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Family Believes Ex-Cricket Player, Procter Saurombe, Was Murdered

Family Believes Ex-Cricket Player, Procter Saurombe, Was Murdered

The neighbours and friends of the late cricket coach, Procter Saurombe, believe he was murdered and left hanging on a gate to stage an accidental death.

Saurombe’s body was found hanging from the main gate of his house, in Glen Norah on Monday and it was initially thought that he lost his balance trying to scale the gate and got impaled by spikes on the gate.

The body was facing downwards, with his pair of shorts still hanging to the sharp-edged hooks, on the iron gate.

Saurombe had spent the day socialising with friends, many of them are involved in cricket either as players or coaches.

Police officers, who attended the scene, searched Saurombe’ss body and found the keys to the gate and the house in his pockets but his mobile phones were missing.

Family members have queried how someone, who had the gate keys in his pocket, could have attempted to climb the gate.

Speaking to H-Metro, Saurombe’s sister, Pamela Chidemo, said there was no doubt his brother was murdered. She said:

I am certain that this was murder considering that he had his keys in his pocket, but his phones are missing.

Some are saying he was drunk and got hurt while jumping over the gate, but haasati ambodhakwa zvekutadza kuziva zvaari kuita.

When we found him hanging, we noticed froth coming out of his mouth, so we suspect that he was, somehow, suffocated.

We will just wait for post-mortem results to tell us what transpired because I can’t accept that he died because of loss of blood from a wound on the leg.

Pamela also revealed that his brother was once threatened by some people from his neighbourhood. The threatening message, which she showed to H-Metro, read:

Hanzvadzi maswera here, pane mwana wepa Zamba mukomana ati arikuda ropa rangu.

The publication also reported sources as saying Saurombe recently had a misunderstanding with his lover over money.

The lover, it was claimed, was arrested and thrown into police cells.

At the time of his death, Saurombe was a cricket coach at his former school, Prince Edward School in Harare.

He was also doing part-time coaching for individuals.

He was 43.

More: H-Metro

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citizen 1 month ago

Go well gallant soildier who mentor PE in cricket field

inini 1 month ago

haaa mhondi dzakutora macoach kusiya zanu

mufakosi 1 month ago

akapondwa uyo ungahakire gumbo wotadza kudedzera rubatsiro here zvokwadi pane zvakaitika kudoro ikoko

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