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EFF Criticises "Gangster" Ramaphosa For Taking Parliament To Court Over Phala Phala Farm Saga

EFF Criticises

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), an opposition party in South Africa, has criticised President Cyril Ramaphosa for taking Parliament to court over the Phala Phala Farm saga findings saying it is a tactic by a “gangster” accustomed to using the judiciary to cover corruption. Ramaphosa’s move was after a parliamentary report accused him of misconduct and potentially violating the oath of office after large sums of foreign currency were found hidden at his private game farm. He failed to report the money missing when it was stolen in 2020. In a statement seen by Pindula News, EFF said it will defend the Parliamentary report in public and in the courts. Read the statement:


Monday. 05 December 2022

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is disgusted and appalled by the decision of the rogue President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa, to take Parliament to court in order to review the findings of the Section 89 Independent Panel.

The decision to take his own Parliament to court in order to prevent it from exercising its duty of oversight and accountability, is a confirmation of Ramaphosa’s guilt and arrogance in the face of damning findings of his violation of the Constitution of South Africa.

If Ramaphosa is truly innocent, he would not be threatened by a process to examine whether he has committed ernes on Phala Phala Farm. because it is this very impeachment process which will investigate the matter and exonerate him if he is innocent.

The question all South Africans should ask themselves is why is Ramaphosa reluctant to allow an open and transparent process to proceed. and allow Parliament to conduct its work and practice its duties as enshrined in the Constitution” Why is Ramaphosa and the ANC so determined to stall the progress of investigating the crimes which happened at and are related to Phala Phala Farm?

The money laundering President of South Africa has confirmed that he has no regard for the Constitution and wit fight tooth and nail to prevent transparency and accountability. His actions are those of a guilty man, who has no respect for the people of South Africa and will go to great lengths to cover up his criminality.

Ramaphosa has now turned to his ally and confidant in the Constitutional Court. Raymond tondo to reverse the credible, sound and concise findings of the Section 89 Independent Panel. The fact that Ramaphosa has not even applied for the review on an urgent basis shows that his sole Interest is to cast doubt over the report and delay its processing by Parliament until he has emerged in the conference of the ANC. Ramaphosa so disrespects the political parties in Parliament that he has not even cited them as interested parties in his application. This is despite knowing that it is the norm and that parties have released many statements on the issue in the past few days in particular the EFF and UDM which even made submissions to the panel.

It is a shallow and petty tactic by a gangster who has become accustomed to using the judiciary to hide his corruption.

The EFF re-affirms its support of the findings of the Independent Panel and will defend the report in public and in the courts. Ramaphosa’s continued use of the courts to hide his corrupt activity. namely with regards to the CR17 Bank Statements and now the Phala Phala Report must not be tolerated. Ramaphosa must and will be impeached for his grave violation of our constitution. and no amount of delay tactics will assist him.

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1 month ago

nyaya dzegwalangwaa dzinonetsaa idziii, , muZim 15 billion takangonyarara wani

Vesto 1 month ago

Ko Mari ye mota ye bulletproof yakarova wani.

Sir Zimbabwe 1 month ago

@Vesto, the bulletproof car is on his way to Zimbabwe. Watch out next coming months

d4d 1 month ago

mota yakatengwa wani. lnenge have mini( not 💯% sure) but l saw the picture somewhere

Sorojena 1 month ago

What I like about South Africa is that noone is immune to the law

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

In the UK Boris Johnson was forced to resign because he held a party at number 10 Downing Street during COVID 19 Lockdowns. Ndopaunoona musiyano. Other nations do not compromise on standards & noone is above the law. Here in Zimbabwe billions of dollars from diamond revenue & command agriculture are still unaccounted for, yet the culprits are still in office - looting more money from the taxpayers. These ruling parties in Africa are just Ruining parties, with strongmen who are bigger than the party. They defend corruption as if it's a good thing. At this rate, South Africa is surely going to the dogs. The opposition will sure gain more traction from this ANC political blunder. Until the next general election in SA, the EFF, the DA & others will be calling Rhamapithecus a thug & criminal.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

@Worzell, I see your point of view, but let me differ on some aspects.

First is there a prima facie case for corruption in the Phala Phala saga? Possession of foreign currency is not corruption per se. Legally Is there a specified time between taking possession of currency and depositing it in a bank?

Cyril, while being a farmer is also a full time President, whose duties take him from Pretoria, Cape Town United Nations etc. He is not 100% domiciled at Limpopo. The fact that someone took possession of a cash transaction and couldn't even put it in a safe within the homestead means that Cyril is not always at hand to make business decisions at the farm.

The buyer if the game, allegedly The President of Namibia did not even deal directly with Cyril, but with staff.

In essence corruption would be difficult if no impossible to prove

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

@Machiavelli. My elder, you do posit compelling legal refutations in defense of the accused H.E. Rhamaposa. You would make an exceptional defense counsel.

My abhorrence for individuals who loom larger than national institutions is the impetus behind my tirade. Possession of such obscene sums of undeclared & untraceable forex lends credence to the assumption of financial impropriety on the SA President's part, thus creating a criminal case on the face of it. The defence witnesses, especially the farm manager & purported potential buyer of game, seem to have been coached in order to place the accused person far away from the crime & the crime scene.

The manner in which the theft at Phala Phala farm was handled also points to a cover up, thus rendering more suspicions to the matter. We all know about back-channelling in international & regional Politics; where presidents bribe each other in hard currency to support certain positions. China is on record for dishing out U$20 million cash to any African candidate who becomes president to do with as he pleases. Such illicit payments are rife & Rhamaphosa could have been a beneficiary of such.

Therefore, res ipsa loquiter, Rhamaphosa's actions speak for themselves & should be investigated without fear or favour, to their logical conclusion. It's good for institutional strengthening & accountability.

Dofo 1 month ago

No one is immune ku S,A kudiiko Zuma akanopika mazuva mangani usatinyangadza Sorojena

Dofo 1 month ago

At this rate ikuenda magetsi uka juicer e 20dollarz unosvika next year pa new year nawo

dylan sibiya 1 month ago

zesa is now worling off -peak senge mabundlees e night surfing

1 month ago

Muri muno dai matova na dj phala phala izvezvi kuvakomana vemangoma ava


Tateguru 1 month ago

Father lacked wisdom

Vandem 1 month ago

iko maelections ariko riiniko kuS.A

jz 1 month ago

maelectoons ekusouth unomadii uriweko here ariko 2024 uende unovhota ikoko

Machiavelli 1 month ago

What the EFF seems to overlook is that impeachment is purely a political matter. not a judicial issue. By going for a Parliamentary process in which the ANC can and will whip its members into line, Ramaphosa's adversaries scored an own goal.

Now, irrespective of the strength of the case against Cyril, Parliament is going to vote as a block and given that opposition demands for a secret ballot have been thwarted, Ramaphosa is likely to survive the impeachment attempt.

It would have made political sense for Ramaphosa's enemies to either work inside ANC structures especially 'The Step Aside' Rule to force Cyril out of office. Now that the ANC has been forced to back Cyril in the Parliamentary Process, I can't see it volta face and force him to step aside.

The other option would have been to leave the Phala Phala saga to the due process of law. But then Cyril's enemies wanted speedy resolution to make sure that he didn't get the ANC endorsement for a second term. The legal route would have been slower and cumbersome.

What may have been Ramaphosa's Archiles Tendon is now seemingly turning out to be his bedrock fir a second term

Ghostface Killah 1 month ago

I still remember this other video ra Malema achiti Ramaphosa na Mnangagwa same same

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