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Facebook, Google, Twitter Remove Content Undermining Trust In Ukraine Government

Facebook, Google, Twitter Remove Content Undermining Trust In Ukraine Government

The Facebook parent company, Meta, says it has uncovered Russian efforts to undermine trust in the Ukrainian government and a separate attempt to hack Ukrainian military officials and journalists using its platform. Said Nathaniel Gleicher, Meta’s head of security policy:

There’s been a lot of speculation and interest on whether there are covert influence operations targeting public debate in Ukraine and to what degree we’re seeing cyber hacking groups targeting individuals in Ukraine. This is a case where we’re seeing both of those things.

Meta says it alerted Twitter and Google who on Monday said they also had removed accounts involved in the campaigns.

Meta described the two campaigns on Facebook as small in scale and caught in the early stages. The first campaign involved a network of about 40 accounts, pages and groups on Facebook and Instagram, operated in Russia and Ukraine. They used fake personas, including computer-generated profile pictures, to masquerade as independent news outlets and posted claims about Ukraine being a failed state.

Meta said it has removed the accounts and blocked the associated websites. 

Twitter banned more than a dozen accounts connected to the effort and blocked sharing of links. 

Google took down several YouTube channels involved in the campaign, according to Shane Huntley, who leads Google’s Threat Analysis Group.

Meta and Google have blocked some outlets entirely in Ukraine, at the request of the Ukrainian government. On Monday, Meta said it was barring access to the accounts of two of those outlets, RT and Sputnik, for its users in the European Union at the request of local governments and EU officials.

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Western propaganda 2 months ago

No matter how much effort you put in trying to hide the truthz that will not help, no way Ukraine will match Russia's fitness!

Busy lying about casualties on Russian side and busy blocking Russia updates! ...Putin means war!

Tambai Njuga 2 months ago

Is there any rationale of wearing face masks since Putin intends to radiate us out of existence using nukes?


Jenarari 2 months ago

@ Deviant, Putin and Vlad-The-Mad, Ukraine did not invade Russia.

Vlad the psycho made a monumental tactical blunder. Instead of a quick, clinical and decisive operation, he has embroiled himself in a long drawn skirmish that he cannot win. By day 6 he was now at the negotiating table.

The Russian rouble has lost almost 50% of its value. The borders with NATO countries are sealed and fortified...

Next the guerrilla warfare moves into his own backyard- mark my words. Ukraine invasion is Vlad-The-Mad's Waterloo


Ranga 2 months ago

Once Guerilla warfare is in Putin's court then his days will be numbered. He is such an ****

Vladimir Putin 2 months ago

I have made up my mind, l'm declaring war on the west right now.

Vladimir 2 months ago

This is what I hate about the West, they just want their own propaganda to prevail, they realised now people can see Ukraine and the west are spreading lies about number of casualties and military personnel etc that Russian has lost since the war started, now they try to block all these channels in the name of undermining Ukraine government

RUSSIAN VODKA 2 months ago

@wise you are those people that are brain washed by the west that you dont see what is in front of you
@vladmir my brother or sister you are on point.

Vladimir 2 months ago

@wise, the irony of your name when you are this dull, instead of you saying your facts here you are just saying nonsense

Wise 2 months ago

Your brains are still fresh considering that you never use them

D1vant 2 months ago

The west again, shaping the narrative to their benefit, it will not work. People are woke

Kaizoku 2 months ago

Woke is slang.. Ma Zimba kuda kunzi moziva grammar uku

sisqo 2 months ago

kkkk guys ka..."woke" or "awake"....motiuraya guys nekunyora kwenyu uku kkkk

sisqo 2 months ago


tongwai 2 months ago

ko kana wamutswa unoti chii?

😴 2 months ago

If people are "woke" then hapana kwatiri kuenda ingonono dzega dzeka. I thought they are "awake"😴😴

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