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ED Will Be The ZANU PF Presidential Candidate In 2023 - Chiwenga

ED Will Be The ZANU PF Presidential Candidate In 2023 - Chiwenga

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga said President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be ZANU PF’s candidate for the 2023 harmonised elections.

Chiwenga made the remarks while addressing a ZANU PF rally at Nhedziwa High School in Chimanimani on Friday. He said:

As we move toward next year’s harmonised elections, let it be known to everyone that our Presidential candidate is President Mnangagwa.

He is a revolutionary and visionary leader. We should all rally behind him and ensure victory for the ruling party.

We should all join hands and work for the development of the country. No foreigner will come here and lead the development crusade.

We should all embrace President Mnangagwa’s mantra that nyika inovakwa nevene vayo. Brick by brick; stone by stone, we should build our country.

Chiwenga made the comments after expelled ZANU PF members Godfrey Tsenengamu and Jimu Kunaka recently claimed that Mnangagwa had reneged on a power transfer deal with his deputy that was allegedly made after the 2017 military coup.

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Mukadota 3 weeks ago

Says the toothless general. Vakapedzwa panonaka kare. All coup generals are six ft underground.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Vaidaro kuna vaMugabe 😂 but takazoona vovati signer apa uti handichadi kuva President...

Fireman 3 weeks ago

Thank you VP for clearing the dust, ZANU PF forward. Victory is ours.

vzee 3 weeks ago

dogs dogs

Murozvi 3 weeks ago

The same song they sang before they removed Mugabe

Sekuru Dhambi 3 weeks ago

Asi kunyepa here kuti chikwata che 'praise and worship' chaka shaura chaizvo kunyanya pamazuva ekupedzisira 😁😁

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

You wish

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

I always say those stories were Conspiracy theories

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

Conspiracy like the 2017 coup d'etat?



While Honourable Vice President Chiwenga's speech was explicite that ZANU PF candidate for the Harmonised Elections is non other than His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa, it failed exonerate what is awash in social media that after the coup de tat him and President ED Mnangagwa made a gentleman's agreement that President Mnangagwa was going to be President for only one term after which the Vice President Chiwenga was going to take over. The Honourable Vice President did not dispell this assertion of gentleman's agreement.

Therefore, the debate rages on. There was no actual reason given for the general to execute a coup de tat and hand over power to someone else to run the country. Normally executors of coup de tat take over the reigns. I shall keep saying.....




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Mr Politician 3 weeks ago

waivepo vachitaurirana kuti unoita one term sei muchida kutaura zvinhu zvenhema nhai imbwa dzachamisa wakamboona vachiisa ma signature as a way of agreement

Chimusoro change 3 weeks ago

Genarari is now a toothless dog, the boys who were around him are all scattered around the world as ambassadors, and the majority of them are now at the so called national shrine. The only option left for him is to sing praise to the **** at all cost so as to maintain the only better position he now hold

Zuze 3 weeks ago

He has to sing praises or for sure a funeral cortege is likely to head west towards Warren Hills

ZANU-PF OFFICIAL 3 weeks ago

he is right Genarari.kuitira kuti garwe risa vhunduka rivarairwe.mirai muwone pane zviri kuitika

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

Tazvinzwa Jenarari. ED maybe the ZANU candidate, but that doesn't necessarily mean he will win.

Inspector Gadget 3 weeks ago

To be honest , methinx the general was overated beyond his abilities.
He is neck- deep in political quicksand and it won't be long before he sinks into oblivion .
On the other hand, The Croc is a ruthless & practical schemer with colourful (bloody) resume to flaunt .
It's self defeating to fantasize that the General. can stand up to the Croc.
Look at his erstwhile Brigadier Generals,
If they r not six feet under, they r in their way there or somewhere in some measly political maze in some God forsaken country pretending to be ambassadors.
I rest my case.

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Outclassed and outmanouvred❓😜😜😜

OneDemus 3 weeks ago

I have lost faith in the General.
Methinx he should concerntrate on his young wife & leave politicks to the tried & tested.

Boyze 3 weeks ago

Young wife, my foot. Kungoti chitsaru chemumwe, chitswa cha jenerari. The history tells it all.

Rebhara 3 weeks ago

I didn't write that the space

Citizen 3 weeks ago

"No foreigner will come here and lead the development crusade"

So Chinese are not foreigners with all their building projects?
$13 billion dept?

mr nobody 3 weeks ago

garbage he is a pig l say 🖕 munangangwa

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

CCC zvazvinhu varakasha vanozviti vene venyika kkkkkk

Chipinge West Ward 16
Final Results
ZANUPF:: 1205
CCC. ;; 1291
Cllr Raphias Sithole of the CCC party is duly elected Ward 16 Cllr of Chipinge RDC.

CCC hoyee

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 3 weeks ago

Deceived, derailed, dethroned, disarmed, dehorned, detoothed and potentially ripe for decapitation. Uyu murume akashandiswa and l bet he regrets it. In as much as TAKAKA as Zimbabweans, this one daily he lives in regret.

Pasi nevakapandukira Chimurenga. Pasi nevanozvifunga ivo vega nemhuri dzavo. Pasi nevasineyi NEKUKAKA kweruzhinji asi vachiramba vaka kachikira pamasimba. Pasi nevanoratidza vana nekuvadyisa Chinhu Chadaddy kkkk.

Pamberi neGolden Future. Pamberi neCCC naChana Chedu Chitokotoko VaNelson Chamisa.

IDHI 3 weeks ago

ndapinda ndapinda ,ndodyiwa 2023 hangu semazepe nechana chitoko👀

Madhedhula 3 weeks ago

Mumwe akaitorwa million men march nema endorsement from all ten provinces asi ku election haana kuzosvika regai timboona kkk

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