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Farai Jere Ready To Dispose Of CAPS United For Free

Farai Jere Ready To Dispose Of CAPS United For Free

CAPS United president Farai Jere says US$40 000 is needed to run the Castle Lager Premiership football club every month and he is willing to dispose of the Green Machine for free to anyone with the capacity to sustain the Harare giants.

Makepekepe have deteriorated in the face of a damaging series of industrial action since 2019, with the club struggling to get results on the field of play.

With 17 games into the season, the Harare giants have managed only 17 points, one above the team occupying the last relegation slot.

And there have been mumbles of dissatisfaction over the manner in which Jere and his partner Nhamo Tutisani are running the club.

CAPS United fans have been unequivocally calling out the duo to sell the club amid reports several individuals and entities are interested in the team.

The Herald reports that Jere yesterday said he had been approached but no one has bothered to come back to him once he explains they would need at least US$40 000 every month to be able to sustain the club. He said:

That’s stupidity, people will just be talking to impress the public. They would be saying we have money but he (Jere) doesn’t want to sell (CAPS United).

But the moment they come to my office, I give them everything, the breakdown, you need US$40 000 per month to run CAPS United, they never come back.

We are not talking of someone who has just got some money, we are talking of consistency, for how many years would they be able to run this team, not someone who has got money now. Do you understand? (We are talking of) sustainability.

We look into the future, are you able to sustain this? I am very proud of having run CAPS United over the last 18 years, since 2004, this is 2022, the consistency, who has got it, they should come forward. We will give them the team, no problem, not a problem at all, not just talking, pub talk, that we have approached them and they refused the sponsorship, that’s pub-talk.

Understand the issue of pub-talk, people talking while drinking beer, showing off that I have the money, let them come and we sit on the table, I can even give them the team without paying the money, I am telling you this on record.

Jere said he loves the Green Machine so much and he would only dispose of the club on condition that the potential suitors demonstrate their potential to run the team for at least a year.

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Mwana waMambo 2 months ago

Well done Jere, you have come openely that you are broke. Find someone who can lift Green Machine to a higher level.

totito 2 months ago

Monthly budget ye Caps United less than weekly wages dza Nakamba. Hezvoka nhayi Ndunduma, Shakeman , Stix Friday (breakdown). Yawodzwa team iya.

zimyouth 2 months ago

Yaah, ndopaunowona kuti bhora remuno nere overseas are miles apart se US$ ne RTGS$

Asalif 2 months ago

Where is Twine Phiri ?? Caps united upkeep was done by the Former First family the kids did not hide their love for the team , talk to them asi unovatya Twine Phiri aigara akadaniwa kuState house for hand outs

daddyjay 2 months ago

@Asalif unogara kumasvingo here ndimķuutsvagawo a semi built house which is near any GZU caampus dakutenga ndoyiita boarding house is it a good direction ndine kamari kandiinako i want to have a property outside Hre.also if it possible if u kindly point me to the right direction were i can have property selling gurus in masvingo kana unpa masocial media handles anoziva zvemasvingo thank in advance

Freda 2 months ago

Chiitai tione Fasto ataura hanzi mahara bt show us a flash of challenge.

Ospina 2 months ago

Even in Spain clubs like Valencia are running in a loss,their owner also wanted to sell,if you don't attract sponsor's u are in trouble Mahora 😂


Caps United chero zvadii epasibpemuti ipapo 2 months ago

Thank you Jere for taking us this far.. you did your part. Look beyond the borders mwana wamai. Partnership with even overseas guys or regional ones works as well. Our team has a big brand known regionally. You can sign a contract which allows new owners assume ownership say for 5-6 years or so depending on the management or prevailing circumstances, you may assume it... get assistance from lawyers... lnga chelsea yakadaroo wani though circumstances may differ... tinoida team yedu.. without caps bhora radhakwa baba...

Bright 2 months ago

Haaaa caps ichenjere kuenda pasi pemuti ende yakaenda ahidzoke like Zim saints shooting stars , buy more, amzulu

Gurundoro 2 months ago

Zim soccer sliding down. It needs govt sustainability /rescue. No youth development in high density areas.

Biden 2 months ago

If he is genuine why give someone a budget instead of letting them do their due diligence, instead of putting a higher budget proposal to would be suitors

godders 2 months ago

bvapo wizviita unemari wabroka isiye caps itorwe nevabe mari

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