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Employee Fatally Injured At How Mine

Employee Fatally Injured At How Mine

An employee at Bulawayo Mining Company (BMC)’s How Mine was fatally injured on Monday during underground mining operations.

The company said air loader operator, William James, sustained injuries in an accident and was pronounced dead at the mine’s wellness centre. It said in a statement:

Bulawayo Mining Company regrets to advise that an employee was fatally injured on Monday, September 19, 2022, during underground mining operations at How Mine.

Following the accident, first aid was rendered on-site and the employee, air loader operator William James, was evacuated to the Mine wellness centre, where he was regrettably pronounced dead.

How Mine has operated for over four-million-man hours without a fatality and in February 2022, it obtained internationally recognised standards certification for successfully embracing top-level management procedures.

BMC expressed regret over the incident adding that full investigations into the incident have begun. It said:

Management extends its deepest condolences to the bereaved and has immediately mobilised all necessary support to the deceased’s family and colleagues.

Relevant authorities have been notified. Detailed investigations into the incident have begun, in partnership with the Mines Inspectorate and independent investigators, including the equipment supplier.

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ronaldo 4 months ago

watadza heading apo pindula..tht man died as in ur report

Tintin 4 months ago

fatally injured means he died because of injuries sustained during the accident.fatal means he died.usanyara hako...kubatsirana.

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

Kana patova nefatality hatichatairi zveinjury bcoz injuries apply to the leaving and survivors but anywhere msg noted by all zims.

Tintin 4 months ago

there is nothing wrong with the is describing how he came to die... through injuries... because you can die without being injured eg you can just suffocate in a mine... kudzidza hakupere.🙄🙄🙄

Felix Chambati 4 months ago

zvinongorwadza kunzwa zvakadai

allen Chigutiro 4 months ago

metallon yave kutungamirwa mbavha dzega dzegaf

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