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"Farming Is Currently Unprofitable" - Musasiwa's Advice To Would-be Farmers

Kuda Musasiwa, a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, musician, and music producer has said farming is unprofitable in Zimbabwe at the moment.

Musasiwa who is known mostly for having managed Fadzayi Mahere‘s political campaign for Mt Pleasant Member of parliament from 2017 to 2018, said current farmers are unable to sustain their projects.

Musasiwa, also known as Begotten Sun, is also known for founding tech-based businesses Fresh In A Box and Lytee. In a Twitter post, seen by Pindula News, Musasiwa said:

Inbox: hey Kuda, what do you suggest I plant that is on-demand, I want to start a small farming project Answer: Don’t start just yet. All your inputs will be in USD, (and) all off-takers will insist on RTGS payment. You will not manage to sustain your project as none of us is.

With 10k cabbages right now, you MUST sell each cabbage for at least $0.72 Wholesale. Because all inputs in USD have gone up. No retailer will take your cabbages at ZWL$288. So we are now all supplying at below cost. grain or horticulture; farming is currently unprofitable.

Musasiwa’s remarks come as the farming industry in Zimbabwe is already on a low note.

The farming season 2021/22 was characterised by poor rains and a general decrease in the hectarage for crops planted with tobacco, the country’s major cash crop, declining by 11 per cent, sorghum by 2 per cent, pearl millet by 25 per cent, finger millet by 40 per cent and cotton by 23 per cent.

Some farmers have been finding it difficult to secure inputs as high-interest rates and tough collateral requirements by banks prevented farmers from seeking bank credit. Late payment by the government has also demotivated some farmers who ended up ditching the profession for other lucrative ones.

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Dr 4 weeks ago

Kurimira mhuriKuribnani kana kuchengeta zvipfuuyo kunenge kunoita bt guys try by all means necessary not to sale your produce to the soul called gmb

the head 4 weeks ago

say what ever you saying but if you really want to survive in Zimbabwe or even else where .go for Farming

Quality Clothing Bales Mabhero | 0733499555 1 month ago

Ndangodarikawo nepano, torai ma license ekurima mbanje. Zimbabwe is open for business. Dira hako tinwe

BOSS VEDAH 1 month ago

Ini ndakazviona farming season ya 2020-2021 haaa 2021-2022 season handina kana kumborima ini hapana chibuda coz all the inputs yu buy in USD bt all pamnts in RTGS & even private players are not paying fair price per tonne coz odmf monotony yeGMB. Try poultry or ..... Agric haibhadhari to those who finance themselves.

VOTE CCC. Ngaapinde Hake Chamisa


g 1 month ago

asi mutoriro ataura chokwadi hake

Mutoriro Movement 1 month ago

It all because of our oppressive ZANU PF-run government which prohibits farmers to sell their produce to private players. We have private cooking oil producers who are willing to buy soybeans at a USD price of $600.00 per ton, but Zanu pf says farmers must not sell the soybeans to those buyers as it says only Gmb is the sole buyer. For example, in Chinhoyi there is a white owned company in the name of Steel base, they buy soybeans at Usd600 per tone but Gmb deployees its poorly paid employees to confiscate farmers' soya. Iyo Gmb inobhadhara very little in rtgs.

kambwa 4 weeks ago

@mutoriro haurevi nhema wangu

Zuze 1 month ago

Chahototo ndiwe uri kutaura politics not business. Mutoriro arikutaura zvinobata murimi. Mari iri kutenga zvirimwa neGMB haibatsire murimi. Uye GMB inonoka kubhadhara, ichobhabhata nemaBond asingatenge chinhu.

Government should not force people to sell to GMB. If at all they were to force people to sell to GMB, they must target those who get Presidential inputs and Command Agriculture beneficiaries chete.

Chahototo 1 month ago

mutoriro wakatodhakwa kare nhai. can't you for once separate pure business from politics. kungoti wakatodhakwa nemutoriro wacho saka hapana hapana

ABSA 1 month ago

For now grow maize to feed your family

Ospina 1 month ago

It depends where u are selling your product,inini i farm potatoes and i sell them in USD 🇺🇸

Mutoriro Movement 1 month ago

But recently the potato price has drastically gone down. A pocket which used to go for usd10 now sells at usd3/4. However I agree with you kuti it depends ne product yako ne market yako.

Tio4 1 month ago

Same as growing maize, a ton gvt gives out approx. Us$180 for a ton of maize yet 4 bags of fertilizer costs us$120 plus seed us$30 add labour plus transportation costs watova ku negative, hazvibatsire kurima chibage at the moment, when gvt chooses to pay below us$310 which is the world price.

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Very true, farming in Zimbabwe is worst of capital. Especially selling your maize to GMB.

Black-Market prices in Murambinda

1 Bucket= $5

1 tonne= 5 X 60 buckets =$300usa

So how much woll you get from GMB minus transport, and poor grading

Unofira mahara

Freda 4 weeks ago

@Blue uri d●fo u think u ar smart but shame

Zuze 1 month ago

@Blue 💙, please do not belittle other people. If you happen to be in rural areas, you don't sell maize by the kg. You sell by the bucket (20 litre), so what the other Blue has said is correct. That doesn't make him incompetent. Furthermore the difference between a 20 litre bucket and 20kg is negligible and varies between crops- maize is about 19kg, beans 17kg, rapoko/millet about 21-22kg.
And remember not everyone has invested in a scale.

So please don't insult other people with knowing their personal circumstances

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Use proper measurements. Chii chinonzi bucket? Say 20kg, always measure your Weight in kgs, not volume. That's why Farming cannot be profitable, too many incompetent bastards.

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