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Epworth Given More ZUPCO Buses After Voting For ZANU PF

Epworth Given More ZUPCO Buses After Voting For ZANU PF

The ruling ZANU PF party has been accused of diverting Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) buses from urban constituencies where it lost to those constituencies where its candidates won in the recent by-elections.

This comes after newly-elected Epworth MP, Zalerah Makari (ZANU PF), revealed that her constituency received more buses after they made a request to authorities. She tweeted:

There have been transport challenges in Epworth. We requested more buses in order to solve this and I’m glad that we were given more buses for Epworth.

I will continue to represent the interest of the people of Epworth, affordable transport for our people!

Meanwhile, former Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), Peter Mutasa accused the ZANU PF-led Government of playing with people’s lives. Responding to Makari, Mutasa said:

lf these are not new buses as we see in the pictures, then it means they have been diverted from other suburbs.

Those suburbs are now worse than they were. It is now where ZANU PF won more buses and less where it lost.

Why does your government play politics with people’s lives?

Mutasa also bemoaned the ongoing transport challenges that are being experienced by commuters after the Government banned private transporters in 2020. Said Mutasa:

Whoever is benefiting through the ZUPCO monopoly doesn’t do this to citizens These are workers who work over 8 hours, some while standing

Then they come to stand again in the cold in the rain and in the sun for another 3 hours. Why?

Zimbabweans have been experiencing transport challenges since 2020 when the Government banned private buses and kombis and ordered them to join the ZUPCO franchise.

The banning of kombis resulted in the emergence of a thriving pirate taxi industry (mushikashika) but ZRP is now targetting the unlicensed taxi operators leaving commuters stranded.

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Citizen 2 months ago

Kasi Zupco racho varukwira mahara kani kkkkk

24 2 months ago

Haàa ngavafare havo veEpaz vachinyeperwa kuti tichakupai matitle deeds emastands kubva 1980. Vachaona kuti haasi mafunnies kana achinge ahwinha fut Ed iyeyo kuti munomapihwa here matitle deeds nemaZupuko iwayo

eEpaz 2 months ago

muno ma-ma nenhamo vagari veku epaton.kana muchifu ga kuti zanu-pf inokudai forget and title deeds amakaudza nema zupco vakawona kuti hamufungi.


Advocate 2 months ago

They were promised "tittle deeds not ZUPCOs"

Hon. Zalerah Makari 2 months ago

Kkk iwe ndaitamba ini. Ma tittle deeds echi. Kuti vaiite chii chinofadza. They have been voting for MDC all this time. Ngavagade maZupco ayaa. I will tell them more lies when we are approaching elections next year.

Kanda 2 months ago

is there any sewage and water reticulation systems and even gravel roads in Epworth so that madeeds anobudira zviripo or it's good as Hopley Farm zvoitirwa mafuza sana Vybz Kartel

de Baso 2 months ago

masuppoters eZanu pf ese ane four comma brain dzacho unotoshaya kuti uyu arikufarirei nhai

Aluvah 2 months ago

please Zalerah send ZUPCO here in Comeron I'm incapacitated

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Let us all hope that Epworth is not going to be given more Constituencies after the cunsus results.


truth about Botswana 2 months ago

The country of Botswana, located at the heart of the southern African sub continent has long lost its reputation as a free, democratic and human rights abiding country. A dictatorially ran regime took over some 8 years ago, instituting repressive aggressive laws which subdued human rights and freedom of expressions. Fatal brutalities perpetrated by government forces went unchecked, unpunished by the sitting government. The means through which society generated income were adversely impacted by senseless, useless laws aimed at satisfying a family rather than improving the livelihood of Batswana.

Since taking office, the economic welfare of Batswana in general plummeted to below those of most African countries. It became increasingly harder for an average Motswana to earn a living each day that passed. Unemployment soared to above acceptable levels, far beyond 50%, despite government reports aimed at misleading bodies such as world bank and IMF and putting it at 20%. Salaries of both government and private sector employees took a nose dive and continued a downward trend for ever while prices of commodities spiraled upwards. The government added salt to a leaking red wound by hiking taxes, becoming increasingly capitalist by ballooning fees for services. To replace an ID or passport, for example costs more than half the monthly salary of a typically lowest paid full time employee. A useless police force more than quadrupled charges and fines for traffic offences, traffic laws were tightened to beyond levels of developed countries under the false pretext of improving roads safety.

The economy of Botswana has created an environment were the difficulty of making income is equivalent to or probably worse than that of Somalia, Sierra Leone and Burundi. It is not uncommon to spend years and years of unemployment regardless of your education or work experience in Botswana.  It is a painful, lengthy and daunting process to attempt to get funding from government social welfare programs. Bodies which oversee such funding, are littered with corruption, tribalism and misuse of funds.

Like most parts of Africa, for one to get employment, some form of economic benefit or funding either from the government or private sector depends on who you know, which part of the country you come from, not what you know. Young graduates from colleges and universities face a steep mountain of finding employment unless they are from particular tribes, are affiliated with employment authorities or are willing to pay hefty bribes in advance.

The government has totally failed to reform laws and regulate this as the problem is worsening. A body could have been formed by the government, for example, to ensure an even representation of job seekers from all over the country in the job market. To tell the truth, Botswana is typical of an African country. Reports that Botswana exhibit good governance are nothing but exaggeration.

A government tax and customs collection agency known as BURS has gotten stricter in terms of fines and charges each year that passes, hefty tariffs and duties are imposed on imported goods. As Batswana buyers attempt to take advantage of their strong currency by buying from outside the country, they were and are repeatedly being discouraged by escalated customs duty. BURS makes an average of P52b(about US$5b) financial year. Despite these lucrative sums of money collected by the government, developments have become increasingly sp****, vast parts of the country run short of even the basic infrastructure such as roads and communications, especially those lands occupied by marginalized tribes. Diamond and mineral revenues continue to earn the country a large sum of money in foreign currencies, white color corruption from high ranking government officials, ineffective development and financial policies and reckless expenditure by the government continue to erode such monies, leaving Batswana poor, economically disadvantaged and starring at starvation each year.

The economic difficulty of living in Botswana is evident right on the face of a common Motswana from a distance. Government has cracked down on citizens who attempt to make a living by leasing their property in and around big cities and towns by imposing hefty taxes on them. Such cost is easily passed to tents whose net income from employment had already gotten slimmer prior to this. A teacher finds it very hard to drive a descent car and live in a descent house without heavily indebting himself. If a middle class struggles to this level, think of those who work on informal jobs requiring no advanced qualifications, let alone the painful struggle of the unemployed.  Policies and laws are hardly changed for the better in Botswana.

The country chose to adapt a capitalist type of economy, but has failed to tailor its laws and policies to suite an economic climate of a third world type of economy where industrialization is thin and unemployment is high. Developed nations have unemployment benefits, South Africa takes cares of children from birth up to the age 18 in the form of unemployment and child grants.

It has been a common practice since the global economic downturn for Botswana citizens in economic difficulties to sell their commercial or residential land pieces. In reaction to this, the government imposed tougher laws on commercial land exchanges, insisting on massing construction prior to any exchange. In 2017, matters went from worst to disaster as a new law required land exchangers to each have a minimum of two plots prior to changing ownership. This simply killed business, left the masses with severe shortage of money whereas their land asserts which could have provided some form of financial aid to them is left to rot.

The ruling party has continuously rejected advice and guidance from the opposition, insisting instead on running the country from a set of ministers from its own members. Members of parliament who represent regions with steep development challenges continue to plead for funds to be committed to their regions at no avail. The ruling party ministers instead starve such opposition led regions funds so that voters can perceive their respective parliamentarians as useless and divert to the ruling party. A tricky political move by the ruling

Daudi 2 months ago

kkkkk haa ma 1 shuwa

mama Bee 2 months ago

Ini handikwire zupco saka hazvina kana basa ndingazviwane zvekut mwana ane 3years 6 months anoiswa mumbereko nxaa

Kanda 2 months ago

vanokwira Zupco yacho vachienda kupi senge vanoenda kubasa more over inebasa rei senge inokwirwa mahara you still have to pay

msaigwa 2 months ago

haana basa mazupco ayo dai vapihwa umwe ne umwe neumwe rake taitoti uyezve transport iyi ndeyemahara here kana kuti tese tobhadhara?

John Wick 2 months ago

Batai hana yenyu mutarise kumabvazuva makapfugama muti "Nyasha ngadzipfuurewo nepandiri."
#vote CCC for change

Zim 1 1 2 months ago

don't play with people Zanu PF , you rig the election not economy

Epworth Resident Representative 2 months ago

Amai tatenda nema Zupco buses. We trust Zpf because it's s party that always delivers it's election promises. As Epworth residents tinoti ED pfee 2023✊

Epworth Resident Representative 2 months ago

Musardziwa. Vote Zanu pf and l will personally make sure that more Zupco buses will be deployed to your respective constitutiancies. I know that most of you are very poor and munokwira ma Zupco Bus. As for me l am a proud Zupco conductor. Ndinokwira mahara to and from work. I will definitely educate all the other ghetto youths to vote Zanu pf. Vote for real change not zvenhema izvi zema spaghetti roads. Tukai makan muchituka but Zanu will win next year. We have already won. Going for the elections is just a formality chete.

DeBaso 2 months ago

taura hako kupembera ZUPCO kunge ririkuuya richikesha padhe pake

Kid 7 2 months ago

@epworth rep what election promises???, that party has failed dismally ma zupco ndiwo amukupembera munlkwira muchiyendepi munyika isina mabasa

Nhingi 2 months ago

Let's be fair Epworth isn't the only suburb rikunetsa transport aaah 😢

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