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ED: Zimbabwe Has Adapted To COVID-19 Pandemic

ED: Zimbabwe Has Adapted To COVID-19 Pandemic

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said that the nation has adjusted to the new COVID-19 normal, hence the resumption of the clean-up campaigns.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing the fourth wave of coronavirus infections being driven by the highly infectious Omicron variant.

Addressing a crowd in Kwekwe during a clean-up campaign on Friday, Mnangagwa said:

When we were hit with the COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to suspend the clean-up program as we had to monitor the situation.

However, we know that COVID-19 has become the new norm. It is the new normal. We can now work in the presence and prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is witnessed by the way you are masked up in complying with the World Health Organisation, guidelines.

I urge all those who have not been vaccinated to do so. Arrangements have been made for the administration of booster jabs for those who have already received their vaccine jabs.

The clean-up campaigns were launched in 2018 to promote cleanliness and preservation of the environment. They were, however, suspended at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Makelanwi 4 months ago

Daily Prophecy ;are the school's open,if you say we are not under harsh lockdown measures?

booster jab 4 months ago

Dear president,how have we adopted to covid when theres still a 9 - 6 curfew,when restaraunts & nightclubs are closing at 7pm?there are people who survive through this industries how are they supposed to work when you close them up at their peak time?
Learn from SA,they removed all those curfews and their tourism and hospitality industries are booming.

ED My President 4 months ago

Covid has been against us, but we are getting closer and closer to the vision.
No stone is being left unturned. A cleaner country all the way # Vision 2030 No one is left behind.

fulgore 4 months ago

Johnny walker 😂😂😂

ba 4 months ago

Ko mungataura nezve booster sei 75℅ isati yabaiwa first dose? Kunokwa gwana/chikarudzo taingodaidzwa kuzvikoro kaviri kose but atisatitabaiwa ma over 60.hatikwanisikuenda morgenster kure makataoga ngavauyekunotibaiwe vo pliz!Be nssa vakambotivimbisa mobile clinic but only talk talk &talk why???

Makelanwi 4 months ago

Do not lie Sir,why are will still under harsh lockdown measures if the country have adapted to covid-19,nxaaa😎😎

Daily prophecy 4 months ago

Ana @Makelanwi harsh lockdown ipi yauri kutedzera

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