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ED Congratulates Sanyatwes On The Renewal Of Their Wedding Vows

ED Congratulates Sanyatwes On The Renewal Of Their Wedding Vows

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has congratulated Lieutenant General (Rtd) Anselem Sanyatwe and his wife Chido Machona-Sanyatwe following the renewal of their wedding vows at a ceremony held at Regina Coeli Mission in Nyanga on Sunday.

Addressing the gathering, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga said the Sanyatwes had set a good example that should be copied by the youths. He said:

The President really wanted to be here but due to pressing commitments, he could not and that is why he sent me to represent him and convey his message.

He congratulates the Sanyatwe family as well as the Nyanga North family for this achievement.

A wedding is a gift from God and we really need to applaud the effort made. It sets a very good example for the young, most of whom are now being wasted by drugs.

We are grateful to the churches that raised these two (the Sanyatwes) and it is evident that when children are raised in the church, they get the proper upbringing they need because they obtain good teachings from the church and the family as well. Our youths should emulate this. Let God bless this union.

In an interview with The Manica Post on the sidelines of the wedding, Lieutenant General (Rtd) Sanyatwe said:

We are really excited about this. We had our wedding years back in court but we have decided to do this before God.

We are happy that we have managed to do this and I hope our youngsters have learnt a lesson or two from this.

I attended school here, hence it feels good to be back here with my wife. Everyone in the family and colleagues is happy that we have done this. I urge people from different walks of life to emulate this.

The ceremony was graced by the Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Nokuthula Matsikenyere; Deputy Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Development, Mike Madiro and Nyanga North legislator, Supa Mandiwanzira, as well as other Government, ZANU PF and army officials.

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SWAT 1 month ago

45 degrees

Ini zvangu 1 month ago

Sanyatwe does not look too happy. Maybe he is seeing visions of the six that perished through his command. Maybe he is also worried that the wife is half Sanyatwe half Machona. A wedding held the Zanu way.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Congratulating the murderer????

Zuze 1 month ago

Same WhatsApp group

Tete 1 month ago

Ko headline kungoti "Sanyatwe weds Machona" zvinodiyi. ED was not even there, ndo chi munhu wese/chinhu chese kuna child molester chawuraya nyika.

BOSS VEDAH 1 month ago

@tete hapana kana chakaipa. Ndizvo zvinoitwa in Jounalism. It doesnt necessarily mean kut bcz ED was not there then the heading shld not include him. Zvimwe zvacho siyai kana musinga zivi field yacho.

g 1 month ago

jenarari mukutaura kuti muchato unobva Kuna mwari, imi mave nemingani ende yakabvepi

Murume wa Jocelyn, Mary,Miniyothabo & others 1 month ago

Do as I say not as I do - Command wedding

No name 1 month ago

No comment


Parasite 1 month ago

General anovanyorera ma speeches munhu iyeye ane hutsinye

Kule 1 month ago

Reality check; How does this marriage union function when the bride is a Nyanga Constituency MP, while the hubby is an Ambassador to Tanzania.

Miniyatako Varoyi 1 month ago

Renewal of wedding vows? Kasi ano Expire maVows acho kunge mutero weMota?

,. 1 month ago

Vanopota vachimborambana, mumwe ombotamba yake 😁😁

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Hanzi we have decided to do this before God asi pamwe pese apa maiitira pamberi pevaroyi kani nhai Satan iwe

Ogga 1 month ago


Joe Brownn 1 month ago

congrats 45% soldier but we're looking forward to hearing your apology for killing people at 45%. ED snubbed the wedding.

mnhanga 1 month ago

Sanyatwe murderer we are waiting for you

Chimbwido 1 month ago

Izvi hazvina kana basa nesu
Hazvina zvazvinobatsira Nyika kuenda kumberi

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