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Fan Pleads With The Referee To "Stop The Fight Before Fury Kills Chisora,"

Fan Pleads With The Referee To

Boxing fans pleaded with the referee to stop the match saying Tyson Fury would kill Dereck Chisora would the fight continue

Fury was the favourite coming into the fight and a win for the 34-year-old was always predicted.

Many fans on social media wondered how the fight was not stopped earlier – with some concerned for Chisora’s health.

One fan said that Chisora’s corner should have thrown the towel in earlier to protect their boxer – even after just three rounds.

The Daily Mail quotes one commentator as saying:

Chisora’s corner needs to stop this fight. Only three rounds in, and Fury’s already trying not to hurt him.

Chisora’s eye had swollen up and looked badly hurt before the referee called it off in round 10 Some fans were even more concerned – thinking that Fury could have killed the Zimbabwean born fighter if the fight lasted any longer.

A fan pleaded with the referee to ‘stop the fight before Fury kills Chisora,’ with another referring to Del Boy as a ‘walking body bag’.

The fight, which was eventually stopped after 10 rounds, was always predicted to be a mismatch with both fighters at different stages of their respective careers.

Many boxing fans said Fury should not have taken the fight in the build-up with one viewer watching the Gypsy King’s victory over Chisora saying: ‘This is embarrassing from Fury to fight Chisora.’

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Ummm🤔 2 months ago

Saka chisora was maked

AKM 2 months ago

kkkkk Saka hapana Jake kuzofa kkkk ndo kuti musade zvinhu kuswera uchisona bhitsu kurinani

2 months ago

Senegal out 3 nill

farai 2 months ago

ndarwadziwa hangu

dhjk 2 months ago

haaa yabaya...yanga ichtambao ichdududza

Shekinah 🇿🇼 2 months ago

Mangoromera akatadza kushanda (Chisora)

farai 2 months ago

tomboona Morocco haaa futi

djkx 2 months ago

uuumm paSpain,ndoma1 Spain ikatamba like zvayakaita last match rayo neJapan haaa inoenda kumba


Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

Any pugilist who can stand for 10 bouts in the ring with Tyson Fury is a real Warrior. Normally with heavyweight champions like Fury, everything ends in the first 3 rounds with a knockout or a technical knockout. I just hope Fury will accept a challenge from my favourite champion Deontay Wilder (The Knockout King). I have a feeling Deontay will punish Fury & become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the World once more.

@worzell gummidge 2 months ago

wilder was knocked out out by fury

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

Its called a rematch. When Deontay Wilder won against the Nordic Viking in October with a knockout in the first round, he hinted at a rematch with Fury.

Tateguru 2 months ago

Bass is not for baritoners Chisora!

Wezhira 2 months ago

Wilder akarohwa ka3 kese uyo Tyson Fury is something else anozhaka uyo

k 2 months ago


2 months ago

Thumbs up for pavakasvika mukoma vedu ava. Pachokwadi vakamira Mira. 10 rounds dancing with a monster haa akasimba.

2 months ago

Fury anokwatura asi chisora akatotora mari nekukwaturwa kwake ikoko kuma 3 million koma ikoko

Chasura 1 month ago

kana achimamiswa dont say that he is from Zim just say the British boxer

parasite 1 month ago

chisora akatundirwa na Tyson Fury

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