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Female CCC Members Fondled In Prison Vehicle - Lawyers

Female CCC Members Fondled In Prison Vehicle - Lawyers

Lawyers representing 25 members of the opposition CCC who were arrested last week in Harare’s Budiriro suburb said their female clients were molested en route to the Harare magistrates court.

The lawyers accused the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) wardens of transporting female prisoners in the same van with male prisoners who are not CCC members, which resulted in the females being fondled along the way.

The lawyers, Wilbert Mandinde, Kudzai Kadzere and Chris Mhike also alleged that one of the accused persons contracted coronavirus while in prison and has been isolated for 10 days.

Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda ordered the State to investigate the abuse and bring the report to court by Friday.

The CCC members were arrested for allegedly holding a political gathering in Harare without police clearance.

Allegations are that on 14 January 2023, the accused persons responded to an invitation for a meeting at Budiriro MP Costa Machingauta’s house.

Prosecutors submitted that ZRP Budiriro received a tip-off that the accused were gathered illegally and went to investigate. 

Upon arrival at the scene of the crime, the police observed that the accused’s conduct was disturbing the peace of a section of members of the public.

The police ordered the accused persons to disperse, but they resisted leading to their arrest. The accused had no lawful excuse to act in the manner they did.

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vepano pano 1 week ago

well if they were fondled as alleged by male prisoners the issue is not political because offenders are apolitical but the allegations are difficult to substantiate because fondling does not leave any fingerprints
maybe they should ensure that separate vehicles are used to transport female and male prisoners next time

1 week ago

@Vepano pano that's exactly the lawyer's point that female and male prisoners were not supposed to be transported in one vehicle The issue is indeed political because the prison officers must have done that deliberately and they knew that something like that(violation of the women) would happen Even the law says male and female prisoners should always be kept separately

Vepano pano 1 week ago

obviously this issue was blown out of proportion by these political thugs from CCC
they want the international community to vilify gvt by using their gender as a smokescreen to cover their illegal activities

citizen 1 week ago

taneta nezvinyaya zvenyu imwi v**** chii chinoshamisa pakubatwa kwenyu mazamu

𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒆𝒏 1 week ago

𝒘𝒂𝒌𝒂𝒛𝒗𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒓𝒘𝒂 𝒎𝒖𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒎𝒃𝒖𝒛𝒊 𝒊𝒘𝒆 𝑪𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒛𝒆𝒏

pk 1 week ago

ndokujeri ikoko. batwai mazamu ne**** makanyarara. sikhala ange asipo here becoz agarisa

vepano pano 1 week ago

iwewe alien wakazvarirwa munjanji vabereki vako vachitiza kunyika kwenyu unatinyarazve woye

Munhu ane Hunhu 1 week ago

To the likes of Citizen, pk and vepano..., dai uri hanzvadzi yako or mukadzi wako, wainzwa sei? Ko dai vari amai vako?

Ngatirege kutengesa hunhu semadomasi

pk 1 week ago

ndaivati siyanai nezvekuita political thug. thugs deserve such treatment. ngavainde kuchurch kwete kundoswerera kozodo kumba kwa MP

Black Adam 1 week ago

Hohihihhahhaha PK **** chaizvo iwe. Namata and also gamuchira Jesu iwe. Unofunga kuti kudenga kunotaurwa zvinhu zvakaipa kudaro.

1 week ago

'Taneta' iwe nani @citizen? Musi uchabatwa mai kana hanzvadzi yako mazamu ndipo pawuchawona kuti zvinoshamisa

vepano pano 1 week ago

the CCC activist who has been isolated proves that we have a working system here in Zimbabwe and moreover he probably brought the coronavirus from outside the prison since we do not have an outbreak in the prison cells prior to his incarceration

pk 1 week ago

they got corona virus from the illegal gathering in Budiriro

Zuze 1 week ago

Since when did an ignoramus like you @pk become a medical practitioner? Even if you were, if you prescribed paracetamol for me, I would seek a second opinion

pk 1 week ago

wajaira varoyi nen'anga

Shameful 1 week ago

"gathered illegally".... and what does the zimbabwe constitution have to say about this?????
Our judges and magistrates need to abide by the country's constitution that protect the rights of the people.

@shameful 1 week ago

remember that it was a political gathering at a private residence and they did not comply with the law
this wasn't be a private has to do with discretion of what constitutes a private gathering from a private one
25 people is a sizeable crowd before we factor in those who fled and those I saw jumping over the precast wall to evade arrest.
they should make me state witness mhani these criminal elements must be brought to book

Zuze 1 week ago

A private dwelling is private.
Hakusi kuCecil Square uku. Kumba kwemunhu.

Next thing ZANU will want from CCC citizens is police clearance kana mwana waJob Sikhala aakuroorwa.

Silly, Stùpìd and irrational


From Russia with love 🇷🇺 1 week ago

Chupeti zvimbwasungata zvema West. Isu toda one party state chete. Pamberi ne Zanu Pf.... Ed works.....

🇿🇼 1 week ago

𝒊𝒘𝒆 𝒏𝒂𝒏𝒊

King 1 week ago

One party state with CCC the only party.

pk 1 week ago

ccc if a pressure group not a political party.

Onlooker 1 week ago

Isu meaning iwewe mbuya nasekuru vako vakashaika kaa

o'brien 1 week ago

kkk so I heard kuti kuBudiriro kwakazoita temple-run apo rispo rave kubata vanhu. I am a CCC supporter but kana pashata ndinotiza rough manje kkkk. Prison is not a safe place at all. Back then MDC yakatirovesa 2008 m@t@k0 kubuda mvura.

I love my Country 1 week ago

Hahaha agh, 😅😅😅😅😅😅

avtomat Kalashnikov 1 week ago


Patriot 1 week ago

siyanai nezvekunyepa imi dze CCC muende kuno roorwa muchibikira varume venyu. Nhau dze politics hakuna kwadzinokusvitsai idzi. Ipapa ukatsveterwa ne mbinga yeku Zanu pf haumboirambe ba.

Black Adam⚡ 1 week ago

ONE DAY we will all be judged. I see some of you hear are being heartless with your comments. A prisoner still has human rights. A woman shouldn't be violented like that. I have sisters and man no matter what this is bad

pk 1 week ago

you loose some of your rights when you become a prisoner. the word prisoner means that........ kuita kuvinga ka loan kakapihwa MP wekubudiriro

Black Adam ⚡ 1 week ago

@Pk Hahahah ayas, Iwe kaaa i think u are playing around. Uri kunakidzwa nekuenda people's skin kuti Pindula inakidze but man this is not the way coz its a sensitive issue. Ndiana Mai vevanhu and hadzvadzi idzo. Dont loose your humanity zvekudaro.

King Kong 1 week ago


@Pk 1 week ago

Kutukisa amai zvakadai urizibenzi remunhu

@pasi na pk 1 week ago

uyu haanakukwana anongoda kusapindurwa

@pasi na pk 1 week ago

uyu haanakukwana anongoda kusapindurwa

#T BOY 1 week ago

yeah ndachema zvangu CCC woye chamisa chete chete ⚽🏃🏃💃ane bhora ndiye anomakwa truth chamisa anoshaker ZANU PF yenyu takayenda tayenda Nelson

fondler 1 week ago

ndakatonakirwa ndakayenda ndakayenda

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