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ED Blames Companies, Third Hand For Economic Challenges

ED Blames Companies, Third Hand For Economic Challenges

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has accused some big companies of collaborating with a third hand to destabilise the economy.

This follows an astronomical rise in the prices of goods and services, which has further eroded the majority of workers’ purchasing power.

Speaking at the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) plenary meeting at State House in Harare on Thursday, Mnangagwa said:

We have established that some members of the business community were involved in fuelling the parallel market thereby destabilising our local currency.

Our economy has been under attack from unscrupulous and nefarious individuals and syndicates bent on sabotaging our way of life.

The onslaught has created hardships for our citizens due to the inflationary pressures caused by speculation on our local currency.

I believe that these activities have been caused by a third hand whose objective is to interfere and derail our national development trajectory.

Mnangagwa exhorted companies “not to be collaborators in these selfish and self-serving efforts that are not in the nation’s collective interest”.

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Asalif 1 month ago

Even citizens are blamed we are being called puppets of the West

Dr Hercules 1 month ago

Thought he said its the Ukraine Russia war blame blame blame his excellency

chirembawebrain 1 month ago

Mukuru uyu izengairwa chairo, zi D O F O.

Jinn 1 month ago

Mr President which national development trajectory are you talking about

Tang. Ku 1 month ago

Rakangogara riribenzi iri paye rakamboti 100days zvinenge zvaita ,gare gare austerity measures, aaaa takazonzwa kuti shamhu iri mumunyu ndokuzoti handizi President ve ma prices kana usina chekukwidza kwidza bhurugwa rako ,idyai sadza nemapotatoes nemuriwo
,,,,,,Mo respecta munhu akadaro

Dirigsme 1 month ago

The President must also have forgotten to include the following as the biggest encumbrance to the govt;
Queen B aka Tagwireyi
The Chinese
The 2 terrible twins Collin & Kokotayi
Neville Mutsvanga
Scott Sakupwanya

Chamhamha 1 month ago

I laugh @ Kokotai you mean Shawn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


aturo hemano 1 month ago

yes blame everyone except yourselves

Machiavelli 1 month ago

PS. I forgot to mention sanctions....

Machiavelli 1 month ago

The President's paranoia is reaching frightening levels. He sees enemies everywhere- G40 within ZANU, opposition parties consorting with external forces to destabilise his presidency, NGOs, Business community, labour and Trade Unions, teachers, nurses and doctors.

Maybe he should tell us who is in his corner. If he can't, then he should admit that he is after all unpopular and should leave the political stage while he still has some modicum of credibility.

1 month ago

ini 1 month ago

let him do his plan haawine gore rino

inini 1 month ago

third hand yacho yabvepi ko mari yamakapa maChina iri kutaurwa iyo.

biggie smalls 1 month ago

it's good mr president that u've diagonised the problem, nw may u kindly fixit thank u in advance

Ediooot pfee 1 month ago


zimcitizrn 1 month ago

Musatibate kumeso apa mbavha dzevanhu. Makapa maChina enyu Zwl2.8 musi uno which they flooded on the black market. Its you who are sabotaging the economy.

Purse 1 month ago

Oky hasisiri masanctions amacompanies umwe achadhumhira chete gore rino

Murozvi 1 month ago

We tired of these third hand accusations. Name them so every 1 should know. Name also the big companies

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