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FIFA Congress Ratifies Zimbabwe's Suspension

FIFA Congress Ratifies Zimbabwe's Suspension

FIFA has ratified Zimbabwe’s indefinite suspension from international football during the 72nd FIFA Congress in Doha, Qatar.

Zimbabwe as well as Kenya and Pakistan were on Thursday suspended indefinitely.

FIFA suspended ZIFA on 24 February this year over the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC)’s interference in football matters but placed conditions for readmission.

However, the SRC refused to meet FIFA’s conditions, leaving the world football governing body with no option but to suspend Zimbabwe indefinitely.

During the FIFA Congress held in Doha, Qatar on Thursday, 199 out of 201 voted for Zimbabwe’s suspension.

FIFA will only lift the ban when certain conditions are met, among them the unconditional reinstatement of the Felton Kamambo-led ZIFA board.

What does the suspension mean for Zimbabwean football?

Zimbabwe will not be allowed to participate in any international football activities.

This means that the Warriors could miss out on qualification for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations finals.

Local football clubs will be barred from representing the country in continental competitions.

Local referees will not be considered for international assignments.

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mupurisa 2 months ago

Gvnment is doing a massive transfer of police who served 5years in a station e transferred its one of the strategy used by Zanu pf to reduce votting from Police camps ,ccc had won resulndingly on most urban camps for axample muchikurubi,manyame air base,hre central police camp ,

Harare have 50 000 police officers statistucally 42 000 ppl voted for an opposition inshort police yose ndeye opposition,Right transfering means a police will not be able to vote from the area they have registered,we are saying aBindura policemen is now working in mazoe ,when they are in Mazoe they will be assighned to be a plolling agent or an ellection observer automatically they wont have time to vote to their area they have registered A lot of families are going to be inconvinienced.I smell a rat,The Junta might have been shocked with the by-election outcome.I was fortunate not to have served for the Government under this New Dispensation.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Go hang FIFA...

fifa 2 months ago

mukaramba muchifarisa ndidzinga maplayers enyu ese ari kuno kuchando

The Adjudicator 2 months ago

That's a display of double standards.isnt the ban on Russian football teams on world stage by the European coalition a political move.
What crazy world led by bunch of crooks.Famba Russia,Famba China,Famba N Korea in checking this league of biased policemen of the world.

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago



Mutadza 2 months ago

Regai tizorore ma stress ekudyiwa kwema Warriors

Nkust 2 months ago

Inga ini noumwe anonzi Doug taingotaura pano pa forum tikati kamambo anogona kunge aezvaaikanganisa wani tikati ngaabviswe nezhira inogamuchigwa ne fifa kuitira kty tisasa ngane nema unwanted decision ino affect vamwe vanorarama varikudivi iroro wani

Dzvamu 2 months ago

SRC must be disbanded. Havazive sports.

JARAVAZA 2 months ago

Mlotshwa is a deadly corrupt element in this country, very corrupt, so he is trying by all means to cover up his corruption by suspensions and all that sort. Check on this gut. Haabatwe bcoz mkwambo wegurumende. Asi zvichaguma chete

Figo 2 months ago

This will save us from heartbreaks of expecting warriors to reach 2023 Africa Cup of Nations finals

HULK HOGAN 2 months ago

Yeah true that, precisely 99% voter turnout. Incredible numbers !! Hatikundwe kuvhota neFIFA members, isu 2023 Harmonised Elections toita 99.99% voter turnout By so doing, CCC will be buried completely - 100,000KM underground.

LONG LIVE Z.A.N.U PF, 2023 paMASVINGO ipapo.

Unifier 2 months ago

199/201 good voter turnout

Lumex 2 months ago

Havana tsitsi nebhora redu. Havanete kuuraya zvinhu zvinoraramisa vanhu. industry vakapedzera apa wave kubhora

007 2 months ago


Maravaza 2 months ago

Mlotshwa is doing more harm to our football than solving it. Football is not based on political rules or personal vendetta. Talking of sanctions... This is a typical example how gvt applies for them.

Nimrod 2 months ago

Did you know that Mlotswa is son in law to ED?

Briza 2 months ago

Kyafana vele ngoba ibhora lakhona ngamasimba

Crocodile 2 months ago

Well said trumpet thank you very much

Mdara Odza 2 months ago

SRC was wrong from the beginning and they are now cornered. They only have to do the right thing - capitulate.

Mark 2 months ago

I don't know what all this fuss is about. It's not like the warriors ever won anything.

Collins 2 months ago

brain dzakowo, komabasa evamwe, eg ana ref

Joe Brownn 2 months ago

Zanu-PF is here to destroy everything they just don't care about the player's welfare.

Manikiniki 2 months ago

As long there is this corrupt party called Zanu pf we will always suffer in all spheres of our lives, be it religion, arts, sports everything!!

Murisi Zvizvayi 2 months ago

Ndozvamunogona izvozvo Zanupf kuuuraya uraya nyika munopinda nemubhora mese

Trumpet 2 months ago

It's not good to always think we are always correct because we went to war. Many countries went to war to liberate themselves but they have moved on. We are always bragging about how we liberated this country and no one should tell us when we go wrong. Fifa will not listen to that. Chiyangwa is behind all this drama and Mlotshwa is not thinking like a man but he is going to regret. Leave politics out of football. You will never win a war against Fifa

Dod🔪 2 months ago

Fack app dis FIFA ting

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