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ED Grants Presidential Amnesty On Voluntary Surrender Of Firearms And Ammunitions

ED Grants Presidential Amnesty On Voluntary Surrender Of Firearms And Ammunitions

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has granted a presidential amnesty on voluntary surrender of firearms and ammunition as crimes such as armed robberies and other forms of crimes of passion continue to be reported in Zimbabwe. In a statement seen by Pindula News, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) also implored all licensed firearm owners to visit local Police stations and update their records. Reads the statement:


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has noted that some members of the public are holding on to or are in possession of firearms and ammunition yet some are not licensed or authorized to be in possession of such weapons. This has led to the current abuse of firearms in the country in clear violation of the provisions of the Firearms Act, Chapter 10:09.

Checks and records have revealed that some companies have closed yet their representatives are still holding onto firearms. Some members of licensed gun clubs are no longer active while some farmers, hunters and individuals are no longer in the same position that they were when they applied for firearm licences. On the other hand, relatives of late firearm licence holders are still holding to firearms with some of them being used to commit various crimes which include armed robbery.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has also observed that some licensed firearm holders are no longer renewing their firearm certificates or even notifying the authorities about the change in residential or business addresses to enable constant checks to be made by the Police on the status of the firearms.

Individuals and institutions are improperly securing firearms resulting in some falling into wrong hands and being used to commit robbery and murder cases. There are some licensed gun dealers and clubs who are holding on to unclaimed firearms which were surrendered to them for safekeeping. These have not been taken by owners for a number of years.

In this regard, the Zimbabwe Republic Police advises the public that in line with Article 12 of SADC Protocol on the control of firearms, ammunition and related materials, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Dr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has granted an amnesty to all members of the public who are in possession of firearms and ammunition falling under the categories listed above to voluntarily surrender them to the Zimbabwe Republic Police from 8th August to 30th September 2022.

The firearms should be surrendered to any nearest Police station with the volunteer being given an official safe custody receipt to confirm that the weapon has indeed been taken over by the Police officer at the local Police station.

No criminal charges will be preferred to members of the public during this period as long as one complies with the provisions of the Presidential Amnesty.

The amnesty also covers anyone who is in possession of any weapon which was smuggled or illegally brought into the country. The Zimbabwe Republic Police takes this opportunity to inform the public that physical checks and verifications will be conducted on all residential and business premises where illegal firearms are suspected to be.

In the same vein, all licensed firearm owners are implored to visit local Police stations and update their records in compliance with the Firearms Act Chapter 10:09.

(NYATHI. P) Assistant Commissioner Senior Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations) to the Commissioner General of Police

Police General Headquarters

Pindula News

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Zinja 1 month ago

Kukundikana, saka mapurisa arikuitei neligislature. Isai mutemo wekuti munhu wase anoba nepfuti ngaafe. They are murderers at the end of the day. Why carry a gun to steal?

Gwedu 1 month ago

They already know what they are going is out of law and they are ready to face the prison. They will never come and surrender, most of them are coming from SA and they wait until they are get caught. These criminal are influenced by poverty to act in that way,hakuna mabasa kunze uko.....zvo ED wotya next year kuti kuchava nekuchema kuzhinji. Civil war is imminent saka ukuda kuzotirova Ganda. Zvo manje this time you will face the reality, those crimals will fight you back muma streets

JustWondering 1 month ago

De_arming ahead of the 2023 elections. Mmm

Officer 1 month ago

ndopatokubatirai ipapa

Da truth 1 month ago

Viva ED Viva Zanu pf . Well done Ed Me President ndokuorora mazivanhu e CCC ndoarikuba nepfuti .Asina kudzosa mujere sa Sikhala.Zanu pf pfeeeee E D .

Kayz Rhibhe 1 month ago

@da truth why wakapusa?

🗣🗣🗣 1 month ago


Crocodile 1 month ago

@Da truth aah vakuru imi itai mushe mazivanhu api eCcc ko handi ndimi munoti masoja ndeZanu zvari iwo ari kubatwa vachi robber vanhu hamutonyara kutaura nhema dzenyu dzekuti vanhu veCcc

Manganye 1 month ago

Vanhu sure ngavaongororwe vanepfuti coz marobbers awanda


Night xul Graduate 1 month ago

please pindula mozotiudza kuti vangani vanenge vasarenda by end of the month

1 month ago

vanhu ngavagare nepfuti dzavo,hant ndedzavo here vanoda kudzishandisa.2023 atosvika uyu hakuna anorova umwe.Vaya vanoda kuzviita vanorova vanhu stereki kungopfura gumbo wosiya hauuraye.

gety 1 month ago

people needs guns to protect themselves against soldiers send to kill unarmed people demonstrating against poor service delivery by the zanu govt, corruption and poor salaries. now that people also have guns, fire from soldiers will be responded w fire. now it looks like a plain field

g 1 month ago

mondiudzirawo honorable vaye vekutsika mkadzi pachest vaendese yavo

Vee 1 month ago

@g ukutuma ani vaudze wega if you don,t anything to say nyarara

g 1 month ago

@vee, haundinyararidze. pindula haisi yako. ndimi madusvura ajaira kuda kunyararidza vanhu. Zim is a free country

sugar boy 1 month ago

we don't surrender our guns we want to use them in 2023 after dispute elections

Fellon 1 month ago

@you Vee if you don't have any thing to respond keep quiet also kungovura mromo uchiputisa honye haunyari ukhuluma angathi uhlezi phezu kombhobho yenda kunosurrender unayo

Tawanda 1 month ago

Todzorera after 2023

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