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Fees Protest: Arrested UZ Students Say They Suffered Degrading Treatment At Police Station

Fees Protest: Arrested UZ Students Say They Suffered Degrading Treatment At Police Station

Five University of Zimbabwe (UZ) students who were last week arrested for protesting over hiked tuition fees said they suffered degrading and dehumanising treatment at a police station where they were detained.

They told a local magistrate that they have been in cells which had no proper flushing systems, in the male holding cells it was actually blocked and waste was overflowing.

The five students- Tinovimba Musengi, Hazel Gwande, Purpose Mangana, Tanyaradzwa Nzvimbo and Charles Moyo – were, however, freed Friday after spending two nights in custody.

They appeared before Harare Magistrate, Munashe Chibanda and were remanded out of custody for September 26.

Through their attorney, Tinashe Chinopfukutwa of the Zimbabwe Human Rights lawyers, the students said:

There was no demarcation of the toilets and no privacy.

The students were charged with disorderly conduct in a public place after they allegedly sang at the UZ main campus disturbing usual business around midday near a venue that was being used for a conference.

They were later dispersed and arrested at different locations on campus.

Moyo was reportedly arrested whilst making calls threatening other students, who were attending lectures.

Mangana, Gwande and Musengi allegedly disturbed lectures at the Faculty of Engineering at the time of their arrest, whilst Nzvimbo was part of a group of students protesting at the Computer Science department.

Meanwhile, UZ has since announced new fee structures for the August – December 2022 Semester. 

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ndini gogo vako 4 months ago


Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

You were olltreated bcoz of your education education treated by o levels kkkkkkk zrp

@onlooker 4 months ago

its not mupurisa wese an o level shaa. inin am a police officer but i hold an honours degree...

edmnangagwa 4 months ago

Nod vision 2030 yandakaona

Billboard Of Public Opinions 4 months ago

Those are the same conditions in which legislator Job Sihkala has bee living with for more at Chikurubhi maximum prison. Let's vote Zanu Pf out. We need change of government.

Chief inspector 4 months ago

Were they expecting a 5 star treatment 😄😄. This is Zimbabwe

4 months ago

hwfr did Highlanders play

pk 4 months ago

police cells are not hotels. you deserve that treatment. you don't go to university to strike


Uz 4 months ago

You will know how to behave. politcs has such consequences.

go strike agai🤣🤣🤣

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