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Farmer In Court For Shooting Headmaster's Car

Farmer In Court For Shooting Headmaster's Car

A Headlands farmer, Craig Coleman, who was involved in a shooting incident with Vengere High School headmaster, Andrew Mvere, appeared before a Rusape magistrate recently facing malicious damage to property and assault charges.

Coleman of Mezzi Estate allegedly fired shots at Mvere’s vehicle, accusing him and two other people of poaching game on his farm.

Mvere was declared not guilty by the courts and in turn, he reported Coleman to the police for damaging his car after shooting it.

Coleman pleaded not guilty to both charges when he appeared before Rusape magistrate Rutendo Machingura.

Machingura was expected to give a ruling yesterday (Thursday) following an application of discharge at the close of the State case by Coleman’s lawyer, Leonard Chigadza of Chigadza and Associates.

Prosecutor, Tawanda Karikoga, told the court that during the night of 8 September 2020, Mvere was driving a Toyota Hilux pick-up through Mezzi Estate with Million Samahumba and Samuel Chimbo seated in the loading box.

Coleman reportedly came from behind with his vehicle at high speed and shot Mvere’s vehicle with a gun.

Mvere stopped and discovered that his vehicle has been damaged on the back with bullet holes.

Karikoga further alleged that Coleman hit Mvere using the butt of his gun and inflicted injuries on his body. He said:

On the day in question, Coleman ordered Mr Mvere to disembark from his vehicle and he complied.

The accused person hit Mr Mvere once on the head with the butt of his gun. Mr Mvere sustained some injuries as a result of the assault.

He was medically examined at Rusape General Hospital.

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