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EFF Speaks On Mpumalanga Accident That Killed Four Party Members

EFF Speaks On Mpumalanga Accident That Killed Four Party Members

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party led by Julius Malema has released a statement following an accident that happened in Mpumalanga on Tuesday and killed four party members. Pindula News presents the statement below:


The Economic Freedom Fighters is saddened by the death of four of our members in Mpumalanga who died following a car accident yesterday the 23rd of May. These fighters were on their way home after doing organisational work in preparations for the bi-elections scheduled for the 1st of June at the Dr JS Moroka Municipality.

Amongst the deceased fighters are two siblings, Lucky Mashamaite and Johannes Mashamaite, while their other sibling, Jane Mashamaite is in a critical condition in hospital. Also deceased is our Councillor at the Dr JS Moroka Municipality, Fighter Bella Andronica Malate, as well as Fighter Nozulu Matshika.

We would like to pass our deepest condolences to the families of these committed sons and daughters of our land, their friends, and their comrades in the EFF. We pray that the families may find strength during this difficult time. We also wish Fighter Jane Mashamaite a speedy recovery and assure her family that the EFF will do all that is humanly possible to ensure that she gets the best possible medical care during this difficult period.

While the circumstances leading to the accident are still unclear, we all know the state of the roads in Mpumalanga, and would like to urge authorities in that province to pay special attention to fixing the state of the roads in that province. We would also like to call on all members of the EFF in the province to provide support and comfort to the families of the deceased fighters, and ensure that the planning for the funeral of these fighters does not become burdensome to the families.

May the souls of these departed soldiers of the revolution rest in peace, and may their families be comforted.

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Sir Zimbabwe 1 month ago

@Me 😧😧😧 but why our government treat us like that

Me 1 month ago

it costs USD 1.50 from Glenview to Msasa
it cost a USD$1.00 from town to Msasa
$2.50 to work and $2.50 from work to home = $5.00.
$5 a day times 6 days a week = $30/per week
A month has 4 weeks = $120 for transport only
Salary is🥜 $100 USD + 🥜Rtgs 25000
Rtgs 25000 ÷ by rate 450 = USD55 so our salary is USD$ 155 altogether
$155 - $120 transport = USD $35😭😭😭
pa$35 ipapo ndipo pachabva $40 yerent, ndipo pachabva $$40 yemwana wechikoro, ndipo pachabva $40 yegrocery, ndipo pachabvazve yekuterera magetsi $10, yekanzuru yemvura $5 Saka tiri kurarama tiri paminus - or more. imagine. something must be done. if not so uuuuuimmmm😭😭😭😭😭😭


*Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana*

CCC supporter 1 month ago

South Africa has poor roads gvt is full of looters this is why accident happen.

SOSO 1 month ago

kkkk I knew the opposition wouldn't avoid being tempted to point out the state of the roads mantra

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