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Electrocuted Plumtree Boy (15) Appeals For Help

Electrocuted Plumtree Boy (15) Appeals For Help

The family of a 15-year-old boy from Plumtree who was injured by an electric shock that killed two donkeys last week is appealing for financial assistance so that they can buy medication for the teenager.

The boy, Mthokozisi Ncube, was in the company of his 17-year-old brother, taking their sister-in-law to a hospital using a donkey-drawn scotch cart when he was electrocuted.

The scotch cart was being drawn by three donkeys and two of them died on the spot after being electrocuted.

Mthokozisi was seriously injured on his right hand and fingers and has been going to Plumtree District Hospital seeking medical attention.

Picture Credit: CITE

His grandfather Emody Dube, told CITE that they were in need of financial help to get Mthokozisi to Mpilo Central Hospital for further medical assistance. He said:

Not much has been done for him in Plumtree. He needs at least some pills and injections for the wound to heal and for the pain as well. They (health workers) only put bandages on him. There was no other medication.

If we could get him to Mpilo Central Hospital it would be better. But still considering the current situation there would be a need to buy more medication. We are appealing to those who can be able to assist to kindly do so.

Those who are able to assist can contact Emody Dube on 078 322 5495.

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Zithukuthuku 7 months ago

If the cables were left lying low or thatZesa was negligent by not attending to them, then Zesa ought to pay all the boy's medical bills as well as compensation for any losses thereof.

😾😾 7 months ago

ZESA aaaah forget, this country has gone to the dogs, where I stay they have taken more than a month just to come and change a faulty breaker, what more where they are expected to fork out thousands....

Man of the moment 7 months ago

The MP of the zone who is he..?
If you don't have, Her majesty F Mahere do something my Request.

N H M 🇿🇼 Cowboys 🤠 comes to Plumtree 🤔

🤨🤨 7 months ago

Ko Mp we ikoko ndiyani ko abatsire vanhu Zesa wo fti

JS 7 months ago

What was the cause of this electrocution? Can you provide more information how this occured! All well wishers lets help please!

JS 7 months ago

Some entity is liable to pay damages here. Editor give us more information so we can help this boy get compensation from negligent people.

Nyore 7 months ago

Anx to gud Heavens Mwari vakapindira mukomana haana kufa..zvaatobuda so achitsvaga rubatsiro zvake zvatoita

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