our beards together and fight the pandemic with same reason every season...

@St 7 months ago

Well said. Most Zimbabweans now politicise everything with giving valid reasons

Rwadzi Gunsmoke 7 months ago

Covid iyi haiperi abatwa ongorapwa zvichitoenda...koz chatova chirwere chekugara nacho e.g Flue...
So heee heee zvamava kutaura izvi kuchikoro kwakati kwabatwa mastudents kwakuda kutora advantage neizvozvo kuti vovhara zvikoro zvacho nekusada kupa maTEACHER mari yavari kuda Covid yatova coverup yeGovernment..

mfx 7 months ago


Tkt 7 months ago

i wish this 5th Wave go along with you @SolwayoNgwenya bcoz kahunhu kako kubva kudhara i've been following you closely.

You wish nothing other than death to spread across. Busy cooking figures out nekuda kuwana maCREDITS kwako.ko.

you've since taught me how to have lasting hate on someone.

May Death befall you also in these tring times. AMEN

COVID- where do these school children stay if not at school?
do they stay in incubators?
siyai vana vaende kuma schools, #GVT.PAYTEACHERS

@20 7 months ago

@Tkt itya Mwari usashuvire kufa kwemunhu uri Satani here nhai.Dzidzisa mukanwa mako kusataura mashoko akaora Mwari chaiye haashuviri kufa kwemunhu saka iwe uri ani Ezekieri18vs32Handitombofariri kufa kwemunhu,’ ndizvo zvinotaurwa naChangamire Ishe Jehovha. ‘Saka siyai zvakaipa murarame.’”Siya zvakaipa

Rwadzi Gunsmoke 7 months ago

Government fails to address and face reality pa issue yeSchool n Covid...
So let's not defent Government apa zvikuda kuitwa vakuziva bt ignorence havo koz vana vavo havadzidze muno...

Fekhi 7 months ago

😂😂😂vatanga kubika nhema varume vaya

Herd Immunity 7 months ago

Prepare for stronger measures of lockdown especially since the opposition is trying to campaign as well. If the Covid-CCC virus mutations seems to be spreadind faster then we have no option but to enforce stricter measures, close schools and postpone the by-elections. Otherwise, this thing is just a political too than a real public health concern to our leaders. If it really was they would not be sleeping "in-between the supposed waves".
Apa HerdImmunity kana kubatika nanhasi.

Tkt 7 months ago


Herd Immunity will never be achieved even if the Gvt imposes mandatory vaccination.

WHY - bcoz this whole economy 60%+ is private sector which does not care or listen to any threats from the GVT

LAW enforcers are Hungry hence remain very tempted to accept bribes.

so Formalization of the Economy first then kana Gvt yane control yaku gona kuita zvayoda

rebel 7 months ago

either herd immunity or not even the vaccinated does not stop the spread thats what the WHO says ,thats why there protests in European countries against the covid restrictions ,the only way to live with it just like flue ,i doesn't help to stop children from going school we are affecting the next generation .The big problem in zim is that we are weponising it.


Executioner 7 months ago

Haiwawo regai apinde apA mukomana

Tkt 7 months ago

@20... thanx for the Bible Quote but i'm sure you wrongly interpreted death in that verse of yours

You can die in Spirit or Soul. Mwari vano rwadziwa nekufa kwemweya wemunhu. in this case Solwayo's utterances ndipo pane kufa kwake ipapo bcoz how can you say "COVID is yet to kill, pandemics of this kind usually kill millions" thats what he said earlier,

so my question is anoda kuti patange pafa ani kuti Covid igo pera?

kana zvirizvo ngaafe iye vamwe vese vosara maybe COVID inobva yapera

kufa kwemutadzi Mwari anofara wangu

🥸 7 months ago

Causing alarm and dispondance

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