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EFF Welcomes Kenyan Supreme Court Judgment Which Confirmed Ruto's Election

EFF Welcomes Kenyan Supreme Court Judgment Which Confirmed Ruto's Election

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party led by Julius Malema has said it welcomes a judgment by the Kenyan Supreme Court which confirmed William Ruto’s election in the 9 August presidential election. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had disputed the outcome and filed a court application seeking to have the outcome annulled accusing his rival of hacking the electoral body’s systems and deducting some of his votes. The court, however, said Odinga had failed to convince the court that the election had been rigged. In a statement seen by Pindula News, the EFF said:


Monday, 05 September 2022

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) welcomes the judgement by the Supreme Court in Kenya, which has confirmed President William Ruto as the President of Kenya. This comes after the claims of irregularities and rigging made by Presidential candidate Raila Odinga, who lost the elections.

In a unanimous decision, the Kenyan Supreme Court dismissed petitions contesting the electoral outcome, effectively confirming that President Ruto won the elections in a fair and unbiased process. The judgement, must close the chapter of the recent Kenyan elections, and allow the newly elected President to proceed with the important work of uplifting the people of Kenya from poverty and socio-economic challenges. The EFF wishes President Ruto well, and encourages him to lead the people of Kenya with integrity, and be an important role player in the unity of the continent and the battle against imperialism and dependency.

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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Mr Odinga should just resign from politics, he should retire. He's old and should leave his office and let someone come in

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

@Worzell, I will ask my son who's working in Nairobi to send me the documents once they are available. We will have to make a plan on how to exchange the info.

Worzell Gummidge 2 weeks ago

@Machiavelli. Thanks for the illumination. Is the Kenyan Supreme Court judgement available yet. I would love to read the heads of arguments from both Odinga & Ruto's legal counsel. I hear that votes from non existent polling stations contributed to Ruto's victory?

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

@Worzell, talking of voting figures, let me take you back to 2018. ZEC had on its books before the voter registration blitz earlier this year about 5 million voters. Chamisa got 2.3 million votes (and I accept that because ZANU/ZEC wouldn't credit him one extra vote that he didn't deserve). ED reputedly got 2.6 million votes, bringing the total valid votes casts to 4.9million.

Is ZEC telling us that we got 98% voter turnout? I recall ZEC putting the voter turnout at 60%, meaning 3 million people voted. Of which 2.3 million voted for Chamisa. Even crediting ED with all the spoilt votes the highest number he should have got by rights is 700,000.

Statistically Chamisa git over ⅔(two-thirds) of the votes in 2018.

Worzell Gummidge 3 weeks ago

Tanga waudza wako ED and 79 years izvozvo. Raila Odinga had 6.9 million votes. Wako President akatadza kusvika 3 million votes chaidzo akagumira pa2,6 chete. Iwe hausi muKenyan. Kungwarira zvemunyika dzevamwe.

,,, dott 3 weeks ago

Odinga better unoita zvema prazi l think kurima ndokwako chaiko

Sorojena 3 weeks ago

Congats to the young energetic leader Ruto...he 's got stamina to move Kenya to greater heights. Raila should not despair his numbers give him the role to play in governance. Hope they shall work together hands in gloves.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Kana uchida ku catcher vana sister vemubhawa unosvika woti chii? Unosvikoti imarii round here or kunyengana imarii... ndibatsireiwo vane ruzivo ndatenda

Sixpence 2 weeks ago

Usanyeperwe hako @anonymous.
unongovhura muromo wako wonongedzera kamunwe mumuromo. ka1

@anonymous 2 weeks ago

unoti will you marry me?

dispenser 3 weeks ago

Kenya 's ruling party is a betterly informed institution, basing on e fact that Kenya is e most vibrant economy in eastern Africa. If we consider e age of Ruto surely that an understanding of positively minded cabinet , choose on energetic and people who are capable of running gvt. ey reason bz I think e ruling party remain a darling to masses . This is unlike our situation where presidents consider themselves as chiefs and Kings. A president is worker

Zuze 3 weeks ago

@pk don't parade your ignorance.
Ruto was a KANU (ruling party) candidate.

pk 3 weeks ago

Ruto apinda ari opposition. ange asiri ku Kanu

pastor 3 weeks ago

siyana nana sisi vemuma bhawa avo unamate Mwari wa Jesu Christu hama yangu. Zvinokuitira zvakanaka.


CHIMOMBE 2 weeks ago


Mafirakureva 2 weeks ago

Iwe Chimombe, harahwa ngadzigare kumba dzichiuda vazukuru nhamo nekukanga mhandire.

But seriously as you grow older, brain cells die and unlike liver cells, they don't regenerate. So cognitive function and thinking capacity diminishes. This is why in civilised societies and progressive institutions (such as business), people retire at 60 or 65 years. After that taakutongwa nemakuva/nemidzimu.

in short I would advocate for retirement, even for politicians and judges at 65.

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

Also in our camp CCC yellow ☝️🇿🇼🌹 I am going to be making noise about Masvingo .I was torn to the heart Masvingo is CCC graveyard .The national team must discent on Masvingo.☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️Gumbi is alive and ruling in Masvingo.

zim-kenyaen 2 weeks ago

Congrats Ruto ...tough luck perennial loser Odinga

bigsam 2 weeks ago

congrats Ruto.....famba nebhora

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