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Ex-Minister Barred From Building A Stadium On Wetland

Ex-Minister Barred From Building A Stadium On Wetland

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has ordered former Finance Deputy Minister Terence Mukupe to stop the construction of a stadium near Cleveland Wetlands.

Mukupe was also charged with breaking EMA laws and fined ZWL$100 000.

Mukupe, a former Harare East MP, fronts Nakiso Holdings, a local developer which is constructing a stadium near Cleveland wetlands.

However, the project has faced opposition from Community Water Alliance (CWA) who allege that the site is a wetland.

Documents seen by Open Council indicates that EMA ordered Nakiso to stop any developments in the area. EMA said:

You have implemented a prescribed project without an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) certificate issued by the agency.

You are to cease all operations with immediate effect and can only resume when issued with express written authority in the form of a certificate issued by the agency.

Nakiso was also charged with contravening Section 97 of the EMA Act and ordered to pay a fine of ZWL$100 000.

Meanwhile, Mukupe has accused his detractors of fighting him to derail the project. He said:

Why are these people fighting my project only when next to my stand is a property belonging to a senior MDC official? They know that it is just politics, nothing more

Harare City Council recently approved the construction of the state-of-the-art sporting centre and according to the lease agreement, Nakiso was allocated 7.3 hectares of land.

So far construction of the stadium had already begun while other facilities are at the approval stage.

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NHM 6 months ago

Joina city itori murwizi wani,

Spitzkop sahwira 6 months ago

Vakanaka ndovanorohwa nyoro

Makuhwa: 6 months ago

Makuhwa :hanzi stadium ikuda kuzoshandiswwa nema oppo for marally thats why kkkkk

Chogu fire03°^∆ 6 months ago

Munhu akutoda kutoti batsirawo moramba makazvitadza wanii siyai akadaro ati arikuda kuita half half nemi here or angozvipiraa

Bright 6 months ago

Asi zanu fti ahidi kukundwa haa ndabvuma

Jojo zvenyika 6 months ago

Demolish longchen it wz built on wetland

Real mbada 6 months ago

Nhai nhai


Chatunga 6 months ago

Haiwawo siyai Mukupe anakise nyika. Ko anoda kuenda nayo kumba kwake here stadium yacho. Wetlands wetlands kudini. Dzimwe nyika dzikuwaka munenge muchitonyudza and converting wetlands to habitable lands(handisi kuti ngatidaro). Ipapa anogona kutowaka stadium inotopinda muma FIFA standards imi muchingoda kumutsondora. Murekei akadero uyu.

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