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Farmers Ordered To Get GMB Exemption To Consume Their Grain

Farmers Ordered To Get GMB Exemption To Consume Their Grain

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has warned farmers and producers of controlled grain such as maize, soybeans, wheat and barley that selling their produce to any buyer other than GMB is an offence.

In a statement on Wednesday, 1 June 2022, GMB chief executive officer Rockie Mutenha said all farmers or producers of controlled grains are required to deliver products to any nearest GMB depot. He said:

Farmers/producers who intend to retain a portion of the product for farm feed or another commercial usage shall apply for exemption from GMB.

No one is allowed to sell or buy maize and any controlled product other than through GMB unless one is a bona fide contractor registered with the Agricultural Marketing Authority of Zimbabwe (AMA).

Mutenha also said that all farmers, producers and contractors are required to apply for a movement permit if they want to move their grain from one area to another. Said Mutenha:

Trading in controlled products (buying or selling) without the authority of the GMB is an offence.

All stores, millers, stock feeders and any other users of controlled products are required to register with the GMB before engaging in such business.

More: The Sunday Mail

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