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"FIFA Ban Will Be Lifted In The Coming Months"

Sports Minister Kirsty Coventry said that there has been open communication between Zimbabwe and FIFA before the world football governing body suspended the country from international football several weeks ago.

FIFA banned Zimbabwe after the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) suspended the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) board led by Felton Kamambo.

But speaking before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Sports, Arts and Culture, recently, Coventry said there will be a resolution in the coming months that will not have a negative impact on football in the country, internationally or continentally. She said:

The communication between Zimbabwe and FIFA and all government bodies is open and everyone is doing all they can.

When I was first appointed by the President (Mnangagwa) it was when ZIFA were doing elections and the first thing was to call FIFA to send representatives, which they did.

They had three FIFA representatives who came to oversee the election so, from that time, the communication has been open.

FIFA have statues that have to be honoured, not disrespected, hence them having to take the decision to suspend.

They could’ve taken the decision from the onset, why they couldn’t, it was because there’s open communication.

And, you know from the cricket experience, there’s never a desire from the international body to completely outrun a country.

I’m very thankful to FIFA and CAF because they’re very understanding at this point of the struggles that we’ve had in Zimbabwe with ZIFA over the last few years, they’re aware of it and right now the goal is trying to figure out a way that is a win-win for both.

FIFA can’t be made to look like they’re not abiding by their statutes, when there’s been clear third party interference from SRC, and no one is denying that.

No one is denying that ever happened and there’s a committee that was set up and they’re not an interfering committee, they are a special committee set up by SRC with different background experience to help find a way for everybody.

The assessment was done and we knew full well what the consequences would be.

We have consistently tried, since 2019, to clarify and work through some of the issues with ZIFA, Government has paid in full for every tournament, for the past few years.

ZIFA, we don’t even know what money went where, for all the money they’ve received from FIFA, we’ve never asked them or asked to see it but we’ve only asked them to account for what the Government did.

We didn’t ask them about the FIFA funds, we’ve asked for Government funds to be accounted for.

And, since 2019, I’ve been asking them to make sure the female players are paid better and to make sure they’re treated the same but they aren’t.

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phidza 1 month ago

chiyangwa wachembera level rako harife rakasvika pa quarter ya Ginimbi akafa Ari kuma thirties waita mudiki nyangwe ukafamba nechikopokopo kubva kuna first Street kuenda kuna fourth ungori mupfana kuna Ginimbi paskiri dangi kindangi plus flambo unotosvitswawo kumapena namai titi wandinyadzisa chiyangwa kutenga chi mayback Ginimbi akati ichi haadhiraivhe nyangwe zvodii

chiyangwa 1 month ago

look at my new car, I'm busy making it difficult for kamwendo because he defeated me, I have mungwangwangwa"s blessing

Nimrod 1 month ago

of course the ban lifted. ****. why did it arise in first place.? It has cost talented footballers untold losses in opportunities that have been lost

politics 1 month ago

A small price to pay for the greater good.

Kanda 1 month ago

mamanyire amaita pabhora apo why not put those efforts in stabilizing the economy and make sure vanhu vawana Mari inoraramisawo


putin 1 month ago

same O same O

cde 1 month ago

cde varikutuka vamhe avo buri renyu manzwakaa everyonw have got right ro say anything its not all about kutukana "**** yako" what does it mean kura yaruka mukutaura kuonesana kurikuitwa nevana venyika ino we are the same tinorwa nemashoko asi tichidanana nekuwirirana usadaro cde

Skim 1 month ago

Yellow fever..

Tanaka21 1 month ago


Rasta 1 month ago

gvt ngaite zvenyika not zvebhora plus ndiyo ikuuraya magrounds edu nemarally asina nebasa

2k_Pablo 1 month ago

mumwe nemumwe anoita zvebasa rake, vekugadzira zveEconomy ngavaiteo izvozvo Coventry anoita zvemasports regaiwo agadzire kwake akasadero ndyaaany achabata for thought

Lux 1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Wapedza apa

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Well done Kirsty you said it loud and clear, funds wheather from FIFA or government should be accounted for without fear or favor if we are to make sports pay back to athletes...

mutadza 1 month ago

no ray of hope for time murungu wedu

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