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Factionalism Intensifies In ZANU PF - Insiders

Factionalism Intensifies In ZANU PF - Insiders

Factionalism has reportedly intensified in the ruling ZANU PF as factions aligned to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga are said to be battling to control the party ahead of next year’s general elections.

The ruling party will hold its congress towards the end of the year to elect its leaders.

Mnangagwa recently admitted that there is factionalism adding that ZANU PF Harare provincial chairperson Goodwills Masimirembwa was failing to manage the situation.

Masimirembwa told NewsDay on Monday that factionalism will be a thing of the past. He said:

Indeed, there is factionalism in Harare province. President Mnangagwa implored us to deal with it and it will be a thing of the past soon.

In Masvingo, president of the Chiefs Council Fortune Charumbira acknowledged that the province was riddled with factionalism which was threatening to tear apart the ruling party. H

He spoke during the burial of provincial hero Sylvester Maunganidze in Masvingo at the weekend:

Masvingo province, let me warn you, please unite, unite, the province fought hard for us to get into the new dispensation. It was the leading province until former First Lady Grace Mugabe said Masvingo you are causing trouble by supporting Mnangagwa. We no longer want you in ZANU PF.

In Mashonaland East, the Zanu PF provincial leadership also suspended Chikomba district co-ordinating committee (DCC) chairperson Alfred Pedzisa as factionalism within the ruling party intensified.

Pedzisa was suspended at a rally held at Sadza growth point on Sunday after being accused of “gross misconduct” among other charges, which he denies.

Transport minister Felix Mhona, who is also Chikomba Central MP, was appointed acting Chikomba DCC chairperson.

Pedzisa yesterday confirmed the suspension but denied the allegations.

A few months ago, the provincial leadership suspended provincial member Cleopas Kundiona, accusing him of indiscipline before overturning the decision two weeks later.

In Matabeleland North, a faction linked to ZANU PF secretary Obert Mpofu is said to be losing grip on the ruling party’s structures during the ongoing internal elections ahead of the decisive congress later this year. Mpofu’s faction is said to be aligned with Chiwenga.

Zanu PF commissar Mike Bimha said dismissed reports of factionalism saying members have “differences and preferences, but that is not factionalism.”

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GVT 3 weeks ago

There is no functionalism in ZANU PF, we only differ in opinion but ZANU PF is one party. Even in the home no matter how much husband and wife could be loving each other; they are never the same in opinion.

Come 2023 tinovasvasvanga. 2030 we will be there in power.

Vote ZANU PF. Vote the party with people at heart. Vote the listening president. Vote the party that liberated our country.


Zuze 3 weeks ago

Ruregerero mbudzi yeGovernment.
Batanai henyu ....... pahuro.

maiAno 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂😂 shuwa

Gafa 3 weeks ago

Kune vanotokwira BP nema comments ipapa kkkk chi**** chokushandisai


🥳🥳🥳🤣🤣 3 weeks ago

we are here for fun and to anger people esp those with hypertension

otherwise lm a CCC fan🌞🌝🌝

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Opposition parties should not read such stories and celebrate coz they might be not true, if its true also the problem will be resolved...

student 3 weeks ago

dont be fooled by such claims cause 2030 will be still existing with the same claims so stay put and vote ZANU PF


student 3 weeks ago

dont be fooled by such claims cause 2030 will be still existing with the same claims so stay put and vote ZANU PF


Solomon 3 weeks ago

Is it factionalism or democracy. Because if chiwenga wants to contest the chairmanship, I would hope their constitution allows that, or am I wrong

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

It is neither @Solomon.
It is fractionalism. There are now three fractions in ZANU.
*La Coste
* Genaralismo and
* G40

let 3 weeks ago

let them die

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Zim politics is factional by nature because there is no democracy. If issues are discussed openly and leadership positions contested openly such that people win and lose fairly indeed factionalism will be history

Bla Miki 3 weeks ago

mere theories or worse still myths like G40 and lacoste?

Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

I used not to believe that there is factionalism in ZANU PF, but now I am inclined to believe that factionalism do exist in the political party. "There is no smoke where there is no fire." Factionalism in ZANU PF is dangerous because allegations are that it starts from the presidency.




Bambo 3 weeks ago

As long as an organisation grows, factionalism and conflicts are unavoidable, only that these shld be managed.Those are stages and characteristics of successful going concerns. Those celebracting the so called differences are coming from dead organisations

chikiti.. musavengana 3 weeks ago

hakuna zvakambodaro zvikuitika usabatwe kumesoba

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Factionalism intensifies? Mere theories.

Cable Guy 3 weeks ago

Well said 😂😂😂

Fan 3 weeks ago

@Da truth 🤣🤣🤣 sports finisher

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

I'll not quarrel anymore. You just referenced Rat Race, l love that movie. I'll let you off the hook, so as to say lamo. Vote Zanu PF though.

Da truth 3 weeks ago

Greetings my feeble 🔵🐒 friend . Signorittas @ blue.It doesn't need a rocket scientist to prove this .What goes around comes around .We chased Bob with guns and history has a tendency of repeating itself .Iwe unofunga kuti vanhu vanopenga here? genarari havasi benzi he is not educated like the rest of these political 🤡 clowns but he ain't no fool .He is very calculative.He always achieved his goals .He is grandmaster of ladder ascend . Sorry ladder ascend is a game played in Zimbabwe politics .Kana uchiiziva .You take 5 top politians u put them in 1 circle and you draw a line that goes to the ladder over a period of time you check how the political figures are progressing .Some never leaves the circle .Some find the road to the ladder and normally in Zimbabwe 3 political figures find the ladder and what follows is scrambling to the top . Elbows will be used in a diplomatic way whilst showing a smile all the way .Pliz Watch the movie RAT RACE .

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

@Da truth. How does one quantify factionalism? On what premise can one measure it?
Where is the proof that E.D.M and Chiwenga no longer see eye to eye, and Chiwenga is vying for the presidency role?
Suffice it to say that these are mere theories.

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

@🔵🐒u can try to defend yo corner but the ship is sinking with a thousand holes to patch. from top to bottom .Gud like Camaraderie on yo quest to save Zanupf Titanic ship.Mayday mayday sis Zanupf Titanic going down . Captain 🔵🐒 speaking blue speaking.To the passengers everything is under control we have doctors on board .Dr Mangudya ..Dr Muthuli,,Dr Genarar,,i Dr Dambudzo,🤷🐒🐒🐒

Braveheart 3 weeks ago

😂🤣😭 he is busy focusing on juju wow. The blame then goes to the scarved ediot. tell me its not the first time you have talked about him using juju can you fill us in if you have info

Da Truth 3 weeks ago


sekuru waBona 3 weeks ago

it's not a secret that Edith is being pushed out ...the so called economic saboteurs are in zanu .

tell me how can a sane president announce a treacherous policy as banning lending only to rescind it afterwards

then use command on agricultural pricing whilst paying peanuts to there farmers yet buying expensively from outside

alas the Pomona Moyo deal is wrong in every aspect yet the government mouthpieces instead of doing damage control gets high on steroids and attack the responsible council authorities on a deal every citizen is crying about

it's so so so open l wonder why the ediot can't see it but how coz he is an ediot busy focusing on juju than confront the elephant in the room
the colonel cohabiting with the general is very intelligent and clever,she is one of the best brains in the current Zim useless army now watch this

George boxer charamba
ndabamaningi mangwana
obert ****uguru mpofu
Pomona Moyo

to mention only but a few all has used the public fora to say very negative things and at the end of their statements mention the ediot name giving a picture that the president has sanctioned it

so where do the blame goes?

straight to the scarved Edith ediot

wake up and smell the coffee ediot but zvonzwikwa naani munhu akutemba maguchu nemazifuta emishonga anoonwa

ediotic Edith has expired before October watch this space


Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Some more unsubstantiated claims. Arbitrary thoughts being peddled by this man here. Words that are meant to be a kaleidoscope and lure in the support of the naive dinguses. Conspiracy theorist

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