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Farmers Engage Government Over Inputs Prices

Farmers Engage Government Over Inputs Prices

The government is set to engage seed-producing firms after farmers engaged authoto protect farmers against the recent unilateral price increases of inputs.     

Agriculture, Lands, Water, Fisheries and Rural Resettlement Minister Dr Anxious Masuka assured farmers that government will engage seed producing firms and corrective action would be taken.

Speaking at the farmer’s annual conference in Gweru following recent price hikes of inputs, Masuka said:

Government is looking into the issue because we are targeting yet another bumper harvest so inputs should be affordable for our farmers

Zimbabwe Farmers Union Secretary General Paul Zakariya said affordability of inputs was an essential factor in farming.

His remarks were echoed by agronomist Tawanda Mangisi who said: 

The prices of inputs have to be affordable for us to have more people taking up farming. If prices are affordable it will mean more yields for the country. 

Government  is targeting  another  bumper  harvest  this  season,  following a historic  yield  in  maize  production  recorded  from the  2020-2021  farming season.

Authorities attribute the good harvests to good rains and farming strategies like Pfumvudza/Intwasa employed last season.

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Hackers 3 months ago

Havane ma input muriryt ,izvezvi mukainda kuGweru paGando kana vanu vakupiwa mainputs pane chimupurisa chikadzi chakaba 16 bags dzeAmmonium nitrate apa nekudhura kwair kuita,mot tinenge tichiindep

Election Observer 6 months ago

Pamberi neZanu PF✊ Ngaapinde Hake Mnangagwa 2023

JJ 6 months ago

That's a very good development cde Minister because the price of maize seed was now so exorbitant that most farmers who buy on their own are now reducing their hectares,and also factoring in other inputs the selling price of a tonne of maize is now very paltry

Sybeth 6 months ago

Mazidofo.Munonzi bumper harvest,record output musingapihwe comparison nemamwe makore plus dzimwe nyika.1995 makaita 4.5million tonnes asi murikupembera 2million kuti hanzi takabreaker record,what record?Zambia yakaita 6million tonnes chaidzo so shut up hapana zvamurikuita.Why are you still importing grain from SA and Zambia kana makaita bumper harvest?

raamsesb 6 months ago

thanks his excellence.keep that spirit up.

Tanaka21 6 months ago

Yes yes kk


ED 6 months ago

Good evening Farmers

Yes we want you all farmers to access reasonably prized inputs, agriculture is the backbone of our Economy. We are targeting another bumper harvest this coming summer season, but it all comes back to inputs availability and affordability.

Our Presidential Inputs scheme is going to complement inputs access from the private sector.

Happy farming season to you all farmers.

Yours truly


Skhumba 6 months ago

Yes In deed this year will be a great year in terms of harvesting, thanx again for presidental inputs 👏👏🙏🏼🙏

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