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Fadzayi Mahere Issues Update On Job Sikhala's Health Condition

Fadzayi Mahere Issues Update On Job Sikhala's Health Condition

Zengeza West Member of Parliament, Job Sikhala has claimed that he is not feeling well, according to Fadzayi Mahere, the national spokesperson of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Mahere said plans were underway to ensure the former MDC 99 leader receives medication from private health practitioners. Mahere, a lawyer, wrote on Twitter this Monday:

Hon Job Sikhala reports that he is feeling weak and has a burning sensation in his stomach. Arrangements are being made for him to receive private medical attention. The bottom line is that he must be accorded his constitutional right to bail.

Freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker, Hopewell Chin’ono yesterday said Sikhala’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa had been asked to call a private doctor to attend to the politician who was vomiting. 

He also claimed that Sikhala’s wife had confirmed that she also got a call letting her know that Sikhala was vomiting.

Chin’ono added that Sikhala was suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea and was unable to walk.

Sikhala was arrested together with 15 other CCC activists over the 14 June violence which erupted in Nyatsime during the funeral wake of slain colleague Moreblessing Ali. 

He has repeatedly been denied bail by both Magistrate Court and the High Court.

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Navalny 4 weeks ago

Russian poison

Forensic Investigations 4 weeks ago

Zimbabwe ine nharo.Job Sikhala is not eating prison food.So a t****ugh investigation into the poisoning issue may lead to the arrest of family members varikuuya ne food yaarikudya.


The Twitter president will call for
#Operation kudira jecha
#Operation Mugwazo
#Operation Chitunha Cheese ndeChedu
#Operation Bhuru Mango

Tozivepiko 4 weeks ago

N'anga William Sonboy Chinembiri as a Greenbomber graduate you should behave well. Is this behaviour what you were taught at Bindura Border Gezi Camp I wonder.

ZanuPF 4 weeks ago

Get well soon Job, Parliament is no longer the same without you

cde chipopi 4 weeks ago

varikuda kuuraya ma radicals akaita saana Job Sikhala like what they did kuna Lookout Masuku and cde Learnmore Jongwe


CCC Political Party leadership must not procrastinate because procrastination brings in failure.

On 4 September 2022, the story was " we will get a private doctor for him." It is the same story today. The party is still running around for private doctors to examine Honourable Advocate Job Sikhala.

Citizens were expecting to hear that he was examined yesterday or that prison authorities refused permission for private doctors to enter their prison.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Captain Jack Sparrow 4 weeks ago

Why should he get preferential treatment?? That is tantamount to undermining the rule of law and the old adage that all men are born equal.....Many in prison are facing worser medical conditions than him !

King 4 weeks ago

Worser? ko kingonyora nechivanhu nhaimi, tokunyarirai kani. inga vanoziva wani kut Havana nyaya naSikhala, saka kut afure kuremand varivo vaimunyima bail, kana zuva rekuponda kudare nedzimhosva zvaro zvinobva zvabuda pachena kut mhonfi nevaroyi vezanu ndivo vakaita cheusiku.

Ghostface Killah 4 weeks ago

he is not a prisoner yet


Captain Jack Sparrow 4 weeks ago

@Ghostface pooper In Zim they is only one law guilt until proven innocent wether you like it or not it's a matter of judiciary versus practicality and the latter always wins kkkkk

Chirungu chinonetsa @Captain Jack Sparrow 4 weeks ago

In Zim there is..not in Zim they..and whether not wether ..wakadzidza kupi

Tintin 4 weeks ago

chikusekesa chandishaya.

chikara 4 weeks ago

ko dai wanga uriwe waisada here kuburitsa kuti urapwe and vonstial for citizens to be give a chance no matter what crime usadaro iwe.

pfocho 4 weeks ago

captain jack sparrow asi waiifaraka ndasaka makabva mafanana kamupengero kacho waka dzungaira

chikara 4 weeks ago

sparrow can't be a leader he needs change remember kusungwa kunopera shamwari hapana politician asingasungwi it's part of the game mufana if you don't know this life.

Captain Jack Sparrow 4 weeks ago

@Chikara That is why I am not involved in such a shady game... Look at the pain and struggle he has caused his family friends and even his foes in the name of politics kkkkkk Politics is poor men suffering whilst rich men laughing kkkkkkkk

Tintin 4 weeks ago

kasi kuisa kkkk pacomment kunomanikidzwa.

,real,, dott 4 weeks ago

Chawagona hapana dai ndakaziva wiwa haitungamire time 👀👀

pk 4 weeks ago

kurutsa uko pamwe akabata mimba dzekorohwa kumanyowa neboyz reko.

manyenga vana 4 weeks ago

ana dott vanonyaudza kunge tupopi

36 4 weeks ago

Get well soon Job iwe neni tinebasa come 2023

Makwara 4 weeks ago

Vanotsigira zanu vanotya kurohwa vaonotsigira ccc vanoda kusunungura nyika

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