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Education Ministry Releases 2022 Academic Year Calendar

Education Ministry Releases 2022 Academic Year Calendar

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MOPSE) has retained the initially announced academic calendar for the year 2022. In a statement, Education Secretary, Mrs Tumisang Thabela, said schools shall resume on the 10th of January. Pindula News presents the school calendar as announced by the MOPSE: 

As initially announced, the full 2022 academic calendar is as follows:

FIRST TERM Begins: Monday 10 January 2022 Ends: Thursday 7 April 2022

SECOND TERM Begins: Monday 9 May 2022 Ends: Thursday 4 August 2022

THIRD TERM Begins: Monday 5 September 2022 Ends: Thursday 1 December 2022

The Ministry advises its clients and stakeholders that the wearing of face masks, handwashing as well as social distancing are a must in the fight against Covid-19 at all schools and other learning institutions as we prepare for the safe opening of schools.

T. Thabela (Mrs) Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education

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noma 4 months ago

Thank u, we don't want our kidz to be astray

Edward 4 months ago

Is it true i saw an update painsta gram saying zvikoro hazvichavhurwe

INNOCENT MOYO 4 months ago

It's great news we pray 2022 to be a normal year coz the future of our children is in their education

Luckson Misihairabwi 4 months ago

We pray that the will be no serious incidences of covid 19 which will disrupt the schooling system. We also hope the employer will pay teachers because some of them are no longer staying in class busy buying and selling whatever they can find .jj

Future Matava 4 months ago

Maita basa zvikuru nekutizivisawo

M. 4 months ago

Thank you for the update,as parents we must be ready for the school fees.

NeMuziq 4 months ago

Yah apa maspaka


Ronald 4 months ago

Magonesa l hope cycle yema exams yadzokaa sezvataita kumashure ukoo

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