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Energy Sector Workers Demand Salaries In United States Dollars

Energy Sector Workers Demand Salaries In United States Dollars

Workers in the energy sector have scoffed at a recent 65% salary increment in the local currency and demanded that their wages be paid in United States dollars instead.

The least paid miner will get $71 000 up from $46 000 after employers agreed to the hike last month. 

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) secretary-general, Martin Chikuni, said the increment is a slap in the face of workers. Chikuni said:

This is inadequate in view of hyperinflation. The only solution is to peg salaries in US dollars. We are not happy at all.

As workers, we want the lowest employee to get at least US$600. The current salary increment will not sustain the worker in the face of this hyperinflationary situation.

Workers across the board have been calling upon their employees to pay them in United States dollars at the backdrop of a falling Zimbabwe dollar.

Rising prices of some basic commodities have worsened the situation with some workers embarking on industrial action saying they are incapacitated to execute their contractual obligations.

The energy sector is essential for the revival and growth of the economy as it is linked to all other sectors, therefore, disruptions might be detrimental to the country.

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Employers should pay salaries in US$ or at least half in forex coz they sell in US$, why is government quiet on that yet they give civil servants $175

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Hakuna anoda kukunzwa - SHONA

Noone likes your views - ENGLISH

Stallion 2 months ago

Kuramba havo nekuda kwemadigirii avakaita but mari yavo iyi rtgs nezim dollar zvaramba kushanda yangova nhunzi mumukaka kurarama kwemushandi hakuchayiti zvachose . Vashandi vonopa direct foreign currency kunyika ndovopiwa muchochotwa veindirect ndovopiwa inemongo Mwari variko kudenga vanozviona it's only a day gava richadambura musungo

Da Truth 2 months ago

Stop crying 😭 don't be babies.Grow up .Take action now unions have been captured especially zctu kkkkkk .We have pple like Dzimiri Rinesu who is winning his pockets with dollar green paper.

Da Truth 2 months ago


Asalif 2 months ago

The only solution left is voting poverty out , private companies are taking advantage of what is being done by the government , those who work for the Chinese and Indian compatriots I think they are going to work for community service

Dr Civil servants still @28000 2 months ago

At least they got something Paul Mavhima s children still earning the 28000 rtgs tht buys 3kg of Matemba

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