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EU List Issues That Need To Be Addressed For Zimbabwe 2023 Elections To Be Free & Fair

EU List Issues That Need To Be Addressed For Zimbabwe 2023 Elections To Be Free & Fair

The European Union (EU) has released its final election observer mission report to Zimbabwe’s 2018 polls. The EU noted a number of issues that need to be addressed for the 2023 elections to be free and fair.

Key findings:

1. If electoral reforms remain unaddressed, the 2023 elections may not be inclusive, transparent and peaceful.

2. Only 2 out of 23 EU electoral reform recommendations have been partially implemented

3. The campaign environment currently does not provide a level playing field

4. If the Electoral Act amendment Bill is adopted in its current form, it will bring noteworthy improvements to polls.

The issues raised were previously raised by some political analysts and the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) whose leader Nelson Chamisa threatened to boycott the polls if reforms are not implemented.

Among other demands, Chamisa demanded that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) be disbanded saying the current commissioners had proved beyond reasonable doubt that they cannot run a credible election.

EU findings are released among rumblings following the appointment of Abigail Millicent Ambrose-Mohadi to be ZEC commissioner.

She is the daughter of former Vice President Kembo Mohadi who is currently a vice president in the ruling ZANU PF.

Government critics say her appointment suggested that ZEC was not an independent board capable of being objective since it has officials with close links to political elites in the ruling party.

Some analysts say the EU should have released its findings in time to allow give reform advocates a chance to push for their implementation.  

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Chahototo 1 month ago

EU can go hang with their CCC allies
2023 ED Pfeeeeee

Hondoyedzomba 1 month ago

@Chahototo uriSaskam rekupedzisira

Mitesh 1 month ago

EU hapana chayo apa. Vakonzeresa hondo kuUkraine and now they want to meddle in our internal affairs.

Aratijiyesi 1 month ago

Taura zvako coz they are not Gods of the world.

bvananguy 1 month ago

then lets conduct the elections without observers kikikikiki

Mmm 1 month ago

Ooh comments above muri m h a t a EU pamberi

John 1 month ago

The EU can go f itself. We are not a British colony


Aratijiyesi 1 month ago

For the field to be level then remove those sanctions coz as long aripo hamutiudze zvekuita.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

From the comments received so far, the lot against electoral reform, proponents for the status quo miss the implications of failure to change electoral playing fields. Among others the current sanctions will remain, and probably intensified. Zimbabwe maybe independent, but it is far from being an insular island. We aren't getting investment, tourism and bilateral & multilateral monetary support from the self-same countries that we are telling to go to Hades.

It is this myopic thinking that is causing currency problems, brain drain and consequent economic meltdown.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago


MuSabatha(SDA) 1 month ago

These are the same reforms we ar calling here in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans here have been saying this for time immemorial. Zanu has to reform and stop being a bunch of gangsters. Times have changed, zvechigandanga hazvichabhadhare.

Mujibha 1 month ago

E.D. pfee. You are now afraid of losing again. Zanu Pf is too strong.

abc 1 month ago

sanctions need to be removed first to level the playing field . sanctions are there so that Zimbabwe people starve and revolt against the government and this is not fair , people in Zimbabwe are being starved to vote for the opposition

chabvapasi 1 month ago

**** off eu

Mambos 1 month ago

yaa reforms yes, and sanctions to b removed to level the electoral ground...above all sugar yave kutengeswa neusd only,cement usd only etc.....2023 pfeeee

@93 1 month ago

Ma reforms ekuita sei and who are they to decide on Zim matters tisaitiswe nevarungu ava boys dai tirivamwe tabatana pachedu so as to defeat those ****en white man whether zanu mdc or CCC.akambopa varungu nyanga idzodzo ndiyani dzekutitonga neremote.its time to work up Zim

#vhotera waunoda wacho
#zim is for zimboz

... 1 month ago

Chahototo uri gurwe. Musoro wakazara mvura.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

To reform is as gud as giving your wife password to your vault on your cellphone


It is either ZANU PF reforms or sanctions remain in place. The good thing about EU position is that they tell in advance the chances of one to qualify.

I know that there are two sets of certain reforms from the Parliament of Zimbabwe and the other one from ZEC. If implemented Zimbabwe may move miles in the right direction.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Ma reforms anobvisa vanhu pachingwa 😂
ndosaka ndati hazvigoni kuti murume chero vamufundisi vape mudzimai password yefoni coz hanzi foni i privacy yemunhu chero asingaiti chipfambi inogona kunge iinema deals anosungisa 😂

Tsvangirai 1 month ago

Jonso always said zanupf will never reform itself out of power

citizen 1 month ago

Machiavelli you spoke so well.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Tozongoita zvakaitwa kuSri Lanka😂

Ama 2k 1 month ago

But EU why isingade kungobvisa ma sanction acho if they know anodzvanyirira vanhu (povo) zvakare vanhu ngatisakanganwei kuti nyika tisu vanhu vacho musha unovakwa nemhuri yemumusha imomo makabatana secret yenyu isingazivikanwe ku next door ..zvino EU mkada kuti ratidza divi ....regai Sekuru Mgabe vaikutukai mnodhonzera renyu divi chete

optometrix 1 month ago

Ok zanuheads go ahead and conduct an election without observers, in fact rub away elections and have a one party state

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